Chapter 57 - Dangerous Situation

The Violet Ember Sect had sent out a seeded contestant for the first round? But why? They weren’t afraid that their seeded contestants might be weakened during the spiritual mine section?

The first round were mainly cities, and those cities only brought the sects ordinary wealth.

The profits might be great, but losing a city or two could be accepted by the sects. But if they lost their spiritual mine, it would be troublesome for them.

The Aquasky Nation only had one spiritual mine, and it was governed by the Azure Sky Sect. Three years ago, Su Ziyao had seized it from the Violet Ember Sect with her sword. Before that, it had been under the Violet Ember Sect’s control.

“Violet Ember Sect’s seeded contestant, Qin Feng.”

As Qin Feng and Feng Daoyu stood in confrontation, the differences weren’t great since they were both in the Eighth Stage of the Martial Path. However, everyone knew that cultivation wasn’t the only thing to consider when gauging martial practitioners.

Take Hu Zifeng. His cultivation was comparable to Feng Daoyu, but anyone could tell who was stronger. Aside from one’s cultivation, the cultivation, martial, and movement techniques played a huge part.

As Feng Daoyu’s complexion became bad, he gnashed his teeth, “I’ll see what makes you the seeded contestant of the Violet Ember Sect!”


Feng Daoyu unleashed his aura in the next moment, with his face turning bronze. His body immediately transformed to a sculpture that made him seem powerful.

“It’s the Vajra Fist in greater mastery!”

“This Azure Sky Sect’s disciple isn’t simple. After all, it’s not easy getting the Vajra Fist to greater mastery.”

“I heard that this fist technique requires strong perseverance, and many people have failed.”

When they saw the phenomenon that occurred on Feng Daoyu, all the spectators who felt that Feng Daoyu held no chance immediately started praising him.

Feng Daoyu gnashed his teeth and charged over, throwing out three punches.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Those booming sounds sounded like roaring thunder as it echoed out in the surrounding. But it was a pity as all three punches were dodged by Qin Feng.

“Damn it!”

Feng Daoyu’s rage grew when he saw that his punches had missed as he unleashed another round of attacks.

Although his punches shot out like lightning with afterimages left behind, he still couldn’t touch even the corner of Qin Feng’s clothes. On the other hand, Qin Feng wore ridicule on his face as he even took a step forth.

But whenever Feng Daoyu was about to throw his punches out, Qin Feng would float away.

In just a moment, Feng Daoyu had already thrown over fifty punches out, and many of them contained great power.

Anyone could expect that being hit by his punches wouldn’t feel great. However, none of those punches had come in contact with Qin Feng.

Worse of all, Qin Feng only dodged Feng Daoyu’s attacks without retaliating, watching the latter throwing his punches in ridicule.

It was a scene that exceeded everyone’s expectations.

“It’s the Rising Cloud Steps!”

“Isn’t that the hardest movement technique to learn in the Violet Ember Sect?”

“I see… now it makes sense why Feng Daoyu isn’t able to touch Qin Feng’s clothes.”

People started to recognize Qin Feng’s mobility technique. It was the hardest movement technique to master in the Violet Cloud Sect — the Rising Cloud Steps.

Up on the stage, Feng Daoyu was losing his patience. He had already expected that he couldn’t defeat Qin Feng, but he never expected that he couldn’t even exhaust Qin Feng’s strength. Recalling what he had promised Bai Yufan, Feng Daoyu felt even worse.

“Qin Feng, don’t run if you have the guts! Does the Violet Ember Sect only have a bunch of cowards?”

In the end, Feng Daoyu started cursing out in an attempt to anger Qin Feng.

“Haha, as you wish!”


Qin Feng, who was retreating suddenly smiled as his aura exploded.

Although both were in the Eighth Stage of the Martial Path, Qin Feng’s aura was stronger than Feng Daoyu’s.

With a smile on his face, Qin Feng threw out a punch.

“Flaming Steel Fist!”

“Great! Demon Hunting Vajra!”

Feng Daoyu rejoiced at the sight of Qin Feng fighting back.


The two fists came into contact like a pair of steel beasts, echoing out with an explosion.


Along with the explosion, a blazing heat wave swept out into the surroundings.

All the disciples in the surrounding wore a bitter smile as they immediately covered their ears painfully. However, there were those who were lacking in their cultivation and had their eardrums burst.


