Chapter 59 - The Azure Sky Sect still has Someone

In the end, Hu Zifeng and Bai Yufan, the last two trump cards of the Azure Sky Sect made their moves at the same time.

According to the rules of the fifth round, a sect could only send out three contestants, with a maximum of six that could be present on the stage.

When Liu Yunfei saw the two coming on the stage brimming with killing aura, he smiled, “Great!”


As he spoke, he placed his feet on Zhang Yue and sent him flying with a kick.

In the end, Zhang Yue was like a cannonball as he flew out with an explosion.

When Bai Yufan saw this scene, his face changed as he wanted to catch Zhang Yue.

Even if he were to be injured from the impact, it was inexcusable if he did not catch Zhang Yue.

He could only say that Liu Yunfei was too vicious, and he was proficient at using the hearts of others.

In a split second, Bai Yufan had already made his decision as he rushed over. As an explosion rang out, everyone initially felt that Bai Yufan was giving up on Zhang Yue.

In that split moment when Bai Yufan caught Zhang Yue, he dispelled his own momentum in midair before he gave a gentle push.

In the next moment, Zhang Yue was heading towards the direction of the Azure Sky Sect, and he was immediately caught by the disciples of the sect.


Not only had Bai Yufan saved Zhang Yue, he also kept himself from being injured. And his act of keeping his composure attracted cheers from the surrounding.

On the other side, Hu Zifeng was the first to land on the stage as he supported himself against the ground with his back bent.

He raised his head to look at Liu Yunfei and soared into the sky like an eagle the next moment.

In the blink of an eye, he came before Liu Yunfei and sent both his palms out endlessly, with every single palm containing immense weight and a blazing aura.

What was more shocking was the fact that the blazing aura from his palms overlapped together. It had perfectly fused with Hu Zifeng’s aura, forming into a surging heat wave as they suppressed towards Liu Yunfei.

At this moment, Hu Zifeng was akin to a volcano.

Liu Yunfei smiled, “You’re quite skilled, but you’re too naive if you think that you can suppress me with just that.”

All of a sudden, his palm turned purple as he clashed with Hu Zifeng.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two of them were both surging with internal energy, like two blazing beasts of steel.

At the same time, the clashing of their palms would create a huge commotion.

All of a sudden, explosions rang out that echoed in everyone's ears.

Watching the battle between the strongest disciples in Azure Sky Sect, everyone was shocked.

Liu Yunfei’s palm had turned purple as he would start gaining advantage bit by bit with every palm. After several palms, he had actually pushed back the surging heat wave coming from Hu Zifeng.

Facing this situation, Hu Zifeng was shocked as he began to retreat step by step.


But all of a sudden, Bai Yufan descended on the stage.

He was like a hawk as he soared into the sky, his speed was so quick that it couldn’t be followed with the naked eyes.

As Liu Yunfei smiled, he opened up his fan and it seemed like a flower blossomed.

As he turned around, he avoided Bai Yufan and also did not forget to suppress Hu Zifeng.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

At the same time, he was moving at the speed of the wind. But Liu Yunfei shuttled between Bai Yufan and Hu Zifeng, and he wasn’t any inferior in comparison.

“My heavens… This Liu Yunfei is strong, and the Violet Ember Sect is actually not sending anyone to help him.”

“In the past, someone said that he only used ten moves to defeat Bai Yufan. Back then, I did not believe in it, but the truth lies right in front of me now.”

“Sigh… the Azure Sky Sect is getting defeated too quickly after Su Ziyao left.”

Gasps rang out from the spectators down below.

In the beginning, the Azure Sky Sect still had two trump cards to turn the tables around, but no one had expected that they were all easily handled by Liu Yunfei.

“Senior Brother Hu, go for it!”

Tears nearly fell from the Azure Sky Sect’s disciples as the situation did not change even with their cheersing.

“Didn’t Senior Brother Hu say that he would soon be in the Ninth Stage of the Martial Path?”

