Chapter 545 - Who's The Laughingstock

Lin Yun formed the Seven Slaughtering Seal with his left hand and his killing aura multiplied by seven times. In that split second, torrential killing aura surged and the sky had turned red.

When his killing aura spread out of the pillar, many people felt a suffocating pressure. Even the top ten core disciples standing at the shore had a change in their facial expressions. They also felt a great pressure under this killing aura.

That was the infamous forbidden technique, the Seven Slaughtering Fist, that no one managed to cultivate successfully in the past century. However, an outsider had successfully learned it now. This was a great source of mockery for the academy.

“How terrifying. He is a monster. He actually managed to form the Seven Slaughtering Seal…” Many people sighed.

As for Mo Ling, she smiled because Lin Yun didn’t disappoint her. The same couldn’t be said for Mei Ziyan. His current face was ugly. Similarly, Yang Xiong, who was in mid-air watching Lin Yun’s killing aura growing, was shocked. But he soon snorted, “So what if it’s the Seven Slaughtering Fist? Not even that can save you today!”

Yang Xiong  was like an arrow notched in a bow and there was no way he could retreat. No matter how powerful the forbidden technique, in his mind Lin Yun had just reached the greater Yin stage. Therefore, there was no way Lin Yun could bring out too much power from it, so this was his opportunity.

Furthermore, Lin Yun might not be able to control the killing aura with his current cultivation. With that, lightning and flames blazed on Yang Xiong as a lightning vortex appeared in both his hands to emit a powerful energy fluctuation.

This scene shocked many people because they saw how decisive Yang Xiong was. They knew that there was no path of retreat for Yang Xiong now that Lin Yun had brought out the Seven Slaughtering Fist. If he retreated, then he would definitely be defeated.

He was in the pinnacle Yin stage, along with being at the pinnacle seventh stage of the Thunderblaze Art. There was still a chance for Yang Xiong to win. Furthermore, Lin Yun might not be able to control his killing aura fully. As long as Yang Xiong could last through the first wave, he was confident that he could beat Lin Yun.

“Big Brother Lin, you have to win!” Bai Yi clenched her fist together as she yelled.

But right at this moment, Lin Yun closed his eyes as his killing aura blazed like fiery flames. When Yang Xiong saw Lin Yun closing his eyes and he rejoiced because this meant that Lin Yun was barely holding on. Seeing that, a confident smile rose on his lips.

But just when he was about to approach, Lin Yun suddenly opened his eyes. His black pupils radiated a sense of calm as he looked at Yang Xiong with a smile, “You seem to hope that I’ll lose control of this killing aura.”

“Haven’t you?” Yang Xiong’s eyes flashed with disdain as he sneered, “You can bluff others, but you can’t bluff me. You’re barely holding on with the Seven Slaughtering Seal. Now, die! Thunderblaze Art—Dual Radiant Solar!”

Yang Xiong threw out the vortexes in both his hands as they shined like a bright sun that emitted a terrifying power.

“What power!”

“Yang Xiong’s attainments in the Thunderblaze Art is really high. He is comparable to the top ten core disciples.”

“There’s no suspense in this fight. Look at how Lin Yun is barely maintaining the Seven Slaughtering Fist.” No one had imagined that Yang Xiong would unleash such a powerful attack. His attainments in the Thunderblaze Art was comparable to the strength of the top ten core disciples. This made Mei Ziyan, whose face was dim, instantly light up when he saw this scene.

But Lin Yun was calm and continued to smile. He didn’t have the slightest bit of panic on his face. He merely changed the seal with his left hand and the boundless killing aura that enveloped him suddenly roared like an awakened beast as his killing aura swept out.

After accumulating all the power in his right hand, Lin Yun clenched his fist and absorbed all the killing aura. At the same time, his black pupils became even colder as he threw out his punch. In the next second, everyone could feel the tremor on the surface of the lake begin to tremble violently along with a terrifying aura that spread out.

When everyone raised their heads, they saw the two vortexes crumbling as the Seven Slaughtering Seal imprinted on Yang Xiong’s chest. This sent Yang Xiong flying like a cannonball as he slammed into the pillar. When he fell down, he looked at Lin Yun with shock and threw up another mouthful of blood, “H-how is this possible!”

Not only did Lin Yun unleash the forbidden technique that multiplied his killing aura by seven times, but he even did it perfectly. This sent a shock to everyone, leaving them speechless. They had imagined the possibility of Lin Yun winning, but they never imagined that it would happen so easily. The Seven Slaughtering Fist was a forbidden technique and now everyone understood why it was a forbidden technique.

“Sorry to disappoint you. Not only can I control the Seven Slaughtering Seal, but I can even do it perfectly,” smiled Lin Yun. When he took a step forward, he released a silver glow as he appeared before Yang Xiong in the next second.

Without any hesitation, Lin Yun threw a punch. There was no way he could give Yang Xiong the opportunity to make a comeback.

Damn it! Yang Xiong cursed inwardly as he had no choice other than to face Lin Yun’s attack head-on. Then, the two began to clash in the air, causing a rumbling explosion with each clash.

Everyone had seen this scene previously when the two clashed head-on in the beginning. However, their roles had flipped once Lin Yun held the advantage. After ten-odd moves later, Yang Xiong was sent flying once again while vomiting up blood.

Lin Yun landed on the surface of the lake with his clothes fluttering in the wind. When he looked at Yang Xiong, the latter became terrified and quickly retreated. This made many people sigh as they imagined how mighty Yang Xiong looked earlier, claiming that he would make a joke out of Lin Yun. But in the end, he was the joke.

“Lu Zhan, Qi Wenxiong, how long are the two of you going to wait for!” Yang Xiong barked coldly.

“Haha, we naturally have to take our time to enjoy your pathetic state.”

“Since Senior Brother Yang has spoken, then we’ll naturally take action.” Both Lu Zhan and Qi Wenxiong smiled as they both stepped forward. Their appearance instantly made all the other disciples surprised because they had completely forgotten about Lu Zhan and Qi Wenxiong.

“The two of you came at a rather good time,” said Lin Yun.

“Cut the crap. Get lost before you get humiliated,” sneered the two newcomers. In their view, Lin Yun must’ve suffered internal injuries from his battle with Yang Xiong, so they were confident about dealing with Lin Yun.

“How interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing how the two of you will humiliate me,” smiled Lin Yun.

Lu Zhan and Qi Wenxiong exchanged a glance before they smiled, “Did you think that the two of us can’t block that punch of yours?”

“I’m not sure if you two can take my punch, but you definitely can’t receive my sword!” Lin Yun summoned the Flower Burial Sword out of his sword box.

Just when Lu Zhan and Qi Wenxiong had disdain on their faces and were about to speak, they suddenly raised their heads. Lin Yun’s temperament had undergone a complete transformation the moment he gripped his sword.

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