Chapter 58 - Zhang Yue being Humiliated

Zhang Yue of the Azure Sky Sect, one of the three seeded contestants. Needless to say, he was strong, and he was ranked among the top three in the entire Azure Sky Sect. He was someone that not even Hu Zifeng could outshine, especially that Berserk Lightning Sword that he had practiced in.

It was a famous sword technique in the Aquasky Nation. But now, the Azure Sky Sect had to face the consistent challenges from the three other sects.

With him taking the first battle, his task was to handle the challenge from two people, so that Bai Yufan and Hu Zifeng would have an easier time. Otherwise, there was no way that the Azure Sky Sect could handle this round.

The Azure Sky Sect was in a small boat that could easily topple if the waves were too big.

The Azure Sky Sect had already lost fifteen of their cities and they couldn’t lose anything else. If they couldn’t defend their spiritual mine, their sect would be finished!


Just when everyone thought that the three sects would hesitate who would go up first, someone descended on the stage.

A figure swept through everyone before tapping his foot in midair three times. His figure was like the mist and drifted in the air like the clouds.

When Lin Yun saw that movement technique, he had instantly recognized that it was Liu Yunfei of the Violet Ember Sect. After all, he had witnessed this movement technique once three months ago — the Cloud Mist Art!

To be able to step in midair as if it were flat ground three times, he was already proficient in his movement technique.

“It might seem elegant, but there are also many flaws in it.” Lin Yun commented inwardly as he observed.

In his view, the Cloud Mist Art was filled with flaws, but the surrounding cultivators were all shocked.

“It’s the Cloud Mist Art! I can finally witness the Cloud Mist Art once more!”

“Liu Yunfei actually went first! What is he trying to do?”

“Is he going to learn from Su Ziyao and challenge the entire Azure Sky Sect by himself?”

“Now it’s getting interesting!”

Liu Yunfei’s reputation had already spread far and wide. Gasps rose from the surroundings as no one had expected Liu Yunfei to go on the stage so quickly. 


Right after Liu Yunfei landed on the stage, he took out a fan and opened it up.

“What’s the matter? Why are you so surprised seeing me?”

As Liu Yunfei gently fanned himself, he noticed the change on Zhang Yue’s face and smiled, “Don’t tell me that you’re afraid?”

But before Zhang Yue could even reply, Liu Yunfei continued, “Well, that made sense too. After all, even your Young Sect Master lost to me, so how are you my opponent?”

“Liu Yunfei, don’t take it too far! Even if I’m not your opponent, don’t think that you can defeat me so easily!” Zhang Yue roared furiously, seeing that Liu Yunfei was looking down on him.

“Alright then, let me see how berserk is your Berserk Lightning Sword.”

Liu Yunfei replied as he made a polite gesture.

On the stage, the Young Sect Master of the Violet Ember Sect was confident as he looked at Bai Tianming with a smile, “Brother Bai, how long do you think it will take for Zhang Yue to lose?”

“Why are you so certain that Zhang Yue will lose before they even fight?” Bai Tianming responded with a question.

“Haha! I think you’ve gone silly from losing. How can you say words that not even you believe in?” Liu Yu laughed as the Elders from the Violet Ember Sect laughed along with him.

Bai Tianming felt terrible in his heart, but he couldn’t find any words to refute. After all, the Azure Sky Sect had already lost terribly.

Looking at Zhang Yue on the stage, Bai Tianming only hoped that, at the very least, Zhang Yue could drag his opponent down with him.

When it was time for battle, the rage of Zhang Yue’s face slowly disappeared as he calmed down.


Pulling out his sword, he shot out like lightning as he stabbed towards Liu Yunfei.


Liu Yunfei gently closed up his fan and held it before him.

“You’re too slow, too slow that I nearly made the mistake of blocking it.” Liu Yunfei mocked as he gently received that sword.


Zhang Yue’s face sank as he turned around and swung his sword.

The sword was accompanied with a roaring storm as he brandished a total of 81 attacks in just a brief instance.

As the afterimages of his swords overlapped, a lightning bolt echoed out, revealing the essence of the Berserk Lightning Sword.

With a gentle smile, Liu Yunfei opened up his hands as he tapped out with his foot.

His figure immediately flew backwards as he dodged, perfectly avoiding the envelopment of Zhang Yue’s sword.

His fan was like a flower in his hand as it would open and fold, but along with every small movement of his wrist, the shadows of flowers would fly making it seem like a blossoming flower.

