Chapter 645 - Profound Lightning Bead

Since there was a cup without wine, he had to look for wine. Closing his eyes, Lin Yun spread his soul energy out. A brief moment later, he turned to look at the stone table in the corner.

As he gently knocked on the desk, a secret compartment popped out that emitted a faint cold aura. There was a bottle of wine in a pile of crystalized ice. Lin Yun stretched his hand out to retrieve it. But the moment he came in contact with the wine, a faint light lit up on the ground along with countless flickering spiritual runes.

Shortly after, fine needles shot out from the surrounding walls. If Lin Yun wasn’t prepared, he would definitely be pierced by the needles. But Lin Yun was cautious, to begin with. The moment the needles shot out, he released a sharp sword aura from his body and froze all the needles coming at him in mid-air.

Taking out the wine, he filled the cup and took a sniff. After assuring that there wasn’t any poison in the wine, he drank the cup of wine and a chilling aura spread throughout his internal organs before progressing to his blood.

But after Lin Yun got used to the chilling aura, he noticed that his physique had been strengthened. Even the Iris Flower in his violet palace swayed about happily.

“Not bad.” Lin Yun placed the bottle of wine into his interspatial pouch before looking at the ice in the compartment. Since the ice could be preserved for so long, it definitely wasn’t ordinary ice, so he stored it as well.

When Lin Yun entered the second room, the needles that were frozen in mid-air resumed their movements as they left countless holes in the stone table. Simultaneously, Chief Leng, who passed through the white tiger painting, also arrived in a room.

Lightning flickered, catching Chief Leng and everyone by surprise as they began to tremble from being electrocuted.

“You’re useless without that stinking brat!” Chief Leng glared at Leng Xiangyun. “Quick, find the treasure in this room.”

The arrangements in the core region were mostly the same, so whoever got through the nine rooms quickly would arrive at the core region first where the true precious treasures were kept. This was why Chief Leng couldn't help being enraged when he saw how clumsy Leng Xiangyun was.

Leng Xiangyun felt wronged because it wasn’t her fault. It was clearly their fault for disregarding her advice and accidentally activating the trap while searching for the treasures.

In the vermillion bird’s tunnel, Bloodwolf and Master Fu already got through the third room smoothly.

“Hehe. Every room has a restriction. This means that Lin Yun and the Three-Eagle Stronghold will definitely be left behind by us,” said Master Fu in a confident tone.

Bloodwolf spoke coldly, “That’s for the best. The core region is where the precious treasures are and anyone who can obtain them will get a significant boost in their strength.”

He only relied on the Flamedragon Armor to suppress the three chiefs of the Three-Eagle Stronghold, so he had a clear understanding of the might of treasures. So if Chief Leng got to Lei Yunzi’s treasures first, then Bloodwolf would lose his advantage over them.

“Rest assured. Not just the first level’s treasure, but the treasures at the core regions will be ours as well. Even the Blood-Devour Demonic Canon will be ours.” Master Fu spoke with confidence as he examined the spiritual array in the third room.

But the moment he finished, a net made up of spiritual runes appeared from the ground that instantly bound him. When the net tightened, the chilling aura from the net pierced into his bones.

“Help me! Save me!” Master Fu panicked. He was rather talented in spiritual runes, but not in his martial cultivation. If he didn’t cooperate well with Bloodwolf, an unexpected situation could take his life.

Meanwhile, Lin Yun was progressing steadily. Since Lei Yunzi had left gifts in the rooms, there was no reason for him to deny them. Relying on his extraordinary attainment in spiritual runes and martial cultivation, his journey had been smooth. Very quickly, he had made it through the third room.

After he reached the fourth room, the difficulty had already increased and the traps became increasingly dangerous. This meant that it would be more difficult to obtain the treasures, but Lin Yun wasn’t in a rush as he progressed at a steady pace.

When he arrived at the seventh room after breaking through three spiritual arrays, boundless flames surged over from the surrounding. Lin Yun was calm as he circulated the Azure Dragon Enneaform and activated the armor. In the next second, lightning runes covered his skin and created a lightning net on the surface of his body.

The flames were terrifying that even someone in the pinnacle Yang stage would be reduced to ashes if they weren’t careful. So even with the armor, Lin Yun didn’t have an easy time.

Fifteen minutes later, when the flames subsided, Lin Yun stepped forward and retrieved a pellet from the stone table. Looking at it, Lin Yun smiled, “The Jadewater Pellet?”

