Chapter 636 - Lei Yunzi

The eight experts looked experienced and everyone could tell that they had plenty of killing experience. The moment they attacked, they unleashed lethal moves aimed at Lin Yun’s vital spots. But that wasn’t all as the eight of them even summoned their martial souls.

When Lin Yun raised his head to look at them, Leng Xiangyun exclaimed, “Don’t! Big Brother Lin is a good person!”

But just when she was about to get up, the middle-aged man behind her pushed her back down into the chair as he followed the purple-clothed middle-aged man’s lead. His eyes flashed coldly as he looked at Lin Yun despite Leng Xiangyun’s pleading.

“Uncle Chen, don’t stop me. Big Brother Lin is in danger!” Leng Xiangyun was riddled with guilt because she didn’t expect the situation to develop like this.

The middle-aged man known as ‘Uncle Chen’ shook his head. He knew some secrets that Leng Xiangyun didn’t, so he also didn’t think that anything would happen to Lin Yun. Even if Lin Yun couldn’t fight the eight of them, it shouldn’t be difficult for him to escape.

Just before the eight experts were about to land, Lin Yun gently patted the chair as he flashed to the side and dodged their attacks. This left the eight experts shocked because they never expected Lin Yun to avoid their attacks so easily.

But they reacted quickly as they charged forward without hesitation. Facing them, Lin Yun waved his hand indifferently and summoned the sword box into his hand. Before the eight experts could get close, Lin Yun gently patted the sword box and the dense sword box slammed into them like a mountain.

Once hit by the sword box, the eight experts threw up blood and were sent flying away. But the sword box continued to spin after them, hitting them multiple times and breaking their bones.

When the eight experts fell onto the ground, they groaned in pain because they could no longer get back up. Everyone stood in shock as they looked at Lin Yun.

Together with the chair, Lin Yun soared into the sky and landed where he had been sitting. This caused cracks to form on the ground four feet away from his chair. Looking at the purple-clothed middle-aged man, Lin Yun said, “I have no ill intentions. I only ran into Lady Yun coincidentally and saved her. All I need is a place to stay temporarily. It’s best for you to explain yourself.”

Everything took place in the blink of an eye and if it wasn’t for the eight people lying on the ground, they wouldn’t have believed that Lin Yun moved.

The purple-clothed middle-aged man’s face became ugly and he only spoke out after a long time had passed, “This was a misunderstanding. My name is Gu Fei. The three chiefs of the stronghold are out at the moment, so I’m in charge for the time being. The reason why we acted against you is because we didn’t have a choice. Two months ago, Feng Wuhen, who is ranked in the top hundred of the Demonic Cultivator Ranking showed up in Flagscythe County and eradicated many forces. He’s as young as you, which is why…”

“Why you guys acted against me seeing that I don’t belong to any of the overlord or quasi-overlord forces… or was it because I’m not on the Dragoncloud Ranking?” Lin Yun finished the sentence for Gu Fei.

“I apologize for that matter. But, Flagscythe County hasn’t been calm lately, and our greatest foe, the Bloodwolf Clan has sent out their elites to attack the Three-Eagle Stronghold. The three chiefs are out to look for more information. They left early today and they’ll be back before the sun sets.” Gu Fei said awkwardly as he observed Lin Yun.

He said these things to pacify Lin Yun for now and to also let Lin Yun know that the three genuine experts of the Three-Eagle Stronghold weren’t here. Since the Three-Eagle Stronghold could rule Flagscythe County, they must be in the Yin-Yang stage.

But Lin Yun had no changes to his expression. Through the battle in the Withernorth Sea, he had widened his scope greatly. So, something like this couldn’t cause a change in his expression. But for some reason, he could sense something unusual about this matter.

The Bloodwolf Clan and Three-Eagle Stronghold might have a conflict, but they should be far from a life and death situation. So it made no sense for the Bloodwolf Clan to dispatch all of their elites. Furthermore, the three chiefs left the stronghold to obtain more information, which meant disregarding the safety of the stronghold. This made things even more fishy.

