Chapter 546 - Stand in my way? Courting death!

Lin Yun’s temperament had undergone a total transformation when he held onto his sword, which emitted a terrifying pressure. This made Lu Zhan and Qi Wenxiong’s facial expressions become grave.

Lin Yun can still put up a fight? They had just witnessed Lin Yun fighting with Yang Xiong. Although it looked like Lin Yun had easily defeated Yang Xiong, they knew that Lin Yun had exhausted a great deal of his origin energy and also suffered internal injuries.

This was why they felt confident in taking Lin Yun down. However, they didn’t expect Lin Yun to bring out his sword. After all, Lin Yun didn’t even use his sword in his fight with Yang Xiong.

“Did you hold back on purpose to deal with us?” frowned Lu Zhan.

“So what if I did? And so what if I didn’t? I advise the two of you to think carefully. If you two dare to act, then you’ll be my enemy,” said Lin Yun indifferently.

Yang Xiong sat with his legs crossed as he popped a pellet into his mouth while wearing a sneer. After all, he still had a chance if the two parties fought. Using the pellet, his injuries were healing at a rapid speed, but he had concealed it well. So much so that he didn’t even bother wiping the blood on his lips.

Facing Lin Yun, Lu Zhan and Qi Wenxiong’s faces were dark because Lin Yun wasn’t willing to compromise. If Lin Yun was willing to take a step back and share the Nine Petals Profound Yin Flower, then they wouldn’t be in such a tough position. However, if they left right now, they would be mocked as cowards.

They would be a laughingstock if they backed off when facing an injured guest deacon. In the end, they would suffer a greater humiliation than Yang Xiong had.

“So what if we’re standing against you? Who the hell do you think you are to threaten us?” Lu Zhan took out a crimson spear and stabbed it at Lin Yun. Sparks flew from the spear tip as it rubbed with the air particles.

“Don’t regret it then!” Lin Yun was enraged. He was rarely enraged, but this time, he was genuinely enraged. Regardless of Lu Zhan or Qi Wenxiong, they were a lot weaker than Yang Xiong. They even had the gall to gang up on him. Not only that, but they even took advantage of the fact that he had just finished his battle with Yang Xiong.

Since they were being so shameless, Lin Yun couldn’t be blamed for being ruthless. He unleashed his xiantian sword intent. He kept himself contained in the academy, which made many people think that he was a pushover. Even a piece of trash like Gu Feng dared to hop around in front of him.

Just because he was close to Liu Yunyan, he was humiliated by Yang Xiong time and time again. Even now, Lu Zhan and Qi Wenxiong dared to tell him to scram. Did they think that he didn’t have a bottomline?

When he held onto the Flower Burial Sword, he could feel his deep connection with the sword. The Flower Burial Sword had also sensed his rage as it began to buzz.

Lin Yun poured his origin energy into the sword and hit the incoming spear. It only took a split second for the incoming attack to crumble into pieces. But that wasn’t all as the remaining power from the attack flew towards Lu Zhan. This made Lu Zhan’s face change as he threw out a palm to cancel out Lin Yun’s attack while taking several steps backwards.

“Qi Wenxiong, why the hell are you still standing around!” Lu Zhan yelled as he waved his hand and held onto his spear.

“Profound Sky Fist—Empty Fist!” Qi Wenxiong snorted and his aura grew. He began to throw out a barrage of punches towards Lin Yun. He had brought out the full power of this move.

At the same time, Lu Zhan also launched his attacks together with Qi Wenxiong. The crimson spear in his hand turned into a crimson streak of light that complimented Qi Wenxiong’s attacks.

The two of them weren’t holding back with their attacks, which made the disciples who were watching this battle suck in a cold breath.

Holding onto his sword with his clothes fluttering in the wind, Lin Yun’s mind was clear. He had nothing in his mind except for his sword. He pushed his xiantian sword intent to the limit. When he sung his sword, he vented out all his rage onto Lu Zhan and Qi Wenxiong.

Sparks flew as the weapons clashed and the shockwave from their attacks raised a towering wave that spread out. Suddenly, a spear flew towards Lin Yun’s chest like a venomous snake.

Lin Yun’s eyes flickered as he summoned the Dracophant War Armor to cover his body. The spear was too quick and venomous, so it pierced through the armor. It was only one inch away from his heart. It was fortunate that Lin Yun avoided having his fatal spots hit by the spear.

“You’re courting death!” Lin Yun snorted as a radiating moon rose up behind him.

Luminous Moon! Before Lu Zhan could land on the ground, a radiating moon flew towards him. This made Lu Zhan’s face change as he didn’t expect Lin Yun’s attack to be so quick. He didn’t have any time to think as he retaliated with his spear.

But his attack was instantly crushed by the radiating moon. This made Lu Zhan throw up a mouthful of blood as his body was riddled with injuries.

When Qi Wenxiong saw Lu Zhan’s state, his face changed. He knew that there was no way he could hold Lin Yun back by himself, so he instantly tried to retreat.

“Is that all you guys got?” Lin Yun didn’t give them a chance to catch a breath as he swung his sword. This time, it was the Myriad Frost. Lin Yun’s slash unleashed a chilling wave that froze everything in its path.

Lu Zhan and Qi Wenxiong used their origin energy to defend against the chill, but it was too much. The two of them merely lasted for a split second before they were sent flying while throwing out a mouthful of blood.

But that wasn’t all as Lin Yun unleashed another attack. When Lu Zhan and Qi Wenxiong fell onto the surface of the lake, their faces were ugly because they could only barely defend themselves.

However, Lin Yun had no intention of letting them off as he took on the Overlord Sword’s stance. A radiating sword ray flashed as Lu Zhan and Qi Wenxiong were sent flying. When they raised their heads to look at Lin Yun again, their eyes were filled with fear because Lin Yun was a completely different person when he held onto his sword.

“Haha, is that all the two of you got?” A voice sounded out as Yang Xiong got back up on his feet. “I know that the two of you have yet to use your trump cards. Don’t hold back anymore. If we can’t make him beg for his life today, there won’t be a spot for us in the academy in the future.”

“Beg for my life?” Lin Yun sneered as he barked, “TAKE THIS SWORD OF MINE BEFORE YOU TALK!”

The domineering aura on Lin Yun suddenly grew. The sky was covered with thunderclouds and rumbling lightning.

“This is…” Yang Xiong, Lu Zhan, and Qi Wenxiong’s faces changed when they sensed the terrifying aura. The aura made them feel fearful and before they could even react, the thunderclouds manifested into a dragon that dove into Lin Yun’s body.

When Lin Yun raised his head, his eyes were radiating with a dazzling radiance along with a domineering aura that could make everything in this world submit.

“Run!” The three no longer dared to stay anymore as they quickly retreated.

Run? Lin Yun swung his sword, unleashing a violet bolt of lightning that left cracks on the pillar. This made many people exclaim as they saw the lightning manifest into a dragon that pounced forward.

It was naturally the Overlord Sword—Thunderbolt Crusher.

Yang Xiong, Lu Zhan, and Qi Wenxiong cried out in pain as they were covered in injuries that were so deep that their bones were revealed. Even their internal organs were heavily injured from this attack.

“You guys can’t even take a sword of mine, yet you actually want to make me beg for my life? You guys are simply courting death!” Lin Yun barked at them after unleashing his attack. Then, full of fear, the three of them witnessed Lin Yun rushing towards them.

Lin Yun’s killing aura was so strong that even the lake water started to boil. This made Yang Xiong, Lu Zhan, and Qi Wenxiong terrified out of their wits as they instinctually kneeled before Lin Yun.

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