Chapter 637 - Blood-Devour Demonic Canon

Lin Yun couldn’t help feeling curious about Lei Yunzi. Perhaps Lei Yunzi was a famous name to those in Flagscythe County, but Lin Yun was totally baffled. Looking at the shock on everyone’s faces, he could tell that the Thundercloud Treasury was a huge source of temptation for everyone present.

Chief Leng swept his gaze around and discovered Lin Yun’s existence. Despite his eyes flickering with doubt, he continued his speech, “The Bloodwolf Clan are a bunch of cunning fellows. They refined the Flamedragon Armor and caught the three of us by surprise. It wasn’t easy for us to retreat, but we’ll lose our position in the county if they obtain the Thundercloud Treasury.”

The Flamedragon Armor? Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts because it appeared that his speculation was correct. The Bloodwolf Clan had relied on a treasure to confront the three chiefs. But it appears that they didn’t have anyone in the greater Yin-Yang stage. Otherwise, the three chiefs wouldn’t make it back. After all, the gap between a lesser and a greater Yin-Yang stage was immense.

Lin Yun definitely wouldn’t be able to fight the sect master if his cultivation was really in the greater Yang stage and it would be difficult for him to even leave safely. However, if his cultivation wasn’t in the greater Yin-Yang stage, then he wouldn’t be very terrifying.

“What should we do now?” Everyone cried out while the upper hierarchy’s eyes flickered. The three chiefs didn’t know that the other party had totally refined the Flamedragon Armor in the past. But since they knew about it now, they might not be at a disadvantage anymore.

Furthermore, the Three-Eagle Stronghold also had many experts. It didn’t take long for them to come to a consensus. There was no way they could give the Thundercloud Treasury to the Bloodwolf Clan. But they also couldn’t disregard the Bloodwolf Clan’s men stationed outside the Three-Eagle Stronghold. So someone had to stay behind to guard the place.

As for the treasury’s location, there was no need for them to worry as they could simply tail the Bloodwolf Clan. Since the treasury was within the Three-Eagle Stronghold’s vicinity, it was impossible for the Bloodwolf Clan to shake them off.

Very quickly, all the Yang stage experts from the Three-Eagle Stronghold gathered and formed a powerful formation. There were three in the pinnacle Yang stage, eight in the greater Yang stage, and eleven in the lesser Yang stage. Adding the three chiefs, there were a total of twenty-five people.

“Chief Leng, what should we do with this person?” Gu Fei asked as he looked at Lin Yun coldly. He was only amicable to Lin Yun to pacify him temporarily. Now that the three chiefs were back, any single one of them could easily crush Lin Yun.

“Kill him. That brat didn’t go easy earlier when he attacked.”

“He’s just someone with unclear origins, not to mention that he even claimed to be from the Great Qin Empire. How can a place so small give birth to such a terrifying genius?” No one had a favorable impression of Lin Yun, especially the eight that Lin Yun had injured previously. 

This was why many of them suggested killing Lin Yun.Then again, it made sense since Flagscythe County was a lawless place.

“No, dont! Father, Young Master Lin saved my life. I was the one who brought him back. Let him go,” said Leng Xiangyun anxiously.

Standing beside her, the middle-aged man shook his head. Leng Xiangyun was too innocent and naive. How could a ruthless person such as her father care if Lin Yun saved his daughter? He would even probably suspect that Lin Yun had ulterior motives in doing this, especially when the Thundercloud Treasury had just appeared.

There was no change to Lin Yun’s expression. In fact, he was looking forward to how the chiefs would respond.

Chief Leng’s eyes flickered unevenly because he could sense a dangerous aura coming from Lin Yun, which signified that Lin Yun wasn’t an ordinary cultivator in the greater Yang stage. This meant that Lin Yun shouldn’t be someone from Flagscythe County or even the Cloud Prefecture.

At the same time, Lin Yun shouldn’t be a wandering cultivator as the ominous aura on a wandering cultivator couldn’t be concealed. Most importantly, Lin Yun was still so calm despite everyone wanting to kill him. This was why Chief Leng hesitated, but nevertheless, Lin Yun was an uncertain factor.

“Young friend, are you interested in coming with us to the Thundercloud Treasury? You can have a share of the treasury,” smiled Chief Leng as he made his decision swiftly.

Oh? Lin Yun looked at Chief Leng and replied calmly, “Sure.”

He was rather surprised that he would be invited. Then again, he understood the meaning behind it quickly. Since they weren’t sure how strong he was, they might as well make use of him. They didn’t have to fear if he had an ulterior motive either since they had more people.

