Chapter 631 - Cultivating in the Forest

A bolt of crimson lightning flashed in the forest at a terrifying speed. Even Yin-Yang stage experts who were proficient in movement techniques wouldn’t be able to travel so quickly.

The bolt of lightning landed on a towering tree. Under the lushy tree, sat an azure-clothed youth who opened his eyes. He was naturally Lin Yun.

When Lin Yun opened his eyes, he let out a long breath and reached out to the fruit that Lil’ Red spat out. He cleaned it briefly with his sleeves before he took a bite on it. After the ordeal in the Withernorth Sea, Lin Yun found out that his injuries were more serious than he had imagined.

His injuries weren’t serious in his fight with the three Yin-Yang stage elders, but the backlash of his sword intent had injured him heavily. It had been ten days, and he had barely recovered.

“It’s still a Heavenly Soul Realm expert who broke my sword intent,” muttered Lin Yun. His xiantian sword intent at complete mastery was terrifying enough that allowed him to face three Yin-Yang stage elders. But there was nothing he could do before a Heavenly Soul Realm expert.

For example, water could easily extinguish fire. But when fire reaches a limit, it could easily evaporate water. But if his sword intent could reach a new level, it might be possible to resist the pressure coming from Heavenly Soul Realm experts, just like how his xiantian sword intent at complete mastery could suppress three Yin-Yang stage elders.

The three might be Yin-Yang stage elders, but they’re probably weaker than those geniuses on the inner ranking. Lin Yun pondered as he ate the fruit to replenish his energy, recalling his experiences back in the empyrean’s tomb.

According to his experience fighting Ji Wuye, Ji Wuye wasn’t any weaker than the three elders. Since geniuses on the inner ranking were at least in the Yin-Yang stage, this meant that they were even more terrifying.

“It’ll be difficult to make a breakthrough after reaching the Yin-Yang stage. The difference between lesser and greater is like a huge gulf. My odds of winning aren't high even if I run into other greater Yin-Yang stage experts.” Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts. This meant that he couldn’t slack if he wanted to shine on the Draconic Banquet.

Based on his initial intentions, he planned to visit the Sword Sect’s ruins first and see if he could find an opportunity to make a breakthrough in the sword. He made a breakthrough from the pinnacle Yin stage to the greater Yang stage in the Withernorth Sea, and it would be practically impossible to find a similar opportunity in the future. It would be lucky if he could reach the pinnacle Yang stage before the Draconic Banquet.

This means that he could only take an alternate route to upgrade his sword intent and strengthen his advantage. The Sword Sect’s ruins were located in the Thunder Prefecture, a long way from the Nether Prefecture. He had to cross several prefectures to reach his destination. Furthermore, the Thunder Prefecture had the most disastrous environment in the Ancient Southern Domain. There were many experts there along with sects, especially the sword Sect’s ruins which was said to be special.

So it would be best if he could bring the Azure Dragon Enneaform to the third stage. By then, it would be easy for him to face Yin-Yang stage experts even without using the Dustlight Sword Art. This would also guarantee that he would maximize his harvest at the Sword Sect’s ruins.

The Azure Dragon Enneaform was also divided into the lesser, greater, and complete mastery. The third stage represented lesser mastery, and it would definitely be terrifying since it was an ancient body-refining technique. Then again, it definitely wouldn’t be easy since he had only reached the first stage. He still didn’t dare to refine the Azure Dragon’s blood essence fearing that it might go to waste.

“Let’s take it one step at a time,” said Lin Yun. The Azure Dragon Enneaform was terrifying, but it was impossible for him to try and ascend the heavens at one go.

Throwing the half-eaten fruit in his hand away, Lin Yun looked around cautiously before he went on the horseback and patted Lil’ Red’s neck. Lil’ Red let out a neigh as it turned into a crimson bolt and disappeared.

Lin Yun knew that the Bloodwing Pavilion wouldn’t let him off after leaving the Withernorth Sea, and he had been cautious along the way, preventing any possible encounters with human cultivators. As for his battles with demonic beasts, that could be considered a form of cultivation as he wasn’t arrogant enough to think that he was invincible.

A long time after Lin Yun left, an old man appeared in the forest. The old man was enveloped in an eerie aura with many vengeful spirits around him. That old man was naturally the guest elder of the Bloodwing Pavilion, Nethercloud Ghost.