When a collision was heard, Zhang Yue’s sword was easily repelled by Liu Yunfei.

Everyone was dazzled by Liu Yunfei’s movements, but Lin Yun could clearly catch Liu Yunfei’s footsteps.

The Cloud Mist Art was truly impressive. He was actually able to dispel the force in battle with his fan, which made him seem elegant.

In that moment, Zhang Yue had turned into berserk lightning as he swung his sword endlessly, followed by the sound of roaring thunder.

The buzzing noise jolted everyone’s ears, but from start to the end, Liu Yunfei wasn’t touched by his sword at all. Liu Yunfei had used a method that could be acclaimed as stunning to avoid and block all of Zhang Yue’s swords.

“Boring!” Liu Yunfei muttered as the smile gradually disappeared from his face.

Agile like a butterfly, Liu Yunfei suddenly stopped as he closed his fan together.


Liu Yunfei gathered his aura and accumulated it in his fan before he smacked it against Zhang Yue’s sword.

As a huge force clashed against the sword, the blade of Zhang Yue’s sword trembled.

Zhang Yue’s face was distorted, and his right hand that he used to wield his sword broke.

“What shocking eyesight!”

Lin Yun was shocked as others only knew that Liu Yunfei had easily broken the bones of Zhang Yue’s hand. But in reality, he could clearly see that Liu Yunfei had caught onto the flaw in Zhang Yue’s sword. He was shocked in his heart by how invincible Liu Yunfei looked. After all, Zhang Yue’s Berserk Lightning Sword had actually been shattered in a single move.

As Zhang Yue fell into the valley, his heart was slowly plagued with despair and unwillingness.

The Young Sect Master was still depending on him to take on two challenges, but not only was he unable to take a single one, he couldn’t even injure Liu Yunfei.

Damn it!

He had to leave Liu Yunfei heavily injured even if he had to go all out!

As Zhang Yue’s face became twisted, he exhausted his internal energy frantically and let out a roar.

With a thunderous momentum, he swapped his sword over to his left hand. As his clothes fluttered, he was like a demon who had given up all of his defence.

He was giving his all on this sword!

He looked insane with veins covering his eyes, like a wild beast.

His clothes even tore apart from the sheer force of his aura.

“This… is Zhang Yue going to take Liu Yunfei down together with him?!”

The spectators and disciples were all shocked when they saw this scene.

Even if Zhang Yue was fighting for his sect, he wouldn’t have to take it this far, right?

“Junior Brother Zhang!”

Bai Yufan finally couldn’t keep calm anymore as he stood up emotionally.

Up on the stage, Liu Yunfei had disdain on his face.

He did not panic as he closed his fan and shot it out, using it like a sword.

When his fan came in contact with Zhang Yue’s sword, it collided harshly.

As a collision rang out, the long sword was blown out from Zhang Yue’s hand. Not giving Zhang Yue and time to react, Liu Yunfei’s fan smacked on Zhang Yue’s face.


Having his face slapped, Zhang Yue spewed a mouthful of blood from his mouth along with fragments of his teeth. At the same time, the momentum that Zhang Yue had gathered were all destroyed.

Boom! Boom!

However, that wasn’t the end as Liu Yunfei threw out two kicks with a cold gaze.

Zhang Ye’s knees shattered as he kneeled on the ground.

Kicking on Liu Yunfei’s cheeks, he opened up his fan as he raised his head, “Is the Azure Sky Sect a bunch of trash that only knows how to fight with their lives on the line? I’m really terrified by you guys, haha!”

Despite his words, his ruthlessness had a terrifying feel when combined with the smile on his face.

Even the spectators who should be cheering for him all trembled in silence.

“Young Sect Master, let me face him.” Lin Yun finally couldn’t hold back his emotions any longer as he requested to fight.

“Young Sect Master, let me do it.” The three remaining reserve contestants also stood out.

Looking at them, Bai Yufan smiled, “Thank you, but the difference in strength isn’t something that can be mended with courage. Hu Zifeng, fight together with me.”


As he spoke, he flew onto the stage along with Hu Zifeng.

If the other sects were standing in his shoes, they would send out their reserve contestants even if they knew that those contestants couldn’t put up more of a fight. However, Bai Yufan did not want them to be humiliated and rejected their offer.

On the platform, Lin Yun balled his fist together with reluctance.

He wanted to tell Bai Yufan that Liu Yunfei wasn’t as powerful as he seemed, and it wasn’t the end for the Azure Sky Sect yet!

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