Chapter 639 - Doubt

Bloodwolf and Chief Leng turned to look at Lin Yun. If it was someone else in Lin Yun’s position, they would feel a great deal of pressure. However, Lin Yun had no changes to his face as he continued, “If there’s really a spiritual array here, it’s best for us to scout the natural environment. A powerful spiritual array can merge with the surrounding, so destroying the surrounding is futile.”

“Is he speaking the truth?” Bloodwolf turned to look at Master Fu with doubt in his eyes.

Master Fu nodded his head, “There’s indeed, such a saying. He probably has some attainments in spiritual runes. But for now, we should listen to what he has to say.”

Master Fu was a pinnacle third grade spiritualist. Although what Lin Yun said made sense, he didn’t really believe it. He didn’t believe that Lei Yunzi’s attainments in spiritual runes would be so high. If Lei Yunzi had set up a concealing array, then he would be able to find a flaw in it sooner or later.

Bloodwolf and Chief Leng waved their hands to stop their men from destroying the surroundings.

“You guys still don’t understand?” Lin Yun sneered as he continued, “If there’s really a spiritual array here that merges with the natural environment, then we’re already in the spiritual array itself. So why bother finding it?”

Master Fu’s eyes lit up when he heard that because he had a clear picture of their situation. Leng Xiangyun also pondered Lin Yun’s words for a moment before joy filled her face as she looked at Lin Yun.

“That must be it. Otherwise, it would be impossible for me to sense any spiritual rune fluctuations. But it would make sense if we were in the array. Since that’s the case, then we just have to observe our surroundings. We’ll be able to find the flaw eventually,” said Master Fu in excitement.

Since they were already in the array, why would they try to look for one? It was like using a torch to look for light. Once everyone had a clear idea of what to do, the Three-Eagle Stronghold and Bloodwolf Clan began to search their surroundings for abnormalities.

No one cared about Lin Yun anymore and Lin Yun was happy to have it that way. But when he toured the valley, he couldn’t help feeling perplexed.The Bloodwolf Clan and Three-Eagle Stronghold were currently searching the terrain.

“The terrain?” Lin Yun smiled bitterly. What could they possibly tell from the terrain?

In reality, Lin Yun had already found the peculiar spots in the array since his soul mark contained a wisp of the divine rune’s power. He had a rough idea of where the flaws were. But everyone would be shocked if he revealed them.

Time gradually passed as the men from the Three-Eagle Stronghold and Bloodwolf Clan continued their search. Although they found many unusual places, they still couldn’t find anything concrete.

Lin Yun walked over to Leng Xiangyun. She had been examining the valley by relying on her attainments in spiritual runes. Sweat was covering her forehead and her brows were tightly scrunched.

She was truy hardworking. Anything that the Three-Eagle Stronghold thought was suspicious, she would immediately examine.After all, they feared that they would fall behind the Bloodwolf Clan.

Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts. He also wanted a share of the Thundercloud Treasury, but he knew that it would be dangerous for him to go alone. So after a brief pondering, he formed a plan. Taking a handkerchief out of his interspatial pouch, he spoke to Leng Xiangyun, “Here, this is for you.”

Leng Xiangyun was briefly stunned before she took it happily to wipe her forehead, “Thank you, Big Brother Lin. It’s all thanks to your reminder that we are making progress. Otherwise, we might still be in the dark right now.”

“Didn’t you sense that we've been perspiring even more ever since we entered the valley?” Lin Yun asked.

“Really?” Leng Xiangyun tilted her head and pondered briefly before she rejoiced, “The wind! It must be the wind! Thank you so much, Big Brother Lin!”

“The wind?” Leng Xiangyun’s cheer had attracted many people’s attention. 

Those from the Bloodwolf Clan and Three-Eagle Stronghold, who were proficient in spiritual runes, were briefly stunned before they started sneering, “What a joke. How does wind have anything to do with the spiritual array here?”

“Are you trying to tell us that we’re blinded by the wind?”