Nethercloud Ghost was a demonic cultivator to begin with. It was said that he had offended a formidable figure and was forced to join the Bloodwing Pavilion as a guest elder.

Speaking of it now, he had a long grudge with Lin Yun since the Indigocloud Lake. The Nethercloud Ghost initially thought that Lin Yun wouldn't be worth the trouble of him making a move personally, but he accepted this task from the Bloodwing Pavilion when he found out that Lin Yun killed three Yin-Yang stage elders.

After all, there wasn’t any better option to ensure Lin Yun’s death.

“That brat is rather cautious…” Nethercloud Ghost muttered. He had been chasing after Lin Yun for the past three days. The reason why he hadn’t made his appearance was because he didn’t want to alarm Lin Yun. If he couldn’t kill Lin Yun with a single attack, Lin Yun could easily flee with the Dragon Blooded Horse.

At that time, it would be troublesome for him to catch up to Lin Yun. After all, the strength Lin Yun displayed back in the Withernorth Sea made Nethercloud Ghost not daring to look down on Lin Yun. If he had to make a move, he had to ensure Lin Yun’s death and not give him any chance to live.

“It doesn’t matter. You’ll slack sooner or later,” sneered Nethercloud Ghost as he had plenty of patience.

In the densely packed forest, a beast roar echoed as tall trees suddenly snapped, revealing a colossal beast. But the beast was covered with injuries as its blood had formed into a pool on the ground. After a brief struggle, the beast ultimately fell onto the ground unwillingly.

When the demonic beast collapsed, a figure flashed and landed on the demonic beast’s corpse. The person’s clothes were tattered with gnashes on his body. He didn’t have an exceptionally muscular body, but the explosive power contained beneath his skin felt dangerous. He was naturally Lin Yun, who had been training in the forest for half a month after he recovered from his injuries.

Over the past fifteen days, Lin Yun would fight demonic beasts daily, and each battle was bitter. The one he had just killed was a Bloodfernal Hound, an overlord demonic beast in the pinnacle Yin stage. Even most experts at the lesser Yang stage would avoid it.

It wasn’t easy for Lin Yun to defeat it without his sword, and it wasn’t because he didn’t want to use his sword, but he wanted to focus on the Azure Dragon Enneaform for now. If he had resolved the demonic beast easily with his sword, he wouldn’t be able to temper his physique. Furthermore, spiraling between life and death was also a training to his willpower.

Covering his palm with sword energy, Lin Yun easily tore apart the demonic beast’s skin and easily retrieved its beast core. But before the beast core landed on the ground, it was devoured by a crimson bolt that was naturally the Dragon Blooded Horse.

Lil’ Red grinned and revealed its bucktooth, which Lin Yun smiled when he saw this scene. Lil’ Red had also been training by fighting with all sorts of demonic beasts. It had grown even more robust as the wisp of dragon’s bloodline within its body was constantly being awakened. Lin Yun speculated that he could probably face someone in the pinnacle Yang stage head-on.

“It’s been half a month, but there’s still no sign of me making a breakthrough in the Azure Dragon Enneaform…” The Azure Dragon Enneaform had eleven stages, and the third stage was the threshold.

At this moment Lin Yun decided to refine the Azure Dragon’s blood essence. Otherwise, who knows when he would make a breakthrough to the third stage. But he had gained much comprehension over the past fifteen days, and he was confident that he wouldn’t waste the blood essence.

“Here then…” Lin Yun’s gaze fell onto a hill. Since he had to comprehend the wind and lightning energies, he naturally had to do it on a hill.

Using the Seven Profound Steps, Lin Yun spread his arms apart like a golden crow and soared up. Lil’ Red also grinned as it followed behind Lin Yun.

A long time later, an eerie figure appeared where Lin Yun previously stood as he looked at the distant hill. Looking at Lin Yun seated on the hill, Nethercloud Ghost revealed a sinister and brutal smile, “Finally showing a flaw?”

There was actually no need for him to be so cautious with his cultivation in the pinnacle Yin-Yang stage, not to mention that he was proficient in demonic arts. But even a lion would use its full strength when hunting a rabbit. This was also the reason why none of those who caught Nethercloud Ghost’s eye managed to survive.

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