Especially Chief Leng, who probably thought that Lin Yun wasn’t too powerful. He didn’t even fear someone in the lesser Yin-Yang stage, not to mention someone only in the greater Yang stage. Furthermore, it was definitely better for them to have more people since the Bloodwolf Clan’s sect master had refined the Flamedragon Armor. So everything was within his control regardless of the situation.

“Who’s Lei Yunzi?” Lin Yun asked.

“What? You don’t even know Lei Yunzi?” Everyone looked at Lin Yun with shock.

Chief Leng glanced at Lin Yun and smiled, “Young friend, you might not know about this person since you’re not from here. But there aren’t many who don't know about him in Flagscythe County or the entire Cloud Prefecture.

“Two hundred years ago, he was a monstrous genius from the Indigomoon Elysium. He was extremely talented and was ranked first on the Dragoncloud Ranking two times in a row. But not long after, he betrayed the Indigomoon Elysium and no one knows why. Then, he relied on an ancient incomplete slip to create the Blood-Devour Demonic Canon, an unparalleled demonic technique that was comparable to heaven grade cultivation technique.s Through this demonic technique, he could devour human flesh and refine them for his own cultivation. Although the Indigomoon Elysium sent people to hunt him, they failed and were killed by him instead.

The Blood-Devour Demonic Canon! Lin Yun was shocked that such an evil cultivation technique existed in the world. After all, it refined the flesh of others for the purposes of cultivation. He couldn’t imagine how quick the improvements would be and just thinking about it sent chills down his spine.

Two hundred years ago, Lei Yunzi emerged with the Blood-Devour Demonic Canon and killed all the elders sent from the Indigomoon Elysium to hunt him down. He created chaos in the entire Cloud Prefecture. Many sects sent out men to hunt him, but Lei Yunzi managed to escape every single time with his high attainments in spiritual runes. He killed his pursuers and grew even stronger.

“But that demonic technique was flawed. The further you cultivate it, the higher the requirement will be. No one dared to provoke him anymore by the time he was in the Heavenly Soul Realm. He was stuck in the seventh soul stage for a long time, so he had to take the risk to kill his way back to the Indigomoon Elyium in order to devour the Heavenly Soul Realm elders. But it was a pity that he was killed by an empyrean elder.

“Although he managed to escape, he was heavily injured in the process. Fifteen years ago, it was rumored that he died in Flagscythe County after a battle with his pursuers. Before his death, he buried his cultivation technique and all his treasures in his tomb.”

Those who heard this exclaimed in admiration. Lei Yunzi might be evil, but his stories were shocking.

“Many years ago, the elites from the various sects would send people into the Flagscythe County to search for Lei Yunzi’s tomb, but they all returned empty-handed. The number of people decreased five years later and not many people believe in it anymore. They treat it like a legend now.”

But now… The legend had come true. The Bloodwolf Clan actually found the Thundercloud Treasury. The treasures in there would probably exceed all of their expectations. After all, he probably had more treasures than many quasi-overlord forces.

Chief Leng wore a grave expression as he continued, “No matter what, we can’t let the Bloodwolf Clan have the Thundercloud Treasury. If they obtain the Blood-Devour Demonic Canon, we will surely be destroyed.”

“That’s right, the Bloodwolf Clan has annihilated many sects in the past. If they obtain this, they will only be more terrifying than Lei Yunzi.”

“We can compete for the treasures left behind by Lei Yunzi, but the Blood-Devour Demonic Canon has to be destroyed.” Everyone could feel their blood boiling from Chief Leng’s words.

Lin Yun was watching from the side coldly. Despite how righteous these people might seem to be, they weren’t any different than the Bloodwolf Clan. Many people’s attainments were limited due to their talent and comprehension. However, the Blood-Devour Demonic Canon could allow them to increase their cultivation by devouring the flesh of others. 

If they could get their hands on it, they could easily break their bottleneck and would be left with endless possibilities. Not many people could resist this temptation.

“Yun’er.” Chief Leng turned to his beloved daughter and said, “Lei Yunzi was a fourth grade spiritualist before his death, so the treasury will definitely be filled with spiritual arrays. You’re proficient in spiritual runes, so come along with us.

“Oh, okay.” Leng Xiangyun nodded her head after being stunned.

“Proficient in spiritual runes…” Lin Yun looked at Leng Xiangyun and fell into deep thoughts.

Leng Xiangyun wore a bashful expression as she lowered her head, “N-no. I’m just a second grade spiritualist.”

She could sense a pressure from Lin Yun that only spiritualists could sense. Others couldn’t see it, but Leng Xiangyun could clearly sense the soul energy on Lin Yun. So how could she dare to claim that she was proficient in spiritual runes in front of Lin Yun?

After the two chiefs recovered most of their injuries, the group, including Lin Yun, set off during the night.

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