Chapter 539 - Lin Yun Appears

“The two of them are rather self-aware.” Mockery flashed in Gong Ming’s eyes when he saw the two leaving in such a hurry. They were here to see if Lin Yun would show up. They even boasted that they would deal with Lin Yun without needing Yang Xiong, but they didn’t even have the courage to stay behind.

“Deacon Gong, did something happen to Lin Yun? W-what if Big Brother Lin isn’t able to show up? Wouldn’t he be mocked by Yang Xiong?” Bai Yi said furiously as she was angered by Gu Feng and Gu Teng.

“I hope that he doesn’t show up. It doesn’t harm him to endure this a little. Yang Xiong is clearly trying to provoke Brother Lin to show up. If Brother Lin shows up, then he’ll get what he wants,” said Gong Ming.

“B-but…” retorted Bai Yi.

“Don’t worry about it. Brother Lin knows what to do. If he shows up, then he must be confident,” said Gong Ming.

Reluctantly Bai Yi went up the Spiritwood Peak together with Gong Ming. What they didn’t know was that Lin Yun was at a crucial point in comprehending the Thunderbolt Crusher. He was seated in the practicing room as he released his sword intent.

There were thunderclouds gathered in the sky while thunder occasionally rumbled. All of this was caused by his sword intent. The thunderclouds had gathered together trying to take on a shape. But no matter how it tried, it wasn’t able to take on the shape that it was forming. It seemed like a butterfly that was breaking out of the cocoon.

Beads of sweat rolled down Lin Yun’s cheeks as his face gradually turned pale. Suddenly, the thunderclouds took on a dragon shape and coiled up. The vortex-like dragon then entered Lin Yun’s body.

Lin Yun suddenly opened his eyes and he emitted a domineering aura. Sensing the killing aura flickering in Lin Yun’s eyes, the seven mechanism puppets’ eyes flashed with a crimson glow. The seven puppets in the greater Yin stage bolted towards Lin Yun.

Hovering in the sky, Lin Yun drew his sword. When he drew the Flower Burial Sword, a purple lightning flashed brightly as it took on the shape of a dragon and charged at the puppets. In the next second, the seven puppets exploded and were completely destroyed. Lin Yun’s attack was too quick. Instead of drawing a sword, it looked like Lin Yun had drawn a ferocious beast that was hidden in the scabbard.

Lin Yun slowly landed on the ground and sheathed his sword. He had finally obtained complete mastery with the Thunderbolt Crusher.

“So this is the true might of the Overlord Sword!” Lin Yun smiled as joy appeared on his pale face. The joy was even greater than when he had grasped the Seven Slaughtering Seal. After all, he was a swordsman.

He glanced at all the dust on the ground. The dust was naturally from the puppets that had been disintegrated. These puppets weren’t cheap and they were all destroyed by him. If someone were to pursue this matter, he would probably have to pay a great sum of spiritual jades. He smiled, “What a headache.”

There was a massive lake at the summit of the Spiritwood Peak that emitted spiritual energy into the surroundings. This place wasn’t any inferior to the Indigocloud Lake. Many disciples here needed to defend against the chill on this summit with their origin energy.

The clouds were thin at the top of the mountain and a gale would occasionally pass by. There was also a dense mist on top of the lake that fluctuated with shocking spiritual energy. Countless people, both inner and core disciples, were gathered around this very lake. 

They were all looking at the boundless mist with excitement. Right at this moment, a black-clothed figure walked over. His pace was slow, but he had arrived at the edge of the lake in several steps.

“Yang Xiong!” Everyone instantly recognized this person. After all, he was probably the strongest one here. It was only natural for him to attract so much attention.

“Senior Brother Yang is here!”

“Judging from Senior Brother Yang’s expression, he must be confident. If nothing goes wrong, he should be the ultimate winner in the competition.”

“Senior Brother Qi and Senior Brother Lu might also be in the pinnacle Yin stage, but they are still slightly weaker than Senior Brother Yang.”

“Hehe, I wonder if Lin Yun will come. It'll be fun if he comes.”

“As if. Just look at Senior Brother Yang’s aura. Even some core disciples in the top ten might not be able to defeat him.”

“I don’t think that way. After all, Lin Yun is someone who obtained the Infernal Flower.” Yang Xiong’s appearance instantly caused an uproar in the surroundings. His grudge with Lin Yun had been spread throughout the academy on purpose.

“That fellow is really annoying,” muttered Bai Yi.

Gong Ming smiled bitterly, “Junior Sister Bai, lower your voice. The core disciples in the top ten can’t participate in this competition and no one is willing to offend Yang Xiong here. Because of this, he does have the qualification to be arrogant with his strength.”

But just when Bai Yi was about to reply, a beam of light descended down from the sky as three figures appeared. The two figures on the side were dressed in purple robes. They were Tang Yu and Yu Mu. Between them was a white-clothed elder that emitted an unfathomable aura.

“Lord Dean!” Everyone’s faces changed because they never expected that the dean would show up. Even Yang Xiong was surprised. Even if he knew that the flower king might show up this time, it shouldn’t be worth attracting the attention of the dean.

“Greetings, Lord Dean!” Everyone cupped their hands together.

“I’ve been in seclusion and I rarely show myself. I’m surprised that all of you remember me,” smiled the white-clothed elder. He seemed amicable and his voice could be heard by everyone even though it wasn’t loud. “The competition this time is the same. You guys will compete based on your own capabilities. But…”

He left everyone in suspense when he paused briefly. He then continued after everyone became quiet, “If I’m right, Nine Petals Profound Yin Flower, also known as the flower king, should appear this time.”

The white-clothed elder chuckled and dropped another bomb, “I’ll personally refine a fourth grade pellet for the person who can obtain the flower king.”

“Fourth grade pellet!” Everyone was shocked. Even the Profound Yin Pellet could only be considered a third grade pellet. So the price of a fourth grade pellet naturally went without saying. Only fourth grade spiritualists could refine a fourth grade pellet and there weren’t many fourth grade spiritualists in the Nether Prefectural City, not to mention that it would be personally refined by the dean.

But shortly after, everyone smiled bitterly and looked at Yang Xiong. If everything went smoothly, the fourth grade pellet would go to Yang Xiong. Only a few disciples had reluctance in their eyes.

Yang Xiong wore a smug face as he could see the reluctance in many people’s eyes. He sneered inwardly at the incapability of their strength. If they really tried to snatch the flower king from him, then he would teach them a lesson they would never forget.

“Then, let us begin,” smiled the white-clothed elder. Shortly after, the thick mist began to dissipate, and a lake appeared before everyone. When the lake was revealed, everyone’s eyes instantly blazed with flames. But right at this moment, there was a ray of golden light on the somewhat dim lake.

Everyone fell into deep thoughts because no sunlight could enter here normally. When they turned back, they saw a golden figure coming in this direction. The golden radiance was so bright that many people were forced to squint their eyes.

Who was it? Right when everyone was baffled, a faint figure passed through the thick mist and landed on the ground. When everyone took a closer look at the newcomer, their faces changed. The newcomer was naturally Lin Yun.

Lin Yun looked at the lake and revealed a smile, “Looks like I’m not late.”

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