Chapter 54 - My Heart isn’t made of Stone

“The difference between a seeded and reserve contestant?” Zhang Han looked at Lin Yun and smiled, “I thought that you’d been holed up in your wooden shack all the time, and I’m surprised that you’ve actually heard of the seeded contestants. I believe that you also know that Hu Zifeng is a seeded contestant.”

“Well, I couldn’t help it. People who came passing here all talked about Hu Zifeng on purpose when I was practicing my sword.” Lin Yun replied with a helpless expression.

Wearing a bitter smile, Zhang Han responded, “Alright, I’ll stop messing with you. The Four Sects Tournament is a much bigger scale compared to our mid-year test, due to the fact that it concerns the interest of the entire sect. There’s practically a bet in every single match.

“The bet might be the governing rights over a city or a mine, where the loser will have to give up their governing rights on it. Those are resources, and it will be a great blow to the losing sect.”

“So? What’s the difference between a seeded and reserve contestant?” Lin Yun nodded his head.

“Hear me out. Seeded contestants have no limit on their appearance, and they might even make their appearances when the bet involves spiritual mines. At the same time, anyone who can become a seeded contestant is a person recognized by their respective sects.”

After a brief pause, Zhang Han continued, “There’s an advantage for that because that can allow sects to put the greatest value on their disciples. If those disciples can only make one appearance in the tournament, it will be a great loss to the sect.”

“That means that I’m in one of the ten reserves, and I can only make one appearance.” Lin Yun immediately understood what Zhang Han meant.

“You can put it that way. Then again, you might also not be needed to make your appearance.” Zhang Han had hesitation on his face as he looked at Lin Yun, pondering how he should restructure his words.

“After all, your cultivation is only in the Seventh Stage of the Martial Path, and putting you in the reserve is mainly because of the Xiantian Art you used the other day.”

“Oh.” Lin Yun replied calmly.

“I’m only here to inform you that you will have to head to Clear Water City two days from now.”

“Thank you.”

“Haha, why are you being so polite? Your foundation might still be weak, but I think highly of you, so go for it!” Zhang Han encouraged Lin Yun as he patted on his shoulder.

As Lin Yun watched Zhang Han leaving, he spoke out gently, “After I repay the sect in the Four Sects Tournament, it will be time for me to leave.”

With Su Ziyao’s departure, Lin Yun’s heart was no longer in the Azure Sky Sect.

Both the previous and current Lin Yun had owed the sect a favor, so Lin Yun wanted to repay the sect before he left. At the same time, the Four Sects Tournament was a good opportunity for him to repay the sect.

But judging from Zhang Han’s words, it seemed that the chances of him making his appearance wouldn’t be high. But then again, there was nothing Lin Yun could do if they did not want to use him.

In the blink of an eye, two days passed.

When Lin Yun opened the door, he could hear the birds chipping, welcoming a new dawn. All of a sudden, an enormous condor flew down from the sky.


When the condor descended, its flapping wings caused a huge burst of wind, causing Lin Yun’s wooden shack to tremble and nearly collapse from the wind.

There were ten-odd figure figures standing on the condor, and the one who was controlling it was an Elder of the sect.

“Get up.” Bai Yufan waved his hand to Lin Yun.

Tapping his feet on the ground, Lin Yun flew into the air and landed on the massive condor.

There were ten-odd figures standing on the condor as Hu Zifeng and another person stood beside Bai Yufan. That person was ranked third in the inner sect, Zhang Yue. In the past, only Bai Yufan and Su Ziyao were stronger than him. But now, Hu Zifeng wasn’t any weaker compared to him.

Knowing that those three were the seeded contestants, Lin Yun then joined the nine others on the back of the condor.

“Uncle, we can leave now that everyone’s here.” Bai Yufan turned to that Elder.


As the condor spread its wings out, it easily made a massive gust of wind and took off.

The enormous condor was like an arrow leaving a bow as it flew towards Clear Water City. Standing on the condor, Lin Yun fell into deep thought. He could tell that this condor was comparable to a martial practitioner in the Tenth Stage of the Martial Path, and since it could fly, it was definitely stronger compared to martial practitioners in the Quasi-Xiantian Realm. It was likely the guardian beast of the Azure Sky Sect.

Standing on the condor, Lin Yun could only hear the sounds of wind assaulting his ears. The condor was massive, and with its wings spread open, it had a wingspan of a hundred meters.

With everyone's strength, it wasn’t a problem for them to stand firmly on it. As Lin Yun looked down from the condor, the sight was simply breathtaking.

There were rumors that Xiantian Martial Practitioners could travel in the sky relying on their movement techniques, and Lin Yun was looking forward to that.

Everyone on the condor was a contestant for the Four Sects Tournament, and all of them wore a grave expression.

