Chapter 646 - Rising Wind

Lin Yun’s appearance had caught Feng Wuhen by surprise. But Lin Yun was even more shocked to see Feng Wuhen. He obtained the Azure Dragon Palm with great difficulty only to find Feng Wuhen and Master Gu in the palace.

After all, he only knew that there were the Bloodwolf Clan and Three-Eagle Stronghold’s party here. So he was surprised to see another party ahead of him, especially this youth who felt even more dangerous than Bloodwolf and Chief Leng.

What the hell? Lin Yun was surprised that there was someone in the pinnacle lesser Yin-Yang stage at such a young age. Such a talent would probably make all the geniuses in the Ancient Southern Domain ashamed. But shortly after, Lin Yun had calmed down.

After all, he still had tons of trump cards. Even if he couldn’t fight this youth, leaving wouldn’t be a problem. At his current strength only those in the greater Yin-Yang stage could make him feel threatened.

Lin Yun swept a glance at the palace and captured everything in his eyes. The arrangement of this palace was similar to the previous one. At the far end of the wall, there were four paintings that corresponded to the azure dragon, white tiger, vermillion bird, and black tortoise. 

The only difference was that there was a lake filled with countless treasures. This was only the first level, but the fact that there were so many treasures here had widened Lin Yun’s scope.

“You really scared me for a second. And here I thought it was someone dangerous, but it turns out to be a piece of trash. If you’re smart, you’ll get lost. Otherwise, I’ll make your experience worse than death.” Seeing that Lin Yun was only in the greater Yang stage, Feng Wuhen sneered with his eyes flashing coldly.

At his cultivation, he wouldn’t even be interested in ordinary geniuses in the Yang stage. But since Lin Yun could come here, he had more or less expected that Lin Yun had some capability. But if Lin Yun really enraged him, he could easily crush Lin Yun to death with just a finger.

You’re going to let me go? Lin Yun wore a playful smile. He was originally intending on leaving here if Feng Wuhen hadn’t said that. There might be a lot of treasures in the Hundred Treasure Lake, but he was someone who visited the empyrean’s tomb. So he wasn’t too interested in the treasures here.

But this youth, who clearly didn’t look like a pushover, was allowing him to leave. Could it be that there was something fishy going on? This thought flashed in Lin Yun’s mind. Could it be that there was a treasure here that even someone in the Yin-Yang stage couldn’t give up on?

But just when Lin Yun was feeling uncertain, a stone gate opened up as Bloodwolf and Master Fu came out looking rather terrible. Clearly, the two had suffered some setbacks in the nine rooms.

This instantly drew Feng Wuhen’s gaze away from Lin Yun and onto Bloodwolf. He could sense that the aura coming from Bloodwolf was stronger than Lin Yun.

“Feng Wuhen!” Bloodwolf’s face changed when he saw the youth. They might be in the same cultivation, but Feng Wuhen’s infamous reputation was clearly stronger than Lin Yun’s reputation. His master, the Storm Sword, was a legendary figure who fought against Lei Yunzi. So if Bloodwolf didn’t have the Flamedragon Armor, he wouldn’t even be able to take ten moves from Feng Wuhen.

“Master Gu…” When they saw the old man by the lakeside trying to break the restriction, their faces changed again.

“Damn it! The restriction is going to be broken by him. What should we do?” Master Fu became anxious as he transmitted his voice over to Bloodwolf.

“Hmph, so what if he’s Feng Wuhen? I won’t agree to it if he wants to obtain the precious treasure on the first level,” said Bloodwolf as they walked towards the lake.

“You want to compete with me?” Feng Wuhen sneered as he also got closer to the lake. No matter what, he was rather fearful of Bloodwolf's Flamedragon Armor. But if he obtained the Profound Lightning Bead, he could easily crush Bloodwolf.

Just when the atmosphere between the two parties got tense, the last stone gate opened as four figures came out. The ones leading the group were Chief Leng and Leng Xiangyun. As for the two other chiefs, their faces were pale.

Looking at the Three-Eagle Stronghold’s party, Feng Wuhen wore a grave expression, which made them feel rather pressured. Furthermore, Chief Leng’s appearance made this matter even worse.

“Feng Wuhen, what are you doing here?!” The three chiefs were shocked to see Feng Wuhen.

“Since you are here, why can’t I be here?” Feng Wuhen smiled as he had guessed something, which made Chief Leng avoid his gaze.

Looking at the faces of those two, Bloodwolf suddenly understood something. He then asked, “You two were the ones who purposely gave me the treasure map?”

Lei Yunzi’s treasure map was divided into three and Bloodwolf had initially obtained one of the copies. But coincidentally, he obtained the two remaining ones within the next six months. It felt fishy when he thought about it because it was impossible for there to be something so coincidental.

Clearly, Chief Leng and Feng Wuhen wanted to use him as cannon fodder to scout the place. Otherwise, the coincidence was a little too unbelievable.

