Chapter 638 - Maze in the Valley

The Three-Eagle Stronghold’s elites set off late at night. Occasionally, they ran into the Bloodwolf Clan’s blockade, but they would resolve it easily. After all, the weakest among them was in the greater Yang stage, which excluded Leng Xiangyun.

“Found it!” The Three-Eagle Stronghold finally found the Bloodwolf Clan’s elites in a desolate mountain. The Three-Eagle Stronghold spanned thousands of miles, so they were more familiar with the terrain than the Bloodwolf Clan was.

There was a camp at the edge of the mountain. The Bloodwolf Clan’s men were elites and their leader was a man with a long scar across the right side of his face. He was donned in thick battle armor engraved with dragon-patterned runes on it. As the runes flickered, a flame dragon could be seen coiled around him.

This man was the Bloodwolf Clan’s sect master. Many people in Flagscythe County address him as Bloodwolf due to his brutality and bloodlust.

“A loser dares to come back again? Did you forget that you guys were defeated by me? It looks like the previous lesson wasn’t enough for you,” said Bloodwolf coldly with a sinister smile. His armor began to flicker as a ferocious aura in the Yin-Yang stage exploded out. A storm quickly swept through the valley because of Bloodwolf..

“Trash of the Three-Eagle Stronghold, get lost. Otherwise, don’t blame us for killing all of you!”

“Hahaha!” The Bloodwolf Clan’s party laughed at theThree-Eagle Stronghold.

Lin Yun swept a glance at Bloodwolf. In terms of aura, his aura was slightly stronger than Chief Leng. However, with his armor, he was even more terrifying. With his armor on, he might even be able to contend against an expert in the greater Yin-Yang stage.

The Flamedragon Armor had given everyone from the Bloodwolf Clan confidence. But that didn’t deter the Three-Eagle Stronghold as they approached the camp.

“Don’t put on an act with me. If you were really that capable, why did you let us go? Since the Thundercloud Treasury is on the boundary of the Three-Eagle Stronghold, there’s no way you can shake us off. In the worst scenario, I could leak the news and neither of us would get the treasures,” said Chief Leng coldly.

He didn’t cower a bit in front of the Bloodwolf Clan. With him and the two other chiefs standing by, the Three-Eagle Stronghold was relieved.

When the Bloodwolf Clan heard Chief Leng’s words, their faces changed. They weren’t afraid of the Three-Eagle Stronghold, but if news got out to the quasi-overlord or overlord forces in the Cloud Prefecture, it would be troublesome. There was no way the Bloodwolf Clan could contend with those forces.

Bloodwolf’s gaze was grim because he also had concerns. The reason why the three chiefs had to escape from him before was because they didn’t know about the armor. But now that they came prepared, it wouldn’t be easy for him to defeat them again. Then again, it would be impossible for the three chiefs to touch him.

He was filled with confidence now that he had refined the Flamedragon Armor. Even if he ran into an expert in the greater Yin-Yang stage, he was confident of protecting himself. The Flamedragon Armor was stronger than he had imagined.

“The Three-Eagle Stronghold has been here for years and we know this region well. If I’m right, it won’t be easy for you to find the treasury even with the treasure map,” said Chief Leng.

Bloodwolf’s eyes flickered because Chief Leng was right. Despite having a treasure map, they had no success even after an entire night of searching. They couldn’t verify the symbols on the map. They could only confirm that the treasury was within this general vicinity of a thousand miles.

A thousand mile radius wasn’t huge to a Violet Palace Realm expert, but it would be troublesome for them to search the place.

Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts by the side. Chief Leng might seem to have made a strong case, but in reality, he just didn’t wish to clash with the Bloodwolf Clan. It was probably because Chief Leng had concerns about Bloodwolf’s Flamedragon Armor. In fact, there probably wasn’t much he could do to Bloodwolf.

Bloodwolf hesitated, which proved that Chief Leng had quite a bit of methods. Bloodwolf might not know, but Lin Yun knew that the two chiefs were still injured and they weren’t in their top form. If they really fought, the Three-Eagle Stronghold wouldn’t gain an advantage.

So they’re going to join hands? This thought flashed in Lin Yun’s mind as he wore a smile.

