Chapter 540 - Advise

Everyone was shocked that Lin Yun actually dared to come. Didn’t he know that Yang Xiong already said that he would humiliate Lin Yun if Lin Yun dared to show up?

“That fellow!” Gu Feng and Gu Teng were both shocked, but they soon rejoiced. Lin Yun’s appearance meant that his conflict with Yang Xiong was unavoidable. At that time, they would have an opportunity to step on Lin Yun. Just thinking about it made them ecstatic.

At the same time, the two other pinnacle Yin stage core disciples, Qi Wenxiong and Lu Zhan, wore playful smiles as they looked at Yang Xiong.

Yang Xiong was also surprised by Lin Yun’s arrival, but he soon wore a smirk on his face. When he looked at Lin Yun, he didn’t bother concealing his killing aura. This instantly sent a chill down Lin Yun’s spine, but he merely smiled and looked at Yang Xiong head-on.

When Lin Yun and Yang Xiong met each other’s gaze, their auras flared up. Many people were shocked by Lin Yun’s courage. After all, Yang Xiong could step into the Yang stage any time. Not only did Lin Yun dare to show up, but he even dared to face Yang Xiong head-on. If it was someone else, they would probably lower their heads out of fear upon meeting Yang Xiong’s gaze.

“Is that him?” The white-clothed elder looked at Lin Yun with interest on his face as he turned to Tang Yu and Yu Mu.

“That’s him,” nodded Tang Yu.

The white-clothed elder stroked his beard with a smile, “Interesting. A guest deacon actually dares to act so rampant. I’m looking forward to seeing what capabilities he has. If he’s bullied by Yang Xiong later, the two of you aren't allowed to help.”

“That doesn’t seem too good…” Yu Mu was under great pressure. She wasn’t optimistic about Lin Yun in his fight with Yang Xiong. Furthermore, there was a huge gap between their ages.

“It’s decided,” smiled the white-clothed elder. His tone was unquestionable. He paused briefly before he looked down and smiled, “Youngsters, what are you guys waiting for?”

His voice instantly caused an uproar on the lake as droplets of Profound Yin Spiritual Essence began to appear from the bottom of the lake. The white-clothed elder’s words had instantly shifted everyone’s attention from Lin Yun and Yang Xiong as they charged at the lake.

Tang Yu and Yu Mu were silently watching with grave expressions. After all, their plan was bold and their plan would go down the drain if Lin Yun couldn’t get past Yang Xiong.

As countless disciples charged at the lake, there were also those who stood by at the shore, watching. There were ten observers, with Mei Ziyan being one of them. He was looking at Lin Yun with a smile. Things went just as he had planned.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he looked at Mo Ling. She was standing still, maintaining her composure for now. Mei Ziyan was really looking forward to seeing how Mo Ling would react when she saw Lin Yun being humiliated by Yang Xiong.

As the disciples landed on the lake, a violent wave was instantly raised from the lake. It was caused by the demonic beasts who had been sleeping below the lake and were now waking up. The appearance of those demonic beasts didn’t shock the disciples as it was normal for there to be demonic beasts in such a location.

Soon, the disciples began to fight the demonic beasts and the chaos made the lake roar even more violently.

“This lake is really huge,” muttered Lin Yun. The lake still looked spacious even with all the contenders. After all, no one was willing to fall behind.

Lin Yun wore a smile and his blood began to boil, “Time to put in some effort.”

As the Iris Flower bloomed within his body, his origin energy poured into his right hand and he flicked his finger. This instantly shot a silver sword ray out that pierced through all the heads of the demonic beasts that stood in his way. At the same time, the Golden Crow Seal appeared behind him and he dashed forth.

“What dense spiritual energy.” Lin Yun took a deep breath as he looked at the heart of the lake. The Profound Yin Flower could naturally be found there, so he had to get there to obtain the initiative.

However, the demonic beasts hidden in the lake were proving to be a headache. The demonic beasts weren’t a threat, but their numbers were annoying. Lin Yun hovered in the sky briefly and then threw a punch out with Soaring Dragon. Nine dragons instantly flew out from his fist and tore apart the demonic beasts in front of him.

Although the Dragon-Tiger Fist was lacking, it was still more than enough to deal with the demonic beasts. Raising his eyebrow, Lin Yun shot out and swiftly disappeared through the path he had just opened.

When he was through, the inner disciples who were closely following Lin Yun smiled bitterly as the gap swiftly closed. In the end, they still had to depend on themselves. As time gradually passed, the weaker disciples could only stay at the edge as there were simply too many demonic beasts. Then again, it was a decent harvest for them to refine the spiritual essence here.

Up ahead were the elites of the inner disciples. As for the core disciples, they shot towards the heart of the lake like an arrow. They only had one goal here, the Profound Yin Flower. Right at this moment, the difference in strengths of the core disciples was on display.

An hour later, Lin Yun suddenly felt a heavy pressure as he raised his head. He could roughly see the outline of the lake’s heart and instantly knew that he had arrived. The heart of the lake might seem calm, but the pressure felt like an enormous mountain. The dense spiritual energy was placing great pressure on him.

Mustering his origin energy, Lin Yun threw another punch ahead. His punch was like a sword that sent a colossal demonic beast flying. However, that demonic beast wasn’t dead even after taking Lin Yun’s punch.

But just when he was going to give it a few more punches, the demonic beast was suddenly torn into pieces in the sky as several figures flew past and looked at Lin Yun with ill intent. They were all donned in the core disciples uniform and had strength in the greater Yin stage.

When the other disciples saw this scene from afar, they had doubts on their faces.

Lin Yun swept a glance at them and asked calmly, “Do I know you guys?”

“It doesn’t matter if you know us. Are you still unaware of who you have provoked?” sneered the core disciple that was leading the group. His name was Huang Ling and in terms of strength, he was a lot stronger than Gu Feng. He also had some reputation among the core disciples.

“I wonder what Senior Brother Mei is thinking to get Yang Xiong to deal with this piece of trash. Hand over the five bottles of Profound Yin Pellets yourself. Don’t force us to help ourselves to it. Otherwise, your outcome will be even worse than if you were in Yang Xiong’s hands,” sneered the youth as they pressed forward.

When the nearby disciples heard ‘Senior Brother Mei,’ their faces changed as there was only one person in the academy that could be addressed that way, Mei Ziyan. Everyone’s gazes changed when they looked at Lin Yun. They never imagined that he had actually offended Mei Ziyan.

After all, Mei Ziyan was an expert in the Yang stage. Even in the entire Nether Prefectural City, Mei Ziyan’s strength could also be ranked. But just when everyone was shocked, a horrifying aura suddenly exploded from Lin Yun that caused his surroundings to tremble. Even a ripple began to spread out from the lake beneath him.

Sensing Lin Yun’s aura, everyone was shocked. That was the greater Yin stage aura and Lin Yun’s aura was even stronger than Huang Ling’s group. Just how did he manage to do it? He had barely entered the Violet Palace Realm half a month ago, but he was already in the greater Yin stage? Was he really from the Great Qin Empire?

The faces of Huang Ling’s group changed as they halted their footsteps. Shock was written all over their faces.

With a smile on his face, Lin Yun laughed, “What’s the matter? You guys are intimidated by a piece of ‘trash’ like me? Since that’s the case, why don’t I personally come up for you guys to advise me a little!”

Raising his eyebrow, Lin Yun dashed towards Huang Ling’s group.

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