Feng Wuhen smiled, “I was indeed the one who sent the treasure map to you. But I didn’t expect that Chief Leng would do it as well. What a coincidence.”

Bloodwolf’s map came from them, but how did they obtain the treasure map in the beginning? Suspicion flashed through Lin Yun’s mind, making him even more puzzled.

“Father, you knew that the Bloodwolf Clan didn’t come for the Three-Eagle Stronghold right from the start?” Leng Xiangyun looked at Chief Leng with shock. For some reason, her father felt like a stranger to her now. If her father knew that from the beginning, then why did he keep it from everyone else from the Three-Eagle Stronghold and cause so many deaths?

“What has it got to do with you? Stay here obediently!” Chief Leng glared at Leng Xiangyun indifferently before he continued, “Since it’s already been revealed, there’s nothing left to hide. There’s no need for us to fight to the death on the first level. If you guys have no opinion, why don’t we work together to break the restriction and split the treasures into three portions?”

Feng Wuhen smiled, “Fine with me, but I call first dibs!”

“I’ll take second,” said Bloodwolf.

Chief Leng wanted to say something, but he ultimately nodded his head in agreement. The Three-Eagle Stronghold might have an advantage in numbers, but they were the weakest here. So they naturally didn’t have any authority of speech.

With that, the three parties had come to a temporary truce. As for Lin Yun, no one had paid any attention to him since the beginning.

“Hehe.” Feng Wuhen sneered inwardly as he exchanged a glance with Master Gu. As long as Feng Wuhen could obtain the Profound Lightning Bead, he could instantly suppress everyone and obtain all the treasures left behind by Lei Yunzi, along with the most important thing, the Blood-Devour Demonic Canon.

“That must be it!” Lin Yun squinted his eyes at a lightning bead on a lotus. While the stalemate carried on, Lin Yun swept his soul energy through the lake and locked onto several valuable treasures.

In the end, his gaze fell onto the lightning bead. If there was a treasure here that Feng Wuhen wanted the most, it must be that lightning bead. When the restriction on the lake dissolved, the lake glittered brightly. This phenomenon had instantly caused everyone to be briefly stunned before their eyes flashed with greed.

“Gentlemen, I should be the first to choose according to our agreement, right?” Feng Wuhen looked at Bloodwolf and Chief Leng.

Chief Leng naturally didn’t have any opinions about that since he was the one who suggested they share the treasures equally. As for Bloodwolf, he had the second pick, so he wouldn’t suffer too much of a loss. So he wasn’t too bothered by it.

Feng Wuhen rejoiced with uncontrollable excitement. But just when he was about to turn around, an unexpected figure had appeared on the lake. “Is this what you want?”

Everyone was shocked that Lin Yun actually dared to snatch something despite the fact that there were three Yin-Yang stage experts here. Was he really not afraid of death?

Lin Yun toyed with the Profound Lightning Bead in his hand and looked at Feng Wuhen with a playful smile.

“You bastard, put it down!” Feng Wuhen’s face changed drastically as a torrential killing aura burst out from him along with rumbling lightning. Under the lightning, the massive palace began to tremble violently as if it would collapse at any moment.

Bloodwolf and Chief Leng frowned their brows as there was something unusual about Feng Wuhen. It was only a lightning bead, so why was Feng Wuhen so anxious about it?

“That’s the Profound Lightning Bead left behind by my master!” Feng Wuhen yelled.

Bloodwolf and Chief Leng sucked in a cold breath as they instantly understood why Feng Wuhen chose the Profound Lightning Bead. However, shortly after, their gazes fell onto Lin Yun.

The Profound Lightning Bead was one of the most precious treasures among Lei Yunzi’s stash. No matter what, they couldn’t allow it to fall into Lin Yun or Feng Wuhen’s hands.

“Looks like I’m right,” smiled Lin Yun.

Regardless of Feng Wuhen’s attitude or Bloodwolf and Chief Leng’s gazes, they confirmed Lin Yun’s thoughts. Looking at the three of them, Lin Yun smiled as he already had thought of a plan to leave here safely.

“Little bastard, let me see where are you going to run!” Feng Wuhen wore a sinister expression on his youthful face.

“Great Wind Scripture!” Lin Yun muttered as he pushed the Iris Sword Sutra and Azure Dragon Enneaform to the limit as they combined together to form an unprecedented aura.

In that split second, a powerful storm rose from Lin Yun that caused the clouds to start roaring. The power of an ancient secret technique had been fully unleashed by Lin Yun as the clouds roared.

But that wasn’t all as Lin Yun barked again, “Azure Dragon Enneaform—Monoform!”

Then, Lin Yun threw a punch out that echoed with a saintly music as thunder rumbled thirty times, destroying the Hundred Treasure Lake.

Countless treasures began to fly in the sky as they began to explode under the rumbling thunder.

“Retreat!” Feng Wuhen, Bloodwolf, and Chief Leng all had fear written on their faces as they quickly retreated.

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