When the heat wave dissipated, Feng Daoyu could be seen with his clothes torn into pieces and his body black from the burns. It was as if he was struck by lightning and was blown out, with blood spewing from his mouth. A few seconds later, he fell to the ground and lost consciousness.

“Junior Brother Ma!”

The crowd from the Azure Sky Sect yelled out as Zhang Yue, the seeded contestant, wanted to step out.

“Hold your foot.” Bai Yufan stopped Zhang Yue with his teeth gnashed.

At this moment, he finally figured out that the Violet Ember Sect wanted their Azure Sky Sect to send out a seeded contestant in the first round. So when it was time for the spiritual mine, the Azure Sky Sect wouldn’t have anyone to defend it.

“The Violet Ember Sect’s Qin Feng wins this battle, and if the Azure Sky Sect isn’t sending anyone out, the two cities will go to the Violet Ember Sect.”

Bai Qiushui’s melodious voice echoed by the ears of those from the Azure Sky Sect, but her voice sounded like a demonic voice instead.

“We give up.”

Bai Tianming spoke out helplessly as he sighed after seeing Bai Yufan’s expression.

“Give up? Then I’ll be taking this token.”

Qin Feng laughed as he seized the token that represented two of the Azure Sky Sect’s cities before returning to the Violet Ember Sect’s corner. He had used his mobility technique to cause Feng Daoyu to exhaust his strength before ending the fight in a move.

Feng Daoyu practically had no odds of winning in the fight, but he was still enraged by Qin Feng.

It was a pity that as a reserve contestant, there was nothing Lin Yun could do to help.

As the Four Sects Tournament continued, the Violet Ember Sect benefited in the next three rounds, as if the three sects had discussed beforehand. Whenever it was time for the Azure Sky Sect, the three sects would send out their seeded contestants.

It was as if they were certain that the Azure Sky Sect wouldn’t dare to send out their seeded contestants.

In the end, each of them seized two cities from the Azure Sky Sect each round.

After four rounds, the Azure Sky Sect lost a total of fifteen cities, all divided up by the three sects.

“Keep calm. We have to guard the spiritual mine, and in three years, the Azure Sky Sect can take it all back!” Bai Yufan gnashed his teeth.

At this moment, anyone could tell that the Azure Sky Sect was facing a difficult situation. If they lost the spiritual mine in the next round, they would lose everything.

After all, the spiritual mine could produce low-grade spiritual stones, and spiritual stones were crucial to cultivation. Spiritual stones were equivalent to the currencies between cultivators, and they meant everything.

As long as they could keep their spiritual mine, losing fifteen cities could be accepted. But could they really defend it?

“Without Su Ziyao, the Azure Sky Sect will be immediately beaten back to their shape…”

“They lost too miserably. Their disciples weren’t weak, but they fell for the other three sects’ plans and did not dare to send out seeded contestants.”

“They’ve been read, and everyone is certain that they will not send out their seeded contestants.”

“I had witnessed how Su Ziyao won everything in the tournament three years ago.”

All the martial practitioners started discussing among themselves, and when they mentioned the Azure Sky Sect, all of them shook their heads.

“The seizing of cities has now come to an end, and I hereby announce the fifth round. It will be the Azure Sky Sect’s spiritual mine!” Bai Qiushui announced as she stood up from her seat.


As she spoke, a token flew out from her hand and landed on top of the pillar.

It was a dazzling token that represented the spiritual mine.

When the token was sent out, the Sect Masters of the three other sects all had greed in their eyes.

“The last round will be different from the previous four. The sects can only send out three contestants, and whoever that can defeat all the remaining contestants of the Azure Sky Sect will obtain this token, the one and only spiritual mine in the Aquasky Nation.

The rules weren’t beneficial to the Azure Sky Sect.

The Azure Sky Sect would have to face the pressure coming from the three sects, and if they couldn’t defend the challenges from the three sects, they would have to hand over their spiritual mine.

After all, fairness did not exist in the world. Whoever seized the spiritual mine would have to face the three sects three years from now as well. Back then, Su Ziyao had suppressed everyone with her sword, snatching the spiritual mine over from the Azure Sky Sect.

As wealth would bring greed, the one with wealth would naturally have to face great pressure. A spiritual mine was even heavier than wealth, it was even more brutal, and everyone would definitely fight to the end for this last round.

“Zhang Yue of the Azure Sky Sect, please enlighten me.”


Amidst the sorrowful atmosphere, the seeded contestant of the Azure Sky Sect finally made their first appearance.

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