While they talked, the purple-clothed middle-aged man tried to find out about Lin Yun’s origin. When Lin Yun told him that he came from the Great Qin Empire, the purple-clothed middle-aged man was baffled because he clearly didn’t believe those words. But Lin Yun didn’t want to bother explaining things if Gu Fei didn’t believe him.

In the blink of an eye, the sky turned dark and the upper hierarchy of the Three-Eagle Stronghold began to feel anxious. In the past, even if the three chiefs left, they would always return at sunset. But it was fishy that they hadn’t come back yet.

“Deacon Gu, it’s bad!” A scout ran in anxiously as he continued, “The Bloodwolf Clan is here. They’re barely a hundred miles away from the stronghold.”

A hundred miles wasn’t a very long distance to cultivators. Even Profound Martial Realms could travel that distance in two hours.

“What should we do…” Everyone began to feel anxious because their chiefs weren’t here, not to mention that Lin Yun had injured eight of their experts. If the Bloodwolf Clan came now, it would definitely be a massacre.

“Calm down!” Gu Fei yelled after a brief shock. “So what if they’re here? The Three-Eagle Stronghold has been here for many years. They won’t be able to break the array protecting the stronghold anytime soon. Issue an order to be on alert and seal all the exits!”

Lin Yun was inwardly shocked as things were getting more interesting. It was too much of a coincidence for the Bloodwolf Clan’s elites to come when the three chiefs weren’t around. Lin Yun could tell that Gu Fei was just pretending to be calm.

Without a Yin-Yang stage expert present, it was just a matter of time before they would break into the stronghold and create a bloodbath. Lin Yun, however, had no intention of interfering as he began to stroll around the stronghold.

He could see people gathering at a visible speed beneath the walls to seal the entire stronghold. This made Lin Yun frown because he was planning on finding an opportunity to leave. He knew that he would be intercepted by the Bloodwolf Clan if he left like this.

The Bloodwolf Clan had many Yang stage experts and it was rumored that their sect master was someone in the greater Yin-Yang stage. The best opportunity would be to leave when both sides were fighting. But he had no idea what the Bloodwolf Clan was trying to do.

Right at this moment, three powerful figures appeared, which made everyone in the stronghold cheer, “The chiefs are back!”

Lin Yun raised his head in doubt to see an elder appearing. The elder emitted a powerful aura that was even more powerful than the outer sect of the Bloodwing Pavilion’s Grand Elder. That man was probably Leng Xiangyu’s father, one of the chiefs of the stronghold.

Lin Yun was surprised to find such a powerful figure at the border of the Cloud Prefecture. Behind him were the two other chiefs, but they were both injured. The three of them might have the same cultivation, but there was clearly a huge gulf between them.

This meant that Chief Leng must have had an encounter when he was young. After Chief Leng comforted everyone, he said, “There’s no need to panic. I’ve already checked. The Bloodwolf Clan’s target isn’t us but the Thundercloud Treasury.”

“Thundercloud Treasury?”

“How is that possible? So, the place where Lei Yunzi is buried is really Flagscythe County? Isn’t that just a legend though?”

“Many geniuses from the overlord sects have searched through the Flagscythe County, but they found nothing…”

“How is that possible? Even if Lei Yunzi was buried in Flagscythe County, how did the Bloodwolf Clan find out about the location?” Everyone had shock written on their faces.

“This is true. Me and the second chief were injured by that fellow from the Bloodwing Sect. That fellow had a treasure map from long ago that he managed to decipher just recently.” The two Yin-Yang stage experts beside Chief Leng explained the situation further.

The two of them were injured pretty heavily as they both had huge gashes on their chests. Their wounds were so deep that their internal organs could be seen. So one could imagine how brutal the battle must’ve been for them.

“I know that there’s a treasure map, but I didn’t expect it to be in the hands of the Bloodwolf Clan.” Chief Leng said solemnly with a somewhat paled face.

In the distance, Lin Yun was in deep thoughts as he seemed to have understood something. The Bloodwolf Clan sent out their elites to intimidate the Three-Eagle Stronghold while they sent out experts to search the tomb.

But who the hell was Lei Yunzi?

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