Chapter 630 - Shock

Although Lin Yun left, many people still tried to chase after him. However, they were left eating Lil’ Red’s dust. The Dragon Blooded Horse was covered in a fierce crimson radiance that made it look like a crimson beam as it disappeared into the distance.

With that, everyone settled down, but this was only the beginning of Lin Yun’s fame spreading throughout the Nether Prefecture. It had been a long time since the Nether Prefecture had such a heaven-defying talent. Not just the Great Qin Empire, but even the Profound Yang Palace didn’t have someone so talented.

At the empyrean’s tomb, Lin Yun began his journey by defeating many geniuses on the ranking, such as Guo Xu, Qin An, and Pei Yue. In the end, Lin Yun even defeated Ji Wuye, which shocked everyone.

The outcome was something that no one had expected, but this wasn’t Lin Yun’s limit as he also slew three Yin-Yang stage elders that ganged up on him. 

Lin Yun’s performance would definitely shock the entire Nether Prefecture and he would be the focus of attention for a long time. As time gradually passed, Lin Yun’s fame would surely spread throughout the Nether Prefecture.

“That fellow actually became famous in one day,” said Yan Kong in a depressed tone.

“You should be happy that I saved your life,” smiled Xie Yunqiao. After all, Qin An and Pei Yue’s corpses were fresh examples. Then again, this was why Lin Yun would become famous.

There weren’t many in the Ancient Southern Domain who could bring their xiantian sword intent to complete mastery among the younger generation. At the very least, none of the Cloud Trigram Sect disciples had achieved this.

Sword intent wasn’t invincible and the geniuses in the inner ranking had ways to restrict it just like Ji Wuye had done with his domain. However, they surely wouldn’t feel great with their strength being restricted when facing Lin Yun. Lin Yun had a great advantage when facing those geniuses on the inner ranking because his sword intent was at complete mastery.

“If I was facing Lin Yun, who knows what the outcome would have been.” Yan Kong snorted before he left.

“Whatever you say.” Xie Yunqiao sneered at Yang Kong. In his eyes, the Ablaze Phoenix Painting was terrifying and he believed that Yan Kong would be heavily injured by Lin Yun.

Ten days later in the Great Qin Empire in the imperial palace, a figure was seated in an elegant study room. She was flipping through an ancient book. Although she was wearing a veil to mask her face, her ethereal appearance couldn’t be concealed as an emperor’s aura exuded from her.

As she sat quietly, it felt like she was the sovereign of the world. This lady was naturally the Bloomphoenix Princess, Su Ziyao. She was the new empress of the Great Qin Empire and her aura as a ruler had grown denser in just three months. It was so dense that it far surpassed the previous emperor.

Right at this moment, someone gently entered carrying monkey wine in his hand. The newcomer was naturally Drifting Goblet, the only person who dared to enter Su Ziyao’s study room so casually.

“News of Lin Yun again?” Su Ziyao placed her book down and she looked at Drifting Goblet.

Clearly, she had been keeping track of Lin Yun’s activity. After all, the Great Qin Empire was too small, so it was unavoidable for people to go out and experience the world.

Drifting Goblet nodded his head and drank a mouthful of wine, “An empyrean’s tomb appeared in the Withernorth Sea that attracted the attention of many geniuses on the Dragoncloud Ranking. Many in the top ten on the outer ranking came, such as Ji Wuye and Yan Kong.”

There were no changes to Su Ziyao’s expression as she continued to listen.

“Lin Yun was in the Nether Prefecture, so he naturally went there. However, his performance shocked everyone. A swordsman from the Great Qin Empire actually defeated the geniuses on the Dragoncloud Ranking. He even defeated Ji Wuye and obtained the Astral Pearl.”

Even Su Ziyao was shocked when she heard that. She never expected that Lin Yun would catch up to the geniuses on the Dragoncloud Ranking in just three months.

Drifting Goblet paused briefly and continued, “But that’s not all. There is a quasi-overlord force that has grudges with Lin Yun. When Lin Yun appeared, they sent out three Yin-Yang stage elders to attack him…”

“The Bloodwing Pavilion?” Su Ziyao muttered as her eyes flashed with a cold killing aura. A brief moment later, she continued, “Since you’re here, this means that Lin Yun isn’t dead.”

Drifting Goblet sighed, “Not only is he still alive, but he even killed those three elders. Now, he is the center of attention in the Nether Prefecture. I bet the Bloodwing Pavilion won’t let this matter rest. The Nethercloud Ghost, who has a grudge with Lin Yun, might act personally. Even if Lin Yun leaves the Withernorth Sea, he’ll be hunted.”

“Got it.” Su Ziyao replied indifferently, but anyone could sense that a storm was coming. Suddenly, she thought of something and instructed Drifting Goblet, “Share this piece of news to the Firmament Sword Pavilion as well.”

Drifting Goblet took a sip of wine and examined Su Ziyao. The pressure coming from her had gotten a lot more powerful and unfathomable. Her strength had undergone a huge transformation in the past three months.

“You’ll be leaving soon, right?” Drifting Goblet asked.

“Perhaps,” replied Su Ziyao as she looked at Drifting Goblet.

Drifting Goblet didn’t say anything else. He simply shook his head with a bitter smile. He suddenly thought about Lin Yun’s words before he left and how he claimed that he would grab Su Ziyao even if she soared into the heavens.

You better work hard or you won’t be able to catch up to her in your lifetime. Drifting Goblet muttered inwardly before he recalled something else Lin Yun said. He said that he would find the woman that he had slept with no matter where she went. The determination in his tone was probably the reason why Su Ziyao chose him.

Even Drifting Goblet didn’t expect Lin Yun to improve so greatly in just three months.

At the Firmament Sword Pavilion, the pavilion was bustling since it had become the head of all sword sects in the Great Qin Empire. Right at this moment, the elders and the seven Sword-Bearing Elders were gathered in a hall wearing grave expressions.

They were looking at the news Drifting Goblet sent to them with shock.

“I-I-Is this true?”

“It should be true since it came from Drifting Goblet.”

“It has only been three months, but Lin Yun can already compete with geniuses on the outer ranking. Even someone like Ji Wuye was been defeated by him.”

“Not only that. Even three Yin-Yang stage elders were killed by him. This is simply unimaginable.”

“This means that we don’t need to help him anymore.” All the elders were filled with disbelief. However, the shock was short-lived as they immediately smiled. They were even more happy that Lin Yun was only the guest deacon of the Heavenly Province Sect. After all, Lin Yun even rejected the recruitment from the Heavenly Sword Sect. This means that Lin Yun still considered himself to be the disciple of the Firmament Sword Pavilion. In the end, he had never forgotten his status as a disciple here.

Guardian Plum also wore a smile. More accurately, he was now called Pavilion Master Plum. After the previous Pavilion Master and Lord Thirteen left the Great Qin Empire, he had officially taken over the pavilion.

Compared to others, he was more grateful that Bai Lixuan actually helped Lin Yun. He was happy since Bai Lixuan was once his disciple. Although he had joined the Cloud Trigram Sect, it was totally understandable. Even other sects would consider it their honor to have their disciple accepted into the Cloud Trigram Sect.

“Gentlemen, we have to keep this a secret. There’s no need to spread it around and bring unnecessary trouble to Lin Yun.” Guardian Plum smiled as he looked around. He was now looking forward to Lin Yun’s growth before the Draconic Banquet.

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