Chapter 61 - One Sword out of Rage

The Sect Master of the Violet Ember Sect, Liu Yu, couldn’t contain his anger after witnessing the injuries on his son gradually increasing. He jumped down onto the stage.

He was already in the Tenth Stage of the Martial Path, and he had refined his own Xiantian Seed.

The spectators immediately went into an uproar as they were all dumbfounded. They had never expected that Liu Yu would be so shameless to the point of making a move against someone much younger than him.

And before anyone could react, Liu Yu had already arrived in front of Lin Yun.


At the same time, a huge palm was descending towards Lin Yun from above.

Lin Yun’s cultivation was only in the Seventh Stage of the Martial Path, and that palm was like a mountain coming down at him.

In the end, he could only give up on his battle with Liu Yunfei.

“How shameless!” Bai Tianming immediately flew into rage at this scene as he wanted to jump down to the stage.

However, he was stopped by Bai Qiushui, “Calm down.”

As her gaze shifted, she pointed out, “Sect Master Bai, look!”

Standing on the stage, Lin Yun did not have any change in his expression when he was facing this sudden situation.

He was brimming with confidence as he kept his composure and swung his Flower Burial Sword.


Unleashing the sword aura of the Flowing Wind Sword in complete mastery, it was perfectly executed as strands of sword aura shot towards the palm, which gradually dissolved Liu Yu’s palm.


When the palm landed on the ground, it produced a huge explosion that blew the tiles flying.


Everyone was dumbfounded as they looked at this scene in disbelief.

A Sword Slave of the Azure Sky Sect had actually blocked a move from the Sect Master of the Violet Ember Sect with his sword aura alone?!

Something impossible was currently taking place right before their eyes!

“Dad, kill this Sword Slave!”

Liu Yunfei roared furiously as he was covered in blood, kneeling on the ground with one knee on the ground.

“My son!”

When Liu Yu saw how injured his son was at such a close distance, he immediately knew that the situation was worse than he had imagined. As Liu Yu trembled from the rage, he turned to look at Lin Yun, “You filthy Sword Slave, how dare you?! Even if I’m going to forsake the spiritual mine today, I will definitely claim your life!”

“Stop!” Bai Tianming finally couldn’t watch any longer as he descended onto the stage and stood before Lin Yun.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

With the two Sect Masters on the stage, their Elders and disciples also followed.

“Liu Yu, you must be tired of living! You actually dare to try and kill a disciple of my Azure Sky Sect right before my eyes?!” Bai Tianming spoke grimly.

“How can a puny sword slave be comparable to our Young Sect Master? Since he dares to injure our Young Sect Master so heavily, then he will have to die today! No one can stop us, and don’t think of stopping us yourself. Otherwise, your Azure Sky Sect can wait to be exterminated!” An Elder of the Violet Ember Sect snorted.

“I’m long annoyed with your Azure Sky Sect. You guys actually dare to claim to be the strongest sect in the Aquasky Nation with one Su Ziyao? Can’t you see how you guys have been suppressed by us over the years?!”

“Get lost and hand that Sword Slave over!”

The party from the Violet Ember Sect roared as they demanded for Lin Yun to be handed over.

However, Bai Tianming knew what they were planning as he sneered, “Don’t think I have no idea what you guys are planning. Even if I’m going to put the entire sect at stake, you can dream of touching someone from my sect!”

At the same time, an Elder of the Azure Sky Sect also roared out, “You want to kill someone that belongs to our sect? Ask if our disciples will agree to it!”


The disciples of the Azure Sky Sect had long hated the Violet Ember Sect as they had suffered enough humiliation.

Like when Zhang Qing was heavily injured by Gao Han of the Violet Ember Sect, when Zhang Yue fell into the Violet Ember Sect and was injured by a seeded contestant of the Violet Ember Sect. Even at this moment, it was still uncertain if he could keep his life and when how their Young Sect Master and Hu Zifeng refused to give up and was toyed by Liu Yunfei before so many spectators.

Not that they finally had Lin Yun to vent all that pent up anger for them and even teach Liu Yunfei a lesson, how could they possibly allow Lin Yun to be killed right before their eyes? That was simply impossible!

Their united voice echoed throughout the plaza as the Azure Sky Sect’s morale rose.

“Good! I’ll see if you guys can still yell a moment later. Elders and disciples of the Violet Ember Sect! Kill!” Liu Yu roared in laughter.

As he spoke, he threw his palm out in the direction of Lin Yun.

Vaguely, a palm was formed as it flew towards Lin Yun along with a dense killing aura. In that split second, Lin Yun had felt greatly threatened and swung his sword without any hesitation.

The Flower Burial Sword glowed yellow as Lin Yun gathered the internal energy of his Xiantian Pure Yang Art into the sword.

As the sword glowed, it broke the palm apart.

“Kill!” Bai Tianming immediately charged over after seeing how Liu Yu tried to launch a sneak attack at Lin Yun right before his eyes.

At this moment, the highest combat powers of the two sects had started their battle on this stage.

“Stop Bai Tianming! I’ll kill that Sword Slave!”

Liu Yu’s eyes were brimming with killing intent as he stared at Lin Yun. In his eyes, there was no one else aside from Lin Yu.

“What are they playing at? The two sects actually started fighting each other?”

“The Violet Ember Sect is truly ruthless. Even if Liu Yunfei is defeated, they still have the advantage, why make such a big fuss?”