“How will it be that easy… Young Sect Master was already in the Eighth Stage of the Martial Path’s pinnacle two months ago, and he still did not find an opportunity to make a breakthrough.”

“It’s only a line apart, but the difference is like a huge gulf.”

The Azure Sky Sect’s disciples all sighed. They never expected that their two trump cards couldn’t even fight with Liu Yunfei alone.

Although it might seem surprising, it was still within expectations.

After all, Liu Yunfei had defeated Bai Yufan with ten moves just two months ago!

“Blazing Sun Palm!”

All of a sudden, a blazing heat wave swept throughout the stage as Hu Zifeng was releasing an aura beyond the Eighth Stage of the Martial Path.

His palm contained blazing flames that seemed like a fireball. Shortly after, an enormous aura swept and enveloped Liu Yunfei.

“Xiantian Art!”

The spectators were all shocked as this was the first time that a Xiantian Art was being used on the Four Sects Tournament. Even Liu Yunfei had shock on his face as he never expected that Hu Zifeng would have such an ace in his hand.

It was a good opportunity as Bai Yufan’s eyes lit up. Without any hesitation, he executed out his Xiantian Art as well.

“Azure Sky Break!”

Bai Yufan unleashed a roar as a boundless aura permeated from his body before he pulled them back into his body, without leaking out the slightest. As Bai Yufan soared into the sky, he stuck his two fingers together and tapped out in the air.

In that split second, two Xiantian Arts were being executed at the same time. As a powerful gale swept from the surrounding, the heat wave made everyone feel stuffy in their chest from the heat. That was the phenomenon caused when executing a Xiantian Art.

The Young Sect Masters of the Mad Blade Sect and Profound Sun Sect wore a nervous expression as they looked at every single move from Liu Yunfei.

Deep in their hearts, they naturally hoped that Liu Yunfei would be heavily injured in his battle with the Azure Sky Sect. After all, they would benefit greatly if that happened. When they saw that Liu Yunfei was facing immense pressure, all of them were filled with expectations.


Liu Yunfei swung his hand as he tossed the fan into the sky.

At the same time, he was permeating with strands of chilling violet aura that seemed like porcelain.

“This is a sign of the Violet Cloud Art reaching the seventh stage!”

“Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and violet. The internal energy of the Violet Cloud Art would change on every stage, and Liu Yunfei has actually reached the pinnacle at such a young age?!”

“Ordinary cultivation techniques only have five stages. In the Aquasky Nation, only the Violet Cloud Art goes as high as the seventh stage. The Violet Ember Sect is practically defying the heavens!”

Those who were still worried about Liu Yunfei from before had their facial expressions replaced with shock when they saw this scene.

Liu Yunfei was permeating violet mist from his body, which gradually formed into a stone tablet above his head.

“East Rising Violet Mist! Cloud Dispelling!”

The moment when the stone tablet was formed, he threw both his palms out.

With East Rising Violet Mist in one hand and Cloud Dispelling on the other, the stone tablet stood above their heads firmly.


When he threw both his palms out, he faced Hu Zifeng and Bai Yufan’s Xiantian Art head-on.

The stage that was made of stone suddenly cracked as rocks and dust began to rise in the air.


But before the dust could even dissipate, two figures were blown out like two sandbags.

They were Hu Zifeng and Bai Yufan. The two of them spewed blood from their mouths. It was their defeat.


Up on the stage, Liu Yunfei roared as he opened up his fan, waving it to blow the cloud of dust away.

With blood dripping from his lips, Liu Yunfei’s complexion looks rosy. On the contrary, Hu Zifeng and Bai Yufan’s faces were pale, Liu Yunfei had only suffered light injuries.

“You two filthy pieces of trash dare to injure me?!”

As Liu Yunfei wiped his lips and saw blood, he immediately blew up as killing intent permeated from him. As he charged forth, he threw out his punches before Bai Yufan and Liu Yunfei landed on the ground.