“The wind might be weaker than it is on the outside, but it’s not surprising since this is a valley.”

Leng Xiangyun turned to look at Lin Yun. When she saw Lin Yun nodding his head, she mustered her courage and said, “The spiritual array here must be an illusory maze, such as the scenery that we're seeing right now. This is definitely not the true appearance of the valley. If there’s anything unusual here, then it’s the wind. If I’m right, the center of the array must be at the source of the wind.”

It wouldn’t be tough for Yin-Yang stage experts to stop the wind in this valley, but that was based on the prerequisite that someone would believe her.

“She’s right.” While everyone was feeling doubtful, Master Fu backed her up. Shock was in his eyes because he didn’t believe that Leng Xiangyun managed to connect the array with the wind.

Could it be him? Master Fu turned to look at Lin Yun.

Leng Xiangyun was only in her teens, so naturally everyone doubted her. But no one doubted it anymore since Master Fu had spoken.

Bloodwolf and Chief Leng exchanged a glance before they closed their eyes and unleashed a terrifying aura that spread throughout the valley.

When everyone sensed what they were doing, they quickly soared into the sky and left with shock on their faces. In the blink of an eye, Bloodwolf and Chief Leng were the only ones left in the valley.

Lin Yun squinted his eyes as he looked at Chief Leng. The more he looked at Chief Leng, the more shocked he was. Others might not be able to see anything, but Lin Yun could because he had experience fighting three Yin-Yang stage elders. He could sense a concealed aura on Chief Leng that was a lot more terrifying than the Grand Elder of the Bloodwing Pavilion’s outer sect.

He was baffled because it made no sense for a lesser Yin-Yang stage expert to be in such a remote place. It was even more confusing because he was more powerful than the elders of quasi-overlord forces. Lin Yun could vaguely sense the terrifying origin energy coming from Chief Leng, but he wasn’t sure about it. After all, every Yin-Yang stage expert had their own trump cards.

As for Bloodwolf, he also wasn’t a pushover. The Flamedragon Armor he was wearing had merged together with his flesh and the violent aura emitted from the dragon-shaped runes were terrifying.

While Lin Yun examined them, they opened their eyes at the same time and smiled.

“Found it!” The two soared into the sky and reappeared a thousand meters away, showing great rapport as they threw out their fists at the same time.

Their punches caused a huge commotion as everyone had excitement on their faces. “The source of the wind has appeared!”

The punches destroyed the source of the wind and the terrain instantly underwent a drastic transformation. Then, the sky was covered in thunderclouds. Rumbling lightning filled the air and the entire valley suddenly became barren. There weren’t any traces of life anymore.

Everyone they saw previously had disappeared, which shocked everyone, including Lin Yun. This was the genuine appearance of the valley. The center of the valley had a huge crater with flickering lightning.

“The Thundercloud Treasury!”

“That must be the Thundercloud Treasury’s entrance!” Everyone yelled emotionally.

“Found it!” Bloodwolf and Chief Leng both had joy on their faces. In the next second, everyone began to charge over towards the crater.

Looking at the crater, Lin Yun was baffled because the crater was a little too terrifying. It was as though there was a demon in it. Was the array meant to seal off the palace or was it simply an illusory maze to prevent people from finding it?

If it was only an illusory maze, then the dangers inside would greatly decrease. After all, the dangers were meant to test if the people here were qualified to inherit Lei Yunzi’s treasures. But if it was a seal, then it would be troublesome as it would mean that this place was extremely dangerous.

“Young lad, what are you thinking about? Do you have any thoughts about the treasury’s entrance?” Master Fu came over to ask, seeing that Lin Yun stayed behind.

“How can I possibly know anything if you don’t already know it?” Lin Yun didn’t like the old man and headed over to the crater.

That brat must know something! Master Fu looked at Lin Yun’s figure coldly as he fell into deep thoughts. It looks like he had to tell Bloodwolf to keep an eye on this brat.

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