This was a fourth grade spiritual pellet. Even a fourth grade spiritualist wouldn’t have a high success rate refining it, so this was a decent harvest for Lin Yun. After coming this far, Lin Yun had a better understanding of Lei Yunzi.

These small gifts alone were a huge harvest for anyone and their value was incredible. He now knew why Lei Yunzi was so famous.

On the other hand, Master Fu was no longer that confident after he had embarrassed himself and gave up on some of the treasures that weren’t easy to find. Instead, he focused on getting through the rooms, but even so, their progress wasn’t smooth.

As for the Three-Eagle Stronghold’s party, their progress was even slower. But fortunately, they had the advantage in numbers as three Yin-Yang stage experts could make up for Leng Xiangyun’s weakness in spiritual runes. After experiencing the traps themselves, they no longer dared to be reckless anymore and listened to Leng Xiangyun’s arrangements.

But no matter how you sliced it, Lin Yun, who was all by himself, was faster than the two other parties. It didn’t take long for him to arrive at the ninth room.

Looking at the information left behind by Lei Yunzi on the wall, it turned out that only those who had obtained the gifts from the eight previous rooms were qualified to obtain the gift in the ninth room. 

Since Lin Yun had chosen the azure dragon painting, this meant that the gift was a secret technique, the Azure Dragon Palm. But to obtain this secret technique, one would have to resolve all the spiritual arrays in the room, which would take a great deal of time. But there was no reason for Lin Yun to give up with his personality.

Lin Yun was fast, but he wasn’t the fastest. The fastest were Feng Wuhen and Master Gu. Master Gu might have lost an arm, but he had the strongest attainment in spiritual runes in the Flagscythe County. Furthermore, they had given up on the small gifts left behind by Lei Yunzi in the nine rooms, per Feng Wuhen’s request.

So when they made it through the ninth room, Lin Yun was still in the ninth room trying to break through the spiritual arrays.

There was a vast palace before Feng Wuhen and Master Gu. At the center of the palace was a lake filled with lotuses and each lotus had a precious treasure on it. This was the Hundred Treasure Lake.

But Feng Wuhen was only briefly dazed before he recovered. He said, “The treasures on the first level are the worst. Let’s head to the third level directly!”

Feng Wuhen was ambitious, which was the very reason why he was willing to give up on so many treasures.

“That’s right. These are nothing compared to the Blood Devour Demonic Canon. Furthermore, we’ll just kill everyone and the treasures here will eventually belong to us,” said Master Gu who was briefly stunned by Feng Wuhen’s words. But when he glanced at the lake, his face suddenly changed as he exclaimed, “The Profound Lightning Bead! It’s the Profound Lightning Bead that belonged to your master back then!”

“What? Where?!” Feng Wuhen’s expression finally changed as he yelled. But when he saw the Profound Lightning Bead, he became emotional as he smiled, “It’s really the Profound Lightning Bead!”

On a lotus in the lake was an ordinary-looking fist-sized purple bead. But Feng Wuhen and Master Gu became excited when they saw it.

“Master Gu, quick. Break the restriction here. Hehe, with the Profound Lightning Bead, I can kill everyone here and no one will be able to compete with me,” said Feng Wuhen in excitement as killing intent filled his pupils.

“No worries!” Master Gu chuckled as he landed on the edge of the lake.

Feng Wuhen’s master was known as the Storm Sword back then because he had the Profound Lightning Bead that contained boundless lightning energy. It could greatly strengthen the fighting prowess of martial cultivators who used lightning-attributed techniques.

Furthermore, it wasn’t just a linear strengthening of power, but a multiplying effect. If that wasn’t the case, Lei Yunzi wouldn’t have gone after Sword Storm to steal the Profound Lightning Bead.

Since Feng Wuhen shared the same martial lineage with his master, he wouldn’t even have to refine the Profound Lightning Bead to use it. He could use it immediately and disregard Bloodwolf and Chief Leng.

The Profound Lightning Bead was ranked in the top five among Lei Yunzi’s treasures, but Feng Wuhen and Master Gu didn’t expect that they would run into it on the first level, which was a pleasant surprise to them.

“It’s a little troublesome. The restriction here is comparable to a fourth grade spiritual array,” said Master Gu with his brows knitted.

“No rush. We can take it easy. It won’t be easy for others to get through the nine rooms,” smiled Feng Wuhen.

But in the next second, a stone gate opened and an azure-clothed youth walked out slowly. Seeing the youth, the smile on Feng Wuhen’s face froze.

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