Chapter 55 - Four Sects Tournament

With the condor’s speed, it only took two days for them to get to Clear Water City, allowing them to reach the Four Sects Tournament one day in advance. But to show consideration to Hu Zifeng, Bai Yufan had slowed down their travelling speed. 

Without any rest, the condor flew for three entire days before they arrived in Clear Water City. Everyone on the condor’s back was feeling nervous. After all, it was significant to the Azure Sky Sect if Hu Zifeng could breakthrough into the Ninth Stage of the Martial Path. If he did make a breakthrough, then Hu Zifeng would be invincible among his peers with his cultivation in the Ninth Stage of the Martial Path, not to mention that he had also grasped a Xiantian Art.


After three days of cultivation, Hu Zifeng finally opened his eyes as his eyes flickered and his aura surged. When Zhang Yue and the rest saw this, they had joy on their faces before it slowly faded away.

Everyone could sense the improvement in Hu Zifeng’s cultivation, but he was still stuck in the Eighth Stage of the Martial Path. He was only a step away from the Ninth Stage of the Martial Path, but it was a huge gulf.

“Junior Brother Hu, you don’t have to feel disappointed. Your cultivation is now close to the Ninth Stage of the Martial Path, and there’s a huge chance that you make your breakthrough during the tournament!” Bai Yufan comforted, fearing that Hu Zifeng might have a load on his chest.

“Believe in yourself, Junior Brother Hu. Even Lin Yun made a breakthrough during battle back then, and we believe that you can also do the same.”

“That’s right, you can definitely do it.”

Nodding his head, Hu Zifeng replied, “Thank you, everyone. I’m also confident that I can make my breakthrough during battle!”

“Young Sect Master, is that the stage that we’re going to fight in?” Lin Yun suddenly spoke out as he pointed down below.

The heart of Clear Water City was crowded with people, and all the martial practitioners in the Aquasky Nation were gathered here for this event. Lin Yun and the rest could hear the commotion coming from below. The stage was over thirty meters in length, it was much bigger than the Azure Sky Sect’s stage.

Nodding his head, Bai Yufan replied, “That’s right. It looks like the tournament will begin soon, so let’s go down.”



As the condor let out a piercing cry, it flapped its wings and dived down. When it landed on the ground, it stopped in before a mansion not far away from the stage.

At this moment, a group of people came out from the mansion with Bai Tianming and the Elders leading the group. The rest who were following them were all inner disciples of the sect.

“Why are you so late?” Bai Tianming knitted his brows.

As Bai Yufan stood out and explained, Bai Tianming looked at Hu Zifeng with interest as he nodded his head, “Oh. Eighth Stage of the Martial Path’s pinnacle, but what a pity… if only you could make a breakthrough into the Ninth Stage of the Martial Path…”

When everyone heard that Hu Zifeng had failed to make his breakthrough, all of them were somewhat disappointed. But at the same time, it had also boosted their morale.

“It looks like even the heavens are blessing our Azure Sky Sect. Although Su Ziyao is no longer around, we still have Hu Zifeng!”

“That’s right. Senior Brother Hu will definitely shine brightly on this tournament and have his name spread far and wide.”

“I believe that Senior Brother Hu can also achieve Su Ziyao’s feats three years ago!”

As Bai Tianming stepped forth, he patted on Hu Zifeng’s shoulder, “Zifeng, the Four Sects Tournament concerns the life and death of the sect, and I’m afraid that we’re all counting on you.”

“Please be assured, Sect Master. I will definitely do my best!” Hu Zifeng replied.

“Come, let’s get going.”

And so, the Azure Sky Sect’s party headed over to the meeting place together.

Coincidentally, they bumped into the Violet Ember Sect just when they were about to enter. When Liu Yu, the Sect Master of the Violet Ember Sect saw Bai Mingtian, he was briefly stunned before he swept his gaze through the Azure Sky Sect’s party.

“Brother Bai, why am I not seeing Su Ziyao? Could it be that the rumors were true?” Liu Yu smiled.

“That’s not of your concern, Sect Master Liu.” Bai Mingtian replied.

“Haha, I’m not concerned. Come, you can go first.” Liu Yu made a polite gesture as he did not fight to enter first.

