Chapter 62 - Seeking Sword Spirit

As the rose bloomed like the wind, Liu Yu was blown away. When he landed on the ground, his internal energy was completely shattered.


Hundreds of petals drifted in the air and exploded.

His face was pale with disbelief as he never imagined that he would be sent flying by Lin Yun.

Even if he was sent flying out, he was filled with disbelief that someone who was in the eighth stage of the Martial Path could injure him.

“You… how did you do that?!”

As Liu Yu spoke, he accidentally opened his wound and moaned in pain..

As Lin Yun landed on the ground, he did not have any expression on his face, but he was sneering in his heart.

The Rose Sword Art wasn’t an ordinary Xiantian Art, and it was a technique left behind by that mysterious man in the painting.

Back then when he was in the seventh stage of the Martial Path, his comprehension in the Sword Dao was still lacking. But even so, he was able to defeat Ma Tianyi in a desperate attack.

Now that his cultivation was in the eighth stage of the Martial Path thanks to the powerful Seven Orifice Exquisite Pellet, his insight on Sword Dao was one step further, increasing the might of his technique.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As his heart beated wildly, executing the Rose Sword Art had triggered the mysterious pellet in his heart once more.

The pellet had boundless power flowing out from it that felt like seven rivers surging within his body, constantly nourishing his physique and strengthening his cultivation.

“What did he do? He just made a breakthrough to the eighth stage of the Martial Path, so how is it possible that he injured a Quasi-Xiantian Realm cultivator?!”

“I can’t figure it out no matter how much I think about it… I only feel that it’s related to his sword technique. I’ve never seen such a terrifying Xiantian Art in the Aquasky Nation.”

“Yeah, I also got a feeling that if his cultivation was a little higher, Liu Yu won’t just end up getting heavy injuries!”

“He isn’t simple. From the sword aura he unleashed earlier, and his comprehension on the  Sword Dao is probably unrivaled in the Aquasky Nation.”

Not only Liu Yu, but even the martial practitioners beneath the stage couldn’t figure it out.

Then again, the one who was shocked the most was Bai Tianming, who was hindered by the Elders of the Violet Ember Sect.

He was also in the tenth stage of the Martial Path, but he was too occupied dealing with so many people of the Violet Ember Sect.

He initially thought that Lin Yun would be finished, but he never expected that Lin Yun would make his breakthrough in danger and execute a Xiantian Art with a swing of his sword.

“Is that really a Xiantian Art? Why can’t I recall the Azure Sky Sect having such a terrifying fragmented Xiantian Art? This must be his fortunate encounter.”

This was the second time he had seen Lin Yun executing this move, and when he saw how terrifying the Rose Sword Art was, he couldn’t help feeling doubtful.

However, he couldn’t be bothered with that at the moment as Lin Yun’s sword had boosted the Azure Sky Sect’s morale greatly.

“Junior Brother Lin’s sword managed to send that old man flying! Everyone, put some effort into it, the Violet Ember Sect won’t be able to take out Azure Sky Sect down today!”

“No wonder Liu Yu wanted to kill Junior Brother Lin. Ultimately, he was just afraid of Junior Brother Lin growing up. How shameless!”


The Elders and disciples of the Azure Sky Sect were all motivated when they saw how they suppressed the Violet Ember Sect in terms of their morale.

Up on the high platform, Bai Qiushui squinted her eyes as she looked at Lin Yun.

Others might not be able to see anything, but she could tell bits and pieces.

Vaguely, she could see Lin Yun being enveloped by the aura of seven green dragons.

Under the nourishment from the seven dragons, Lin Yun’s cultivation was growing at a visible rate.

“The Seven Orifice Exquisite Pellet!”

She had shock flashing across her eyes as she fixed her gaze on Lin Yun’s chest.

“I see! No wonder his aura would be so terrifying after breaking through to the Eighth Stage of the Martial Path. So someone gave him the Seven Orifice Exquisite Pellet after seeing how terrible his aptitude was, helping him to avoid detours in the Houtian Realm!”