“Are you stupid? Can’t you tell that the talent of this Sword Slave is already comparable to Su Ziyao? Liu Yu might seem to be protective of his son, but he’s got another motive. He’s trying to kill off a genius before Lin Yun grows up.”

“No wonder he would go on the stage by himself. After all, the influence of a monstrous genius is too great. As the Violet Ember Sect’s strength has been stronger than the Azure Sky Sect in recent years, they’re naturally not willing to see the Azure Sky Sect having a rising genius.”

“The competition between sects is too brutal. There aren’t any rules to speak off, and as long as it concerns interest, it will result in a death feud!”

“In my view, the Azure Sky Sect will definitely suffer a heavy impact today. The Violet Ember Sect is way stronger compared to the past, and Lin Yun will definitely die.”

Although the battle occurring on the stage had shocked everyone, it wasn’t too surprising if you think about it.

The Violet Ember Sect’s ambition grew along with their strength, so it was naturally impossible for them to allow a monstrous genius to be in the Azure Sky Sect.

At the same time, Liu Yu finally broke free from all the obstacles  and finally had an opportunity to go after Lin Yun.

With a cold bark, he made his move, “Die!”

As his voice rose, pressure in the Tenth Stage of the Martial Path also swept out.

In that instance, Lin Yun suffered as he had never faced such a pressure so strong since he came to this world.

Under the immense pressure, Lin Yun’s heart began to tremble when a warm current flowed throughout his body. In his heart, Lin Yun could feel that he wasn’t far from making a breakthrough in his cultivation.

His previous battle with Liu Yunfei had built up his confidence, and he had benefited greatly from it.

When Lin Yun was facing the terrifying pressure coming from Liu Yu, it had triggered the Seven Orifices Exquisite Pellet in his heart. However, Liu Yun’s cultivation was too high. If Liu Yu wasn’t hindered by anyone, Lin Yun would definitely die in three moves.

On the stage hundreds of cultivators fought, it was a shocking scene.

Standing among the crowd, Lin Yun could feel his blood boiling and he couldn’t calm down.

Facing the palm coming from Liu Yu, Lin Yun chose to avoid it.

Right now, Lin Yun only wanted to wait for his breakthrough before coming up with an idea.

“Where do you think you’re going!” Liu Yu was swift.

As Liu Yu charged over, Lin Yun tried his best dodging the attacks, and after several successful tries at missing his vitals, he was finally struck with a palm.

In that moment, his entire figure flew out and his Flower Burial Sword dropped onto the ground.

The moment when Lin Yun fell onto the ground, he immediately flipped over and got back on his feet, wiping the blood off the corner of his lips. Due to the fact that he had avoided having his vitals hit, he did not suffer heavy injuries.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As his heartbeat increased, Lin Yun could sense an immense power gathering in his body trying to break out from the cage.

“Heh, you’re pretty good at running, but I’ll see where can you hide this time!”

Liu Yu sneered as he approached Lin Yun.


Seeing that Liu Yu was coming, Lin Yun suddenly summoned the winds and clouds.

As the blood within his body boiled, it was like a wave soaring into the sky within Lin Yun’s body.

He had completed his breakthrough!

In that moment, regardless of the spectators of those from the Mad Blade Sect and Profound Sun Sect, they were all dumbfounded.

Just how monstrous Lin Yun was to make a breakthrough at such a dangerous time! And judging from his aura, anyone could tell that Lin Yun had a deep foundation.

It was also at this moment that the approaching Liu Yu became cautious.

His killing intent grew colder as he did not want to give Lin Yun any chance to survive.

Lin Yun could sense the internal energy rippling within his body as he was filled with power.

However, his sword wasn’t with him at such a crucial moment.

“No matter how monstrous you are, you will still die in my hand!”

Liu Yu wore a sneer when he saw the panic flashing through Lin Yun’s eyes.

“Junior Brother Lin, take your sword!”

Bai Yufan’s face became pale at the sight of this as he endured his injuries and picked up Lin Yun’s sword, tossing it over.

As the sword flew over, Lin Yun soared into the sky as he caught the Flower Burial Sword.

“Dream on!”

Liu Yu immediately panicked upon this sight as he quickly followed behind.


When Lin Yun held onto his sword, Liu Yu had also arrived with a killing intent that drilled deep into Lin Yun’s body.

With one of them chasing the other, a desperate strait appeared in the sky.

Everyone had their hearts rose to their throats. However, Lin Yun had maintained his composure despite facing danger.

He had hatred in his heart, hating this old man for being shameless!

He had hatred in his heart, hating to the extent that he could exterminate the Violet Ember Sect!

However, he had to ensure…

He converted his rage into a ferocious tiger as he stabbed forth.

Just when Liu Yu’s palm was about to reach him, Lin Yun turned around as he swung his sword.

In that moment, the entire world turned dark with a rose sitting at the tip of his sword, dazzling the stage.


As the rose exploded, a terrifying sword aura was unleashed.

In that moment, Lin Yun’s sword aura wasn’t any inferior to Liu Yu’s aura, and his aura had even exceeded this master.


Liu Yu, who was approaching, had been forced back by the explosion of the rose.

Liu Yu’s body was covered in petals as they drilled into his body. He was yelling in pain.

In the end, Liu Yu, who was chasing after Lin Yun to kill him, was suddenly blown back..

Liu Yu, who was pursuing Lin Yun, had actually been sent flowing out.

Embody the tiger, smell the rose.

As Lin Yun swung his sword, he vented out all his anger onto this sword. At that moment, he only had a question, “Where do the flowers bloom?!”

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