Chapter 63 - Visit from the City Lord


On the stage, the buzzing of the Flower Burial Sword echoed.

Under the buzzing noise, the chaotic battles between the two sects suddenly came to a stop as everyone was shocked to see their weapons going out of their control.

“What’s going on?!”

“My sword!”

Many cultivators were shocked as they tried to grab hold of their trembling weapons.

Outside the stage, all the spectators stood up from their seats in shock as they looked at Lin Yun.

Just a moment ago, Lin Yun had created three blooming roses with his sword, which exploded out and swept towards the four Elders of the Violet Ember Sect.

And shortly after, the sword in his hand began buzzing.

“What’s that buzzing noise?”

“It’s simply unheard of! I’ve never heard that a sword could produce a noise that affected all the weapons on the stage as well.”

“Amazing! The Azure Sky Sect has another monstrous genius this time!”

“The Violet Ember Sect is truly unlucky. Three years ago, they were completely trampled by Su Ziyao, and three years later, there was another Lin Yun.”

“What’s more is that Lin Yun was actually a Sword Slave… just who could’ve expected that…”

Aside from the City Lord, Bai Qiushui, who recognized Seeking Sword Spirit, everyone including the Mad Blade Sect and Profound Sun Sect were all feeling puzzled.

Standing on the stage, Liu Yu couldn’t accept this scene before him.

He was just preparing to cooperate with the four Elders to kill Lin Yun, but who could’ve expected that Lin Yun would make another breakthrough and create three roses this time.

“Damn it!”

Liu Yu roared as he could no longer be concerned with it anymore and pounced over towards Lin Yun.

He wanted to take advantage of the moment while Lin Yun was exhausted to get rid of him.

Three years ago, the appearance of Su Ziyao had caught the Violet Ember Sect by surprise, causing them to lose their title as the strongest sect in the Aquasky Nation.

They had been bearing it for three whole years, and just when they were about to make a comeback, there was another genius!

Could it be that the Violet Ember Sect had to wait for another three years?

How could he possibly accept it?!


All of a sudden, a terrifying aura exploded from Liu Yu as his Dantian shined.

It was the Xiantian Seed, and Liu Yu was about to forcibly use the Xiantian profound energy with his cultivation in the Tenth Stage of the Martial Path.

Even if he had to risk being injured, he had to kill Lin Yun at all cost.


As Liu Yu roared, he pounced over towards Lin Yun with his palm.

In that moment, a terrifying palm swept out, and the wind made Lin Yun close his eyes as he was slowly being pushed back.

“It’s the Xiantian aura!”

Even with the Dragon-Tiger Might, Lin Yun was having a great difficulty facing the aura coming from Liu Yu.

As Lin Yun’s thoughts swiftly processed, a figure suddenly appeared before him when he was thinking of a solution.

All of a sudden, that figure threw a palm in the direction of Liu Yu.


Spewing blood from his mouth, the palm that Liu Yu had executed by forcibly using the Xiantian spiritual aura was easily repelled.

Suffering a drawback from his spiritual aura, Liu Yu was heavily injured as he instantly looked ten years older.

“City Lord Bai!”

Liu Yu’s face changed drastically when he saw the person who made the move.

“Sect Master Liu, what are you trying to do here?”

Bai Qiushui smiled as she feigned ignorance.


Although Liu Yu wanted to explain for himself, he couldn’t come up with any excuses.

Bai Qiushui’s appearance had caught him by surprise. After all, she had never dipped her hands into the affairs of the four sects.

“Alright. I heard that you were giving up on competing for the spiritual mine, so we’ll settle with that. The Violet Ember Sect has forfeited their challenge for the spiritual mine, and the tournament continues!”

“Thank you, City Lord!”

Bai Tianming immediately rejoiced as he came over with the disciples of the Azure Sky Sect to express his gratitude.

Looking at this scene, Liu Yu was completely dumbfounded and grievance filled in his heart.

His perfect plan had been entirely ruined, not to mention he was at fault in the first place. So, he had no choice but to back down.

As Bai Qiushui turned around, she asked, “Do any of you two want to send out your seeded contestants to fight for the spiritual mine?”

The two Young Sect Masters, Luo Xing of the Mad Blade Sect and Feng Wuheng of the Profound Sun Sect exchanged a glance as they could see the helplessness in each other’s eyes.

“The Mad Blade Sect forfeit our right to challenge.”

“The Profound Sun Sect forfeit our right to challenge.”

The Sect Masters of the Mad Blade Sect and Profound Sun Sect both spoke out at the same time with a helpless expression on their faces.

Lin Yun was someone who could even injure Liu Yu, so there was nothing the two sects could do aside from giving up.

“Alright. Thank you to everyone for coming to participate in the tournament, and I hereby announce that the only spiritual mine in the Aquasky Nation still belongs to the Azure Sky Sect!” Bai Qiushui smiled as she left.

Looking at her silhouette, Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts as he couldn’t see through this woman.

“Congratulations for being able to defend the spiritual mine.”

“After this battle, it’s impossible for the Violet Ember Sect to recover within ten years.”