“That sword technique… seems to contain the shadow of a certain Emperor. This young man must have had a fortunate encounter. In addition to his talent in Sword Dao, I’m afraid that he’s not any weaker compared to geniuses from those clans.”

When Lin Yun went on stage, Bai Qiushui’s eyes lit as she had been observing him.

But it was a pity that his opponent was too weak, so Lin Yun didn’t reveal anything aside from his shocking talent.

It wasn’t until Liu Yu went on the stage that she managed to see the potential of Lin Yun.

Rumble! Rumble!

As the battle grew more intense on the stage, Bai Qiushui did nothing to stop them.

After Liu Yu was injured by Lin Yun’s sword, he recollected himself and charged over at Lin Yun once more.

But with his injuries, his strength was no longer at his peak. On the contrary, Lin Yun became more courageous as he fought.

Relying on the Dragon-Tiger Might, his aura wasn’t any weaker than Liu Yu as he executed the Flowing Wind Sword.

Vaguely, he could sense that his comprehension for the  Sword Dao had reached a profound state.

It felt indescribable, but he could clearly sense it facing the great pressure coming from Liu Yu.

He could sense that he had linked up with the sword in his hand.

As he executed his techniques, every attack flowed smoothly and even seemed to be growing stronger.

It felt as if the sword in his hand had come alive.

At the same time, Lin Yun was fully focused in his battle with Liu Yu.

When he was in that profound realm, the sword techniques executed by the man in the painting were gradually clearing up.

At this moment, he was gradually gaining insights during his battle with Liu Yu.

All the profundities he felt in the past were gradually clearing up as Lin Yun had an easier time facing Liu Yu.

His Flowing Wind Sword that was in complete mastery was suddenly filled with changes.

Liu Yu had the advantage in his cultivation in the Tenth Stage of the Martial Path, but he couldn’t break Lin Yun’s sword aura no matter how he fought.

There would always be a sword that stabbed towards his flaw, frightening him to the point that he had to retreat or he would be injured once more.

“Sect Master, we’ll help you!”

When the Elders of the Violet Ember Sect saw that Liu Yu couldn’t do anything to Lin Yun, and on the contrary, Lin Yun was getting stronger as he fought, they immediately sent four people over to help.

“Damn it! Junior Brother Lin, watch out!”

When everyone saw the four Elders of the Violet Ember Sect charging over at Lin Yun, the disciples of the Azure Sky Sect became anxious.

“Violet Cloud Sword!”

“Mountain Splitting Blade!”

“Heavenly Sword Art!”

“Hundred Cloud Stab!”

The four Elders of the Violet Cloud Sect all executed their moves as they charged towards Lin Yun.

As boundless killing intent accumulated, Lin Yun, who was fully submerged in this profound state was startled awake.

It was as if he had suddenly woken up from a dream with fire blazing in his pupils.

Looking at the four Elders of the Violet Ember Sect, the Flower Burial Sword gently moved within his hand and produced a buzzing noise.

Within the chaotic stage, the Flower Burial Sword, that was as thin as a cicada wing gently buzzed making it sound as if someone was playing a zither.

“What’s that sound?”

The four Elders of the Violet Ember Sect were all shocked to realise that their weapons started trembling all of a sudden.

As their moves gradually went out of form, all of them panicked as they gave it their all to control their techniques.

Along with the four Elders of the Violet Ember Sect falling into chaos, Lin Yun executed the Rose Sword Art once more.

After he woke up from the profound state, he had a deeper understanding of the Rose Sword Art.

When he stabbed his sword out, three roses bloomed at the same time.


When the roses bloomed, countless petals surrounded Lin Yun. They seemed like a tornado enveloping him.

In that moment, his sword aura roared as the petals swept out from under Lin Yun’s manipulation.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The four Elders who were charging in his direction started to yell out as they were all blown away.

When they landed on the ground, all of them had fear in their eyes as they backed off.


After the petals disappeared, the sword in Lin Yun’s hand buzzed.

Seeking Sword Spirit?!“

Bai Qiushui stood up from her seat with disbelief in her eyes.

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