Chapter 60 - Shining Like the Star

Tiger Descending the Mountain! Hundred Beast Wave!

Lin Yun leaped into the sky as he unleashed the full might of the tiger as he pounced over.

At this moment, Liu Yunfei’s face was red from facing the dilemma.

So… should he wear his trousers?

All the spectators were all feeling anxious for him.

Lin Yun first threw the button before pouncing over.

Most of those who could see what Lin Yun did clearly exclaimed in admiration. All of them felt that not wearing their trousers would be the right choice. At the very least, Liu Yunfei could protect his life. But Liu Yunfei was Liu Yunfei!

Even under such an awkward position, he still made an unimaginable action in a split second.

He rolled on the ground to avoid the button, and at the same time, he made use of the momentum to tie a knot in his trousers As the saying goes, it would be hard to stand firmly with a breeze blowing at your lower body.

The moment that Liu Yunfei put his trousers back on, it seemed as if he ate an elixir and instantly straightened up his body. However, he was burning with rage and wanted to slaughter Lin Yun on the spot.

“Bravo! Young Sect Master!”

The disciples of the Violet Ember Sect all felt relieved when they saw how smooth everything went. But before Liu Yunfei could vent out the anger in his heart, he suddenly saw a figure pouncing in his direction.

It was Lin Yun who had calculated Liu Yunfei’s position as he soared into the sky with his foot aimed at the latter’s chest.

In that split second, Lin Yun had the advantage, with his feet lashing out towards Liu Yunfei’s chest. Every single foot would contain the ferocious internal energy of his Xiantian Pure Yang Art, blazing like the bright sun.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thunderous roars echoed throughout the stage as Lin Yun wasn’t holding back.

After ten-odd feet later, Lin Yun finally exhausted all his momentum in midair as Liu Yunfei was blown out.


Blood spurted from Liu Yunfei mouth as he fell onto the ground with disbelief.

He had actually been beaten up by a sword slave without any ability to retaliate?

Even when Bai Yufan and Hu Zifeng worked together, the two of them had only made him suffer light injuries.

“Not bad. I’ll see what capability a sword slave like you has!”

Liu Yunfei soon calmed down as he was only just careless earlier.


Liu Yunfei flew out with his palm covered in a violet glow.

With his Violet Cloud Art, he attacked just like when he defeated Feng Daoyu, sending his palm out like the wind towards Lin Yun. However, Lin Yun faced it with a smile and retaliated with his Ferocious Tiger Fist, empowered by the Xiantian Pure Yang Art’s internal energy.


In a split second, the fist and palm connected, producing a huge explosion as the ground cracked.

Under Liu Yunfei’s full strength, Lin Yun had actually stood firmly on the ground without taking any step back.

In that moment, the entire plaza went into chaos.

Previously when Lin Yun kicked Liu Yunfei, he had only won with cheap tricks, and Liu Yunfei was just careless. But Liu Yunfei had attacked with all his power, and the sword slave with a cultivation in the Seventh Stage of the Martial Path actually withstood it?!

“I’ll see how long you can last!”

Liu Yunfei had rage on his face as the power behind his palms grew more ferocious.

Boom! Boom!

The two of them were like two steel beasts as they clashed, producing astonishing shockwaves that shook the entire stadium. Under the power of their attacks, the entire stadium actually began to tremble.

Liu Yunfei’s face had already turned violet with violet mist permeating out from his body. It was a sign that he had already brought the Violet Cloud Art to the limit.

“Strange… what’s going on?”

“Someone who’s close to reaching the Ninth Stage of the Martial Path with his Violet Cloud Art in the pinnacle actually can’t do anything about this sword slave?”

“I’m baffled as well. After all, that sword slave remained firmly rooted to the ground in his battle with Liu Yunfei!”

The spectators were all dumbfounded as they couldn’t understand the situation.

What made them even more surprised was the fact that Liu Yunfei actually stepped back!

In the violent confrontation, the one who was forced to take steps back was actually the favourite of the match ! However, only Liu Yunfei knew what was going on. Lin Yun’s cultivation technique was queer, and it actually gave him a feeling of a Xiantian cultivation technique. Otherwise, Liu Yunfei wouldn’t have taken steps back from his confrontation with Lin Yun. After all, his cultivation was close to the Ninth Stage of the Martial Path.