Aside from the Violet Ember Sect, the Sect Masters of the Profound Sun Sect and Mad Blade Sect came over with their congratulations.

Bai Tianming had responded to their congratulations respectfully. At the very least, he had to show that on the surface.

Meanwhile, the spectators all began to leave reluctantly.

On the left, they were all discussing Lin Yun.

Lin Yun had forged a name for himself through this battle, suppressing everyone in the tournament and he even injured the Sect Master of the Violet Ember Sect.

His performance was even more dazzling than Su Ziyao from three years ago.

No one had expected that a dark horse like Lin Yun would suddenly appear in the Four Sects Tournament.

“Junior Brother Lin, I’m sorry for my previous action of taking your Heart Nourishing Pellet.”

With a desolate expression, Hu Zifeng came over and apologised to Lin Yun.

“We’re all fellow disciples, so it’s fine.” Lin Yun replied gently.

Since he had given out the Heart Nourishing Pellet willing back then, he naturally wouldn’t dwell on it.

“Lin Yun, it’s all thanks to you that the sect could be saved from being destroyed.”

Bai Tianming walked over as he spoke out in a solemn tone.

“Sect Master, you’re putting things too seriously. We have a common enemy, and it wasn’t my effort alone that made us defeat the Violet Ember Sect.”

“You don’t have to be so courteous with me. After we return to the sect, the Elders and I will reward you for your contribution today. Everyone’s tired now, so let’s go back and rest.”

Bai Tianming spoke as he looked at all the disciples of the Azure Sky Sect, who were covered in injuries.

As he spoke, he led the disciples towards their residence to rest.

“Young Sect Master, do you know about Bai Qiushui’s origin?”

Lin Yun asked as he walked with Bai Yufan at the back.

“I'm not sure about that, and my father isn’t exactly sure either. Ever since the Aquasky Nation existed, everyone knows that the City Lord of the Clear Water City is someone that we cannot offend, and it has already become an unspoken rule.”

Bai Yufan replied as he continued, “But no matter who the City Lord is, she has never dipped her hands into the conflict between sects, and it’s truly surprising that she saved you today.”

Although the two of them shared the same family name, there wasn’t any relationship between them.

“But there’s something that I’m certain of. The City Lord will come in contact with those disciples who stand out in the Four Sects Tournament. Three years ago when Bai Qiushui still wasn’t the City Lord, the previous City Lord also sent someone to come in contact with Su Ziyao.” Bai Yufan spoke as he suddenly recalled something.

“And what is it about?”

“To invite Su Ziyao to join the force behind them, promising lots of benefits in the process. They offered resources that were beyond my father’s imagination, but Su Ziyao rejected them.”

Bai Yufan was baffled as he recalled what happened three years ago.

When Lin Yun heard those words, he finally figured it all out. So the Four Sects Tournament wasn’t only meant to sort out the interest between sects, but it was also meant to find talents for the power behind the City Lord.

Looking at Lin Yun, Bai Yufan’s gaze was complicated as he continued, “I believe that with your performance today, Bai Qiushui will definitely look for you.”

“Is that so?”

In the end, it was just as Bai Yufan had expected as Lin Yun did not wait for long. On the same day, Bai Qiushui visited the Azure Sky Sect’s mansion in the city at night.

She was personally received by the Sect Master as he led her to Lin Yun’s room.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Bai Yufan had told him about it, Lin Yun would definitely be surprised.

But even so, he was still shocked that Bai Qiushui actually came looking for him so quickly.

“Lin Yun, this is City Lord Bai. If it wasn’t for her today, I’m afraid that my Azure Sky Sect would definitely suffer immense loss.” Bai Tianming introduced.

“Thank you, City Lord, for helping out in the day.” Lin Yun immediately spoke out.

“You’re being too polite. Sect Master Bai, I have something that I would like to speak to Sir Lin personally.” Bai Qiushui spoke with a smile on her face.

Bai Tianming wasn’t surprised as he already knew about it and gave Lin Yun some reminders before he left.

Looking at Bai Qiushui close up, Lin Yun managed to get a closer view at her, and she was definitely a beauty.

Her hair draped down on her shoulders like a waterfall with delicate features that was even comparable to a delicately carved jade.

However, Lin Yun was already used to seeing a beauty like Su Ziyao, so he wasn’t too taken aback when he saw Bai Qiushui.

While he was looking at Bai Qiushui, she was also looking at him.

Lin Yun did not look particularly outstanding, but he had a pair of bright pupils that made him stand out.


All of a sudden, Bai Qiushui tapped out at Lin Yun’s heart without any warnings. However, Lin Yun did not panic because there wasn’t any killing aura found on Bai Qiushui’s finger.

“It’s really the Seven Orifice Exquisite Pellet.”

“Did City Lord Bai act out because of this pellet?” Lin Yun asked calmly.

“Not entirely. I only made up my mind to save you from Liu Yu when you displayed the Seeking Sword Spirit.”

Seeking Sword Spirit?” Lin Yun was baffled as he looked at Bai Qiushui.

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