Boom! Boom!

As Bai Yufan and Hu Zifeng each suffered a punch to their chest, there were sounds of their ribs breaking as their faces were pale without any trace of blood.

After the two of them fell onto the ground and held their chest, they were powerless to stand up.

“Interesting. The two of you can’t even stand up, and you still don’t want to surrender?”

Liu Yunfei wore a cold sneer as he fanned himself and walked over.

He was permeating with killing aura as he approached step by step, bringing great fear to everyone.

Bai Yufan and Hu Zifeng could no longer contain the fear in their hearts when they saw Liu Yunfei. As they supported themselves with their hands, they subconsciously moved backwards.

They could no longer contain their fear, but the two of them still did not give up. After all, they were the only two left in the Azure Sky Sect.

If they gave up, it would mean that the Azure Sky Sect had lost! However, anyone could tell from the current situation that Liu Yunfei was trying to humiliate the Azure Sky Sect before everyone in the Aquasky Nation.

Bai Yufan and Hu Zifeng were lying on the ground as they were forced to back off. Looking at them, they looked pitiful, but there was nothing that could change the situation.

“Come! Crawl faster and perhaps I might give the two of you time to recover.”

Liu Yunfei suddenly wanted to have some fun as he wore a sneer on his face, messing and humiliating the two of them.


All of a sudden, a cold bark sounded out in the plaza.

“Who is it?”

Just when everyone was curiously trying to find the one who spoke, a figure suddenly appeared before Liu Yunfei.

That person stood upright as he wore a blue and white uniform.

His hair was draped down with his delicate face that seemed tender. However, his eyes were bright and clear.

“Lin Yun, you’re not his opponent! Leave now!”

Bai Yufan immediately became anxious when he saw Lin Yun.

“A reserve contestant like you wants to turn the tables around? Get lost!”

Liu Yunfei sneered as he bolted out and swung his fan over.

Lin Yun was distracted for a moment when Bai Yufan called out to him. But just when he wanted to comfort the latter, Liu Yunfei had suddenly made a move that caught him by surprise. As Liu Yunfei attacked, it only took a few seconds for him to unleash ten-odd attacks.

Every single attack was dangerous, and if Lin Yun was hit, he would definitely suffer greatly.

To face Liu Yunfei’s assault, Lin Yun had to take ten-odd steps back before he could gain a firm footing. However, he was surprised when the band on his forehead was stripped. Looking at the mark on Lin Yun’s forehead, Liu Yunfei sneered, “Has the Azure Sky Sect fallen to the extent that they need a sword slave to turn the tables around?”

Once a slave, always a slave.

The entire plaza went into chaos. Not only spectators, but even those from the other sects had their faces filled with shock. Shortly after, all of them began to shake their heads that the Azure Sky Sect had fallen too far. However, Lin Yun wasn’t bothered by them as he toyed with a jade button in his hand and raised his brow, “Hmm… the disciples of the Violet Ember Sect don’t have a habit of wearing trousers?”

Liu Yunfei’s face changed when he heard those words as he could feel a breeze blowing at his lower body.

His belt wasn’t buttoned, so his trousers fell easily.

Liu Yunfei, who was fanning himself with his fan was suddenly dumbfounded as he, who was known for being elegant, had now been placed in an awkward position.

As he panicked, he immediately pulled up his trousers.


But right at this moment, a cold flash flew as the button was shot out like a hidden weapon by Lin Yun. It was also at this moment where Liu Yunfei was faced with the toughest question in his life. 

Should he wear his trousers? If he wore his trousers, he would definitely get hit, which could go from a scratch to his internal organs being injured. But if he chose not to wear his trousers, he would definitely become a laughing stock in the world…

“Don’t say that my Azure Sky Sect has no one else!”

However, Lin Yun did not give him the opportunity to think as he jumped out and pounced over like a tiger.

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