Oddly, Lin Yun’s fist even contained a sharp sword intent, leaving cuts on Liu Yunfei’s hands. So, Liu Yunfei had no choice but to retreat!

However, Liu Yunfei had his own plans. There was a technique in his Cloud Mist Art that could allow him to dispel the force in his opponent’s attacks, so he was waiting for an opportunity to dispel Lin Yun’s internal energy.

With a sneer, Liu Yunfei was waiting for the moment for Lin Yun’s internal energy to exhaust before torturing him. But after he retreated for another ten-odd steps, he could no longer smile.

It was as if Lin Yun could predict his next move and obstructed him from executing them.

Although Lin Yun might seem to be doing that accidentally, he was actually disrupting Liu Yunfei’s steps.



Lin Yun executed the Tiger Roaring in the Forest, and Liu Yunfei was directly blown out and spurted out another mouthful of blood.


Liu Yunfei panicked as he was shocked by Lin Yun’s strength. A bad situation turned worse, he was more shocked by the fact that Lin Yun actually managed to see through his attacks.

He was greeted by the sight of Lin Yun taking a step forth.

In that moment the winds and clouds began to gather!

Dragon from the winds, and tiger from the clouds. With the winds and clouds gathering, the Dragon-Tiger Might was unleashed!

The Dragon-Tiger Might exploded out of Lin Yun as his aura swept out.

His delicate face beneath his hair was shining under the sun.

Not giving Liu Yunfei any time to be shocked, Lin Yun threw out a punch under the Dragon-Tiger Might’s influence.

Hundred Beast Wave!

He was throwing this punch on behalf of the Azure Sky Sect, on behalf of Bai Yufan, and all those disciples who were humiliated by Liu Yunfei.


Empowered by the Dragon-Tiger Might, Lin Yun’s punch reached Liu Yunfei.

Liu Yunfei was trying his best to defend, but he was directly sent flying by Lin Yun’s punch.

With Liu Yunfei’s face turning pale, he had to take a few steps back before he could regain his footing.

“Young Sect Master, here’s your sword!”

The disciples of the Violet Ember Sect immediately panicked when they saw that Liu Yunfei was actually losing and threw Liu Yunfei’s sword over.


As a cold beam flashed, the sword was flickering with sharp edges. Evidently, this was a strong profound artifact.

As Liu Yunfei roared, he jumped into the sky and grabbed onto his sword.


With his sword in his hand, Liu Yunfei’s temperament suddenly changed as his confidence grew with a cold light in his eyes. So it turned out that he was actually an expert with swords.


As his wrist trembled, the aura of his sword enveloped Lin Yun in the next instance.

“Violet Mist Sword!”

“Liu Yunfei is actually proficient in both fist and sword techniques! He has truly hidden himself real deeply!”

“If it wasn’t for this sword slave, I’m afraid that the other sects wouldn’t know that Liu Yunfei was also an expert with the sword.”

When Liu Yunfei held onto his sword, he had changed into a different person in the eyes of others.


Like a body of clear autumn water, the Flower Burial Sword was pulled out of the sheath.

The moment when the sword left the sheath, boundless sword aura exploded from Lin Yun.

If Liu Yunfei had changed when he wielded his sword, then the sky and earth had changed when Lin Yun wielded his sword.

Liu Yunfei wanted to turn the tables around, but before he could even raise his sword aura to the limit, it was completely smashed apart by Lin Yun’s sword rays.


Lin Yun was invincible when he held his Flower Burial Sword.

The Flowing Wind Sword in complete mastery was completely unleashed, and the sword aura he released revealed how deep his comprehension was in Sword Dao.

Before him, Liu Yunfei’s sword technique was insignificant.

As Lin Yun casually walked forth, his sword flew like the winds as his attacks couldn’t be blocked.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Liu Yunfei was only barely fending for  himself, and every step he took, he would suffer several cuts in the process.

In just a brief moment, he was already covered in blood.

The confidence in Lin Yun brought forth ruthless suppression.

“Sword Slave of the Azure Sky Sect, how dare you hurt my son!”

Liu Yu couldn’t stand how Liu Yunfei was about to be defeated and heavily injured by Lin Yun.

At the same time, no one had expected that the Sect Master of the Violet Ember Sect would make a move against a contestant.

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