Chapter 536 - Great Boost in Cultivation

“Senior Brother Mei, it’s just as you guessed. Yang Xiong attacked Lin Yun, but it’s a pity that Yang Xiong left when Liu Yunyan came out…” A grey-clothed youth reported to Mei Ziyan with a fawning smile. Lin Yun had correctly guessed who was manipulating things from behind the scenes. Mei Ziyan was the reason for Yang Xiong’s sudden appearance.

“It doesn’t matter. He’ll definitely show up for the Profound Yin Flower’s competition. At that time, he’ll suffer!” Mei Ziyan’s eyes looked eerie. He found it a pity that the summit of the Spiritwood Peak was forbidden to disciples who were in the top ten. Otherwise, he would’ve dealt with Lin Yun personally.

“Yang Xiong is really stupid. Someone like him is the most suitable type of pawn,” smiled Mei Ziyan with pride flashing in his eyes. Clearly, he was happy with what he had done. Yang Xiong could step into the Yin stage at any time, so his plan would definitely leave Lin Yun and Yang Xiong heavily injured.

Even if there was an accident, his plan was still perfect because Yang Xiong wasn’t the only one fighting for the Profound Yin Flower. This wasn’t a frequent event, so all the academy elites would be present.

At that time, someone else would handle Lin Yun since he was an outsider. Furthermore, Lin Yun even broke the cage and he had gained a little fame in the academy. Who wouldn’t want to use a famous person as a stepping stone?

“You want to test me? Let’s see how you do!” smiled Mei Ziyan coldly.

In the Spiritwood Peak, Lin Yun returned to the Spirit Convergence Array in his courtyard. His face was calm as he sat down on the mat. He would use this array every day, but he was still shocked to see it. If the Sword Firmament Pavilion had something like this, he would already be in the Yang stage.

At that time, he could even suppress Mei Ziyan, not to mention Yang Xiong. But now, a mere Yang Xiong actually dared to try and bully him because of the advantage he had in his cultivation.

Lin Yun naturally wasn’t happy about it. The Iris Sword Array was his trump card, so it couldn’t be used so casually. Otherwise, his opponents would be prepared for it in the future.

Lin Yun wasn’t in a rush to activate the Spiritual Convergence Array and instead took out four jade bottles. They were naturally the Profound Yin Pellets. Lin Yun smiled, “It’s time.”

Lin Yun took out a pellet and threw it into his mouth. The pellet melted the moment it entered his mouth, turning into boundless medicinal energy that flowed within his body. At the same time, the Spiritual Convergence Array and Iris Sword Stura were both activated. Lin Yun could sense that the two were combining together as they grew even more powerful.

The silver sword energy began to glow even brighter as it leaked out of his body. Then, Lin Yun was enveloped in a silver and azure radiance while his clothes fluttered the wind. As his origin energy coursed through his body, he could sense his meridians gradually widening.

It left him with a painful feeling. Lin Yun gnashed his teeth from the pain, but he persevered because his cultivation was soaring. He could tell that the Profound Yin Pellet wasn’t simple, which made him rejoice. He then sucked the rest of the Profound Yin Pellets into his mouth and endured the pain.

The pellets melted when they entered his mouth. The two energies roared within his body and Lin Yun glowed even brighter. His cultivation was advancing at a rapid speed all thanks to Mei Ziyan.

After all, no one would be so insane like Lin Yun. Everyone would refine the pellets carefully. But Lin Yun was refining multiple pellets at once. If Lin Yun could maintain this speed, he could definitely make a breakthrough in less than five days.

Lin Yun had joined the academy for half a month. Back then, he wasn’t even in the Violet Palace Realm. But now, he was already making his breakthrough into the greater Yin stage.

Lin Yun was currently like a madman as he went through unimaginable pain to advance at a rapid speed. No one could understand his pride. If he didn’t come from the Great Qin Empire, he would have been much stronger from the resources available. He truly was like a dragon that returned to the ocean. So how could he be bullied by anybody? Yang Xiong merely relied on his advantage in his cultivation to bully him.

Lin Yun would be the new laughingstock if he bowed. At the same time, he felt at ease as his cultivation advanced at a rapid speed. He was confident that he would make a breakthrough within five days. Since that was the case, then he naturally had to temper himself well. Otherwise, he would only have the cultivation in the greater Yin stage and not the strength, just like Gu Feng.

Gu Feng’s foundation wasn’t firm, so he was defeated by Lin Yun. Lin Yun didn’t want a similar incident to occur to him.

Cultivating was a dry process, but he had no choice since he had already made a promise. He had no path of retreat now.

As time slowly passed, three days had passed, and Lin Yun was focused on refining the pellets. He could clearly sense that he would soon make a breakthrough. Bearing the excitement in his heart, his silver origin energy began to emit a bright radiance.

An Iris Flower also bloomed beneath him as his violet palace continued to absorb origin energy. Sensing the surging origin energy in his body, Lin Yun calmed himself down. He could clearly sense that he was about to make his breakthrough. “Almost time.”

After refining another pellet, Lin Yun’s body began to tremble and a terrifying aura emitted out from his body. His violet palace began to expand, increasing one-fold. When he opened his eyes, two dazzling beams shot out from his eyes.

When he opened his palm, he could sense the boundless origin energy boiling on his palm. When he clenched his fist, all the radiance and flames were recalled into his body. However, Lin Yun could sense that his power got even more terrifying. Then, Lin Yun threw out a punch.

Within a three hundred meter radius, the ground began to tremble as a visible shockwave spread out. Within the shockwaves, he could even see a faint silvery glow. A smile then appeared on Lin Yun’s lips, “I finally made a breakthrough.”

If he ran into Yang Xiong again, at least his origin energy wouldn’t lose out to the former. If he brought out the Dazzling Moment, he could probably give Yang Xiong a great surprise. In the end, he still had to thank Mei Ziyan. If Mei Ziyan didn’t give him the Profound Yin Pellets, Lin Yun knew that he couldn’t make his breakthrough so quickly.

He began to wonder what expression Mei Ziyan would have on his face after finding out that he made a breakthrough into the greater Yin stage.

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