It was just as he had expected. The stalemate lasted briefly before both sides stopped their dispute for the time being. The elites of the Bloodwolf clan and the Three-Eagle Stronghold were shocked. After all, the two parties had a long feud, so they were filled with indignation at joining forces.

It was especially so for the Bloodwolf Clan because they didn’t want to share the treasury. Only Bloodwolf was sneering inwardly without any changes to his face. In the end, strength was required to compete for the treasury, so it didn’t really matter if they called a truce for the time being.

Since Bloodwolf was undefeated with the Flamedragon Armor, he believed that he would win in the end.

With that, both sides had called a temporary truce. After all, it was impossible for the Three-Eagle Stronghold to find the treasury without the map.

“Take a look at it for yourself. According to the map, the treasury should be a hundred miles northeast. However, we searched for an entire night and we didn’t find a tall mountain aside from some hills…” Bloodwolf handed the map to Chief Leng.

The Three-Eagle Stronghold’s party gathered together to examine the map briefly before they started laughing.

“What are you guys laughing at?” Bloodwolf said coldly.

“Nothing much. We already know about this location. Indeed, there isn’t a tall mountain in the surroundings, but there was one fifteen years ago. However, it was destroyed by Lei Yunzi himself with a palm in a battle, and only the veterans of the Three-Eagle Stronghold know about it.”

Destroyed with a palm? Lin Yun stayed calm after hearing this. It might sound a bit exaggerated, but it wasn’t impossible for Heavenly Soul Realm experts.

“Come with me.” Chief Leng led everyone over to some ruins. There were no traces of the mountain that used to be here.

“A hundred miles northeast.”

“Over there!”

“Let’s go!” Everyone got ready to move. Very quickly, they arrived at a valley that was filled with spiritual energy, but there was nothing unusual about this place.

Bloodwolf looked at the valley and asked, “Are you sure this is the place?”

“This should be the place if your map isn’t wrong. Many sects’ elites came here to search after Lei Yunzi’s death, but they returned empty handed. So there must be an illusion maze or some sort,” said Chief Leng with interest building deep in his eyes.

Bloodwolf returned to the Bloodwolf Clan’s party and began to talk with a purple-clothed old man.

“That fellow actually managed to invite Master Fu…” Chief Leng was surprised as the others from the Three-Eagle Stronghold also recognized the old man.

“Is he strong?” Lin Yun asked.

“Aside from Master Gu, he has the highest attainment in spiritual runes in Flagscythe County. I heard that he was once a guest from the Azurefoot Academy, a third grade spiritualist,” Chief Leng explained before turning to the two other chiefs, “The Thundercloud Treasury must be here. Let’s go, we’ll see what we find. Yun’er, we’ll be depending on you later.”

Leng Xiangyun nodded her head. She was a second grade spiritualist, but there was no way she could be comparable to a third grade spiritualist.

At the edge of the valley, Lin Yun looked at those who were busy in the valley and fell into deep thoughts. If the treasury was really here, the array that Lei Yunzi set up back then must be rather powerful. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible for him to fool so many people.

Closing his eyes, Lin Yun started releasing the Firefeather Spiritual Rune in his profound palace as he began to release soul energy. After a long time, Lin Yun opened his eyes in shock, “No fluctuation at all?”

He couldn’t sense any spiritual rune fluctuations in the valley. If there was really a spiritual array here, then it was rather powerful.

Narrowing his eyes briefly, the Firefeather Rune in his profound palace began to emit a golden light, releasing a wisp of the divine rune’s power. After Lin Yun exhausted half of his soul energy, he retracted his gaze and roughly had an idea of what to do.

On the other side, the Bloodwolf Clan’s guest Master Gu had locked their brows together.

“Is it really here?”

“There’s nothing…”

“Is the treasure map fake?”

Half an hour later, the Bloodwolf Clan and Three-Eagle Stronghold’s men started to get irritated.

“Level the valley! Don’t let go of a single inch!” Bloodwolf instructed as everyone began to destroy the valley.

Lin Yun shook his head lightly when he saw this because he knew it was futile. A powerful spiritualist could merge the spiritual array into heaven and earth, and you wouldn’t sense anything even if you were in it.

Looks like I have to help out. Lin Yun muttered inwardly before he spoke out, “There’s no way you guys can find the Thundercloud Treasury this way.”

The moment he spoke, he instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

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