Lin Yun had already known about the Four Sects Tournament during Bai Yufan’s battle with Liu Yunfei in Clear Water City, but he just never expected that it would arrive so quickly. After conversing with a few people, Lin Yun found out that the remaining inner disciples and Sect Master had already headed out to Clear Water City to discuss the details of this tournament.

“The Violet Ember Sect will probably be our greatest opponent.”

The Violet Ember Sect’s ambition has been growing in recent years, and they took their loss to us in the tournament three years ago to heart. Right now, no one knows how strong Liu Yunfei has become.”

“The Mad Blade Sect should be on the same level as us, and it’s easy to tell from their previous visit.”

“Well, there’s nothing to be worried about with regards to the Profound Sun Sect. They have been low-profile in the past few years, and they shouldn’t be a concern.”

All the inner disciples began to discuss their potential opponents. When they talked about Liu Yunfei, their expression had turned solemn with fear in their eyes. After all, Liu Yunfei had defeated Bai Yufan two months ago, with just ten moves.

“We wouldn't have to worry about the tournament if Senior Sister Su were still around.” Someone sighed as he spoke the inner thoughts of everyone present.

In that split second, everyone directed their gazes to Lin Yun, looking at him as if they were looking at a sinner.

“Truth be told, my cultivation has already reached the Eight Stage of the Martial Path’s pinnacle, and Liu Yunfei won’t be a challenge if I can make a breakthrough.” Hu Zifeng spoke out all of a sudden as he opened his eyes.

“Junior Brother Hu, I never expected that you have actually hidden yourself quite deeply!”

“Haha! Junior Brother Hu, your words have set our mind at ease.”

“If we don’t have to fear Liu Yunfei, our Azure Sky Sect will definitely be able to claim the champion once more!”

All the reserves began to cheer as their eyes lit up. Even Bai Yufan had a smear of shock within his eyes as he smiled, “Congratulations, Junior Brother Hu.”

“Young Sect Master, you’re taking things too seriously. If it wasn’t for the Heart Nourishing Pellet and the 5 mid-grade spiritual stones that the sect gave me, it would be impossible for me to make a breakthrough so quickly.”

“If I have another Heart Nourishing Pellet, I might really make a breakthrough right now into the Ninth Stage of the Marital Path.” Hu Zifeng spoke with confidence in his eyes.

“But it’s a pity that the process of refining a Heart Nourishing Pellet is too complicated, and we can only refine one every two months.” Bai Yufan sighed.

“Oh right, Junior Brother Lin, have you used the Heart Nourishing Pellet that was rewarded to you by the sect?” Someone suddenly asked. That person’s words immediately gave a reminder to everyone as Lin Yun was also rewarded with one Heart Nourishing Pellet.

“Junior Brother Lin, you can give it to Senior Brother Hu if you have not used it.”

“As a seeded contestant, Hu Zifeng will be the pillar of our Azure Sky Sect, so don’t hide it.”

When Lin Yun heard Hu Zifeng’s declaration, he was shocked. In the past, Senior Hong had once commented on Lin Yun’s poor aptitude, and that he wouldn’t be able to go far in the Martial Dao.

With only one Heart Nourishing Pellet and 5 mid-grade spiritual stones, Hu Zifeng had nearly made his breakthrough into the Ninth Stage of the Martial Path. But even so, it was making things difficult for Lin Yun by forcing him to give out his Heart Nourishing Pellet.

When Lin Yun swept his glance out and saw the hesitation on Bai Yufan’s face, Lin Yun immediately thought of something and threw the Heart Nourishing Pellet over.


Traveling through the air, the Heart Nourishing Pellet fell into Hu Zifeng’s hand. As Hu Zifeng raised his brows, he looked at Lin Yun, “This Heart Nourishing Pellet isn’t that effective for you, and it’s good that you can care for the general situation by giving it over. Since that’s the case, then I’ll accept it.”

“Senior Brother Hu, take it quickly!”

“Don’t bother about him. If it wasn’t for him, would Senior Sister Su leave the sect?”

“Take it quickly! If you’re able to make a breakthrough into the Ninth Stage of the Martial Path on the way to Clear Water City, we will definitely have a trump card in the Four Sects Tournament!”

“Junior Brother Hu, go for it!”

Under everyone’s encouragement, Hu Zifeng shut his eyes and popped the pellet into his mouth.

As they looked at Hu Zifeng, all of them had expectations in their eyes.

However, only Bai Yufan was an exception as he turned to look at Lin Yun, whose hair and clothes were fluttering along with the wind. Holding onto the Flower Burial Sword, Lin Yun looked at the landscape down below with elegance. Bai Yufan noticed that Lin Yun’s aura had transcended other martial practitioners in the Seventh Stage of the Martial Path.

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