Just when the Azure Sky Sect’s party was entering, Lin Yun gave a look at Liu Yunfei, who was standing beside Liu Yu and was shocked. In just two months, Liu Yunfei’s strength had improved so much that Lin Yun could no longer evaluate the former.

“How boring… I never thought that Su Ziyao had truly left.” Liu Yunfei commented as he looked at the Azure Sky Sect entering.

Beside him, Liu Yu’s smile disappeared from his face and was replaced with a grim, “It’s not my concern if you’re bored. Three years ago, the Azure Sky Sect took the spiritual mine from us, and you have to get it back. This time, I want the Azure Sky Sect completely crushed!”

When the Azure Sky Sect’s party arrived in the plaza, they immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

“That’s weird. Why isn’t Su Ziyao here?”

“It looks like the rumors are true! Su Ziyao has already left the Azure Sky Sect!”

“But I heard that they still have Hu Zifeng, who defeated the Mad Blade Sect’s Zhang Ye in a single move. He’s already chasing up to Su Ziyao’s footsteps.”

“In general, the Azure Sky Sect is still powerful, and they still have a chance in this tournament.”

Everyone was somewhat disappointed when they did not see Su Ziyao’s figure. After all, they had come for her.

Shortly after, the Violet Ember Sect’s party entered.

“It’s Liu Yunfei!”

“I wonder how Liu Yunfei will perform in this tournament.”

“He can already be considered the champion among the four great elites, and he will probably have the ambitions to crush everyone.”

“It might not be so easy. After all, everyone else made improvements as well.”

Not long later, the disciples of the Mad Blade Sect arrived.

Out of the four great sects, only the Profound Sun Sect was still missing. But right at this moment, an uproar rang out as the host for this tournament, the City Lord of Clear Water City had shown up.

When Lin Yun looked at the City Lord, he was taken aback because it was actually a beauty!

“The City Lord of the Clear Water City, Bai Qiushui is here!”

“Wow! She’s truly worthy of her title as the bella of our Aquasky Nation!”

After the cheers subsided, this place quickly became silent as all of them were admiring Bai Qiushui’s beauty. 

As Bai Qiushui entered, she was donned in cyan clothes as her hair dappled down like a waterfall. Her delicate features were akin to sculptured jade artifacts that made her look dreamy. However, it was unimaginable how such a young woman would become the City Lord of Clear Water City.

“Aren’t those beside her the disciples of the Profound Sun Sect?” Bai Yufan spoke out.

As everyone immediately directed their gaze over, they saw a group of disciples donned in a yellow uniform beside Bai Qiushui, and all of them looked elegant and refined.

“That’s the Young Sect Master of the Profound Sky Sect, Feng Wuheng. His Profound Sun Palm was impressive, and I couldn’t defeat him three years ago.”

At this moment, the four great elites of the Aquasky Nation had finally gathered.

Bai Yufan of the Azure Sky Sect, Luo Xing of the Mad Blade Sect, Liu Yunfei of the Violet Ember Sect, and Feng Wuheng of the Profound Sun Sect.

“I pay my greetings to all four Sect Masters.” Bai Qiushui smiled after the party from the Profound Sun Sect sat down.

“City Lord Bai, there’s no need for such courtesy. You can have your seat.”

Looking at this scene, Lin Yun noticed that the four Sect Masters were particularly polite with Bai Qiushui.

Not long after Bai Qiushui sat down, she stood up and looked at the crowd.

“The Four Sects Tournament is a great event in the Aquasky Nation that only takes place once every three years, and it has been tough on everyone to be here…” Her voice was crisp and clear, like a clear spring, and listening to her voice alone was an enjoyment.

Not only was she gorgeous, but she also had a beautiful voice as well.

After Bai Qiushui gave her opening statement, she smiled, “I would like to thank the four Sect Masters for giving me the chance to host this tournament.”

“City Lord Bai, you’re being too polite.” Bai Mingtian and the other Sect Masters all cupped their hands together.

“I hereby announce that the Four Sects Tournament will officially begin! To start off in the first round, we’ll start with the two cities under the Violet Ember Sect.”

As she spoke, she flicked her figure as a token that represented the governing rights over the two cities flown to the hundred meters pillar with a dragon and phoenix engraved on it.

At that moment, the atmosphere became tense. Compared to assessments in the sects, the Four Sects Tournament was more significant. If the Violet Ember Sect lost, the immense profits brought to them from the two cities would disappear.

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