Chapter 629 - Lil’ White, I’ll Wait For You

The battles between the two Heavenly Soul Realm experts caused intense phenomena. At the same time, the battle between the Bloodwing Pavilion and Heavenly Province Academy had completely unfolded.

As for those with malicious thoughts, they charged towards Lin Yun when they saw that he was injured. After the three elders were killed, the situation had fallen into chaos. Many of the other sects began to hesitate if they should join the fight.

After all, the Astral Pearl was simply too tempting. But those who came from prestigious sects were in a dilemma due to their reputation, not to mention that they would become targets of a powerful enemy if they failed. Moreover, Lin Yun might still have trump cards.

But Qin An and Pei Yue didn’t hesitate since they considered their defeat from Lin Yun to be their greatest humiliation. So they naturally wanted to take Lin Yun’s life when he was down. Qin An and Pei Yue were stronger than many people here, so they arrived in front of Lin Yun after he took several steps.

“Fate is miraculous. Lin Yun, do you still remember when you stabbed my chest?” Qin An looked at Lin Yun with a ferocious gaze. The stab wound was fatal and he would be dead by now if he wasn’t lucky. Although he survived the ordeal, he still wasted a lot of herbs and he only recovered from half of his injuries so far. If he wanted to fully recover, he would need another ten days.

“Flower Burial, weren't you acting so mighty earlier when you killed three Yin-Yang stage experts? Why are you in such a sorry state now?” Pei Yue sneered as he looked at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun’s face might be pale, but he was a lot better than before. The three Yin-Yang stage experts didn’t inflict much injuries on him. His greatest injuries came from his sword intent spiraling out of control. Since his xiantian sword intent was so powerful, one could imagine how bad the backlash would be.

If Tang Yu didn’t help him, it would take at least half a day for him to suppress his sword intent. Now that his sword intent had been stabilized, his injuries didn’t deteriorate any further. He simply exhausted his origin energy, so it would be a problem for him to face Qin An and Pei Yue now.

“Lin Yun!” Mo Ling grew anxious when she saw this situation.

“Stop them!” The Bloodwing Pavilion’s party became excited. It didn’t matter who killed Lin Yun as long as he died.

All of the spectators felt that Qin An and Pei Yue were being shameless, but they didn’t dare to interfere as Qin An and Pei Yue both had huge origins. The spectators merely lamented at the twist and turns of the situation.

“Damn it!” Bai Lixuan who was stopping Yan Kong together with Xie Yunqiao cursed as he moved towards Lin Yun.

“Heh, Lin Yun will be dead before you can even get there.” Yang Kong sneered at Bai Lixuan.

“I don’t need you to poke your nose into my affair!” Bai Lixuan’s face sank as he turned around and roared. When he turned back around, his eyes flashed sharply like a sword.

Those words stunned Yan Kong before rage filled his eyes. At this moment, he swore to himself that he would let Bai Lixuan have a taste of the Nethercloud Saber.

Meanwhile, at Lin Yun’s location, he was raising his head to look at Qin An and Pei Yue, “I shouldn’t have spared your lives.”

“Haha and here I thought you had forgotten what you did back in the empyrean’s tomb. Hand over my Frost Moon and the Astral Pearl or else you’re going to die.” Qin An smiled coldly with a blatant threat in his voice.

“You think I could forget how you guys begged me to spare your lives?” Lin Yun mocked indifferently.

“You’re courting death!”

“Slaughter him!” Qin An and Pei Yue flew into rage when they heard Lin Yun’s mockery. They began to unleash their killing aura as they charged at Lin Yun. In their eyes, Lin Yun was no longer a threat since his sword intent was shattered and his origin energy was exhausted.

“Shit!” Many people who saw this scene felt their hearts drop. No matter how they looked at this situation, there was no way Lin Yun could get out of this situation alive.

However, Lin Yun had no change on his face. There wasn’t even the slightest bit of fear in his pupils despite his pale face.

