Chapter 635 - Jittery

“Thank you for your help.” The middle-aged man cupped his hands together. He was also shocked that  this young man was so powerful, which was rare. But with his experience, he knew that there were many geniuses in the world. So his shock only lasted for a brief moment before he calmed down.

“Watch out!” The lady suddenly yelled as her face changed. The Thunder Brutebull that was sent flying away had thrown a bolt of lightning at Lin Yun with a ferocious roar.

As the lightning bolt traveled, trees exploded and the ground trembled violently. However, Lin Yun stayed calm as he had stayed vigilant the whole time. He turned around and unleashed his sword aura. Under his aura, it seemed like the lightning bolt was stuck in a swamp as it struggled to travel through the air.

Clenching his fist together, Lin Yun threw a punch at the bolt of lightning. He shattered it and sent the Thunder Brutebull rolling on the ground.

“Seven Slaughtering FistRaging Sky!” The Thunder Brutefull had a cultivation in the pinnacle Yang stage along with a powerful defence. So it was tough for an ordinary punch to pierce through its defences. Therefore, Lin Yun didn’t want to waste any time.

Soaring into the sky, Lin Yun’s fist radiated with a purple glow that contained his sword intent. He punched the Thunder Brutebull tore through its internal organs. If it weren’t for the sword intent behind his fist, he wouldn’t have penetrated the bull’s defences so easily.

The Thunder Brutebull died immediately. The middle-aged man and the rest were dumbfounded.

“What power!”

“He killed a Thunder Brutebull with a single punch.”

“He looks like he’s only a few years older than Lady Yun. How is he so strong?” The guards were dumbfounded. The geniuses in the Ancient Southern Domain were legends to them, so they were utterly shocked to witness Lin Yun’s might.

The Thunder Brutebull suddenly exploded as a beast core flew out. Lin Yun waved his hand and grabbed onto the beast core. The Thunder Brutebull might only be an elite demonic beast, but the thunder attributed energy contained in its beast core was extremely pure, so he could make do with it.

“Hello, my name is Leng Xiangyun. How may I address you?” The lady stepped forward and asked with splendour in her pupils. When she got close, Lin Yun realised that she was very young, fourteen at best. Since he had nothing to hide, Lin Yun told her his name.

“Big Brother Lin, thank you. We would’ve died if it wasn’t for you. Are you an outsider? If you're not in a hurry, you can come with us. I believe my father will thank you well,” said Leng Xiangyun with anticipation in her eyes.

But when she said those words, the middle-aged man furrowed his brow with hesitation on his face. Sensing the expression of the middle-age man, Lin Yun wanted to deny her, but a sudden ominous aura exploded from behind him.

The ominous aura was even stronger than the Thunder Brutebull, which made the young lady and the middle-aged man’s faces change. The aura came from Lil’ Red who ran out of the woods and revealed its majestic body. Lil’ Red emitted a powerful pressure. 

“Don’t panic. This is my friend,” said Lin Yun as Lil’ Red came to his side obediently, revealing its bucktooth while it chuckled.

“This horse is really interesting. Can I touch it?” Leng Xiangyun was still a little girl, naive and innocent. So she couldn’t help asking the moment she saw the Dragon Blooded Horse.

Lin Yun naturally nodded his head and the young girl approached Lil’ Red to pet it. The two connected pretty well since Lil’ Red would occasionally tease her, drawing laughter from the young girl.

When Lin Yun saw that Lil’ Red wanted to lick the young girl, he patted on Lil’ Red. It seemed like a casual thing from Lin Yun, but Lil’ Red shivered from the pain as it gnashed its teeth. It was almost like it had been electrocuted.

“Haha, this horse is really cute. Can I ride it?” Leng Xiangyun smiled with her hands on her cheeks.

“Missy.” The middle-aged man let out a cough and Leng Xiangyun smiled embarrassedly. She looked at Lin Yun and gave him an offer, “Young Master Lin, you can travel with us. I have to thank you greatly for your help.”

“It was nothing,” replied Lin Yun. But when he saw Leng Xiangyun’s watery eyes, he pondered briefly before he agreed, “Alright, but I can’t stay for long. I have to leave very soon.”

Lin Yun didn’t think there would be an issue if he stayed a short while. He spent quite a bit of time in the mountain range, so it would save him time if someone could lead him out.

When Leng Xiangyun saw that Lin Yun had agreed, she instantly rejoiced. As they chatted, Lin Yun followed closely on Lil’ Red. When they came out of the mountain range, the middle-aged man pulled Leng Xiangyun to the side and whispered, “Missy, the Flagscythe County hasn’t been calm lately. It’s rare for you to come outside and those in the stronghold won’t be happy if you bring someone back.”

“B-But I don’t think Young Master Lin is a bad person.” Leng Xiangyun lowered her head. Peeking at Lin Yun, she continued, “Furthermore, he saved our lives. So how can we not thank him?”

The middle-aged man knew how stubborn Leng Xiangyun was, so he gave up persuading her. He could only smile bitterly. A genius like Lin Yun probably wouldn’t care about any thanks, so it was just a small matter anyway.

The young lady hadn’t experienced much in life, so he knew that it was useless for him to try and persuade her.

Not too calm? Lin Yun could hear their conversation despite being at the back of the party. From their conversation, he had a rough idea of where he was. This place was called Flagscythe County and its environment wasn’t that good. There were two main forces of this county, the Three-Eagle Stronghold that the young lady belonged to and the Bloodwolf Clan. These two forces were the overlord forces of the Flagscythe County and the conflict between them was intense.

The forces here were like the sects located at the borders of the Great Qin Empire, they weren’t particularly flagged with righteousness or evil. The competition here was intense and massacres were the norm. As for the strengths of the Three-Eagle Stronghold and the Bloodwolf Clan, they were a lot weaker than the Heavenly Province Academy and even the Firmament Sword Sect.

Flagscythe County is located in the remote parts of the Cloud Prefecture, so the middle-aged man should be used to the competition here. So why did he say that it wasn’t calm? But Lin Yun wasn’t particularly interested in the reason as he only wanted to find a place to rest briefly.

“Lady Yun is back, open the gate!”

“How weird. Why did they bring a stranger along?”

“He has a cultivation in the greater Yang stage at such a young age. Where did this young man come from?”

“Does Flagscythe County have a genius like him? How weird…” Lin Yun attracted a lot of attention as he walked.

In one of the Three-Eagle Stronghold’s halls, Leng Xiangyun was telling everyone how her group met Lin Yun. When everyone heard the story, they looked at Lin Yun with a weird gaze. The person with the most authority was a purple-clothed middle-aged man and he was currently looking at the middle-aged man standing beside Leng Xiangyun.

The purple-clothed middle-aged man seemed pretty experienced and there was a killing aura in his pupils. Although both middle-aged men were in the pinnacle Yang stage, the purple-clothed man was clearly a lot stronger.

“Young Master Lin, are you a disciple of the eight overlord forces?” asked the purple-clothed middle-aged man.

“I’m not,” replied Lin Yun.

The purple-clothed middle-aged man countered, “Are you a core disciple of a quasi-overlord force then?”

“I’m not,” said Lin Yun once again.

“Then is your name on the Dragoncloud Ranking?” The purple-clothed middle-aged man continued to question Lin Yun with a smile.

Placing his sword box to the side, Lin Yun leaned back in his chair as he took a sip of the tea while shaking his head.

“Since you’re not willing to tell me your origin, then what motive do you have to be in the Three-Eagle Stronghold? I’m curious since you’re not a disciple of an overlord force or a core disciple of a quasi-overlord force. If your name isn’t on the Dragoncloud Ranking either, then how did you kill a Thunder Brutebull with a punch?” The purple-clothed middle-aged man retracted his smile as he looked at Lin Yun coldly.

The eight greater Yang stage experts behind him all raised their heads as they looked at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun casually glanced at them before turning to the others that were looking at him. He could tell that they were all looking at him with ill intention and the atmosphere suddenly became awkward. Even Leng Xiangyun was too terrified to speak.

Just how ‘not too calm’ was this place? Since this place didn’t welcome him, Lin Yun decided to put the teacup down and leave.

“You should stay and sit down obediently.” The purple-clothed middle-aged man barked with killing aura brewing in his eyes. Simultaneously, the eight experts behind him soared into the sky and pounced at Lin Yu, unleashing lethal moves right at the start.

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