“Nethercloud Slash!”

“Scarlet Whip—Boundless Flames!” Qin An and Pei Yue both unleashed their attacks.

Just when everyone turned their heads away to avoid watching Lin Yun get butchered, the center of Lin Yun’s brows lit up as nine paintings floated out and revolved around him. When Lin Yun formed a seal, the soul energy within his profound palace surged out as the nine paintings unfolded.

In the next second, a powerful aura exploded from Lin Yun. When the nine paintings joined together, dazzling flames surged out that blinded Qin An and Pei Yue’s eyes.

A spiritual diagram?

“The Ablaze Phoenix Painting?”

“It doesn’t look like it. The Ablaze Phoenix Painting might be powerful, but its definitely not this powerful.”

“Yeah, this doesn’t make sense. The painting actually contains a wisp of the divine rune’s power…”

“That fellow still has trump cards!” Everyone was shocked when they sensed the terrifying aura coming from Lin Yun. When the nine paintings fully unfolded, the massive Ablaze Phoenix Painting appeared behind Lin Yun with a vivid looking phoenix that seemed as if it could incinerate everything.

“Retreat!” Qin An and Pei Yue’s faces changed because they never expected that Lin Yun still had a trump card. But it was already too late.

The nine paintings exploded as a terrifying pressure swept out along with a sea of flames that contained a wisp of the divine rune’s might.

Accompanied by a phoenix cry, Qin An and Pei Yue were enveloped by the flames. The huge fire even lit up the sky as if it was trying to burn the sky as well. When Pei Yue and Qin An reappeared, large patches of their bodies had burns as they spit out mouthfuls of blood.

“Damn it, how did this happen…”

“How is the Ablaze Phoenix Painting so terrifying?!” Qin An and Pei Yue were startled and shocked. Suddenly, a sword buzz rang out along with a cold aura that made everyone raise their heads in shock.

A silver ray flashed and two heads fell down. When Lin Yun sheathed his sword, he no longer turned back. His face had grown paler, but there was no panic in his footsteps as he walked.

The Ablaze Phoenix Painting had shocked many people, but more people charged over since Lin Yun’s face was clearly paler than before. This was truly the best opportunity to kill Lin Yun.

As Lin Yun ran for his life, he threw up a mouthful of blood as his footsteps began to falter. Earlier, when he drew the Flower Burial Sword, his injuries were affected and the pain was so terrible that he couldn’t stand straight. He knelt on the ground and supported himself with the Flower Burial Sword as he coughed.

Is this the end? Lin Yun looked around with a bitter and helpless expression. He had prepared several trump cards, but he never expected that a Heavenly Soul Realm expert would attack him.

“But the fool should be coming soon,” muttered Lin Yun. In the next moment, he could hear a ruckus as Lil’ Red charged over.

“Cloud Trigram! Chaotic Cloud! Rumbling Thunder!” A figure descended from the sky as those that were charging at Lin Yun were all killed.

Looking at Bai Lixuan descending from the sky, Lin Yun was surprised because he clearly never expected that Bai Lixuan would help out at this moment. Bai Lixuan squeezed out a smile as he looked at Lin Yun, “I knew that you wouldn’t die so easily.”

It was difficult for him to squeeze out this smile, but the excitement on his face wasn’t fake. He was truly happy that Lin Yun could survive. But his happiness was short-lived as it was soon replaced with a complicated expression. The two had a grudge that went way back, which was why Lil’ Red didn’t have a good expression when it looked at Lin Yun.

In that second, Lin Yun wanted to give Bai Lixuan the Azure Dragon’s blood essence from his interspatial pouch, but it was clear that it would only infuriate Bai Lixuan. Lin Yun jumped on Lil’ Red and looked at Bai Lixuan, “Lil’ White, I should be able to witness your Azure Dragon Sword Sutra in the Draconic Banquet. I’ll wait for you.”

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