Chapter 535 - Friends

Lin Yun didn’t leave immediately after coming out. Since he came with Liu Yunyan, then he naturally had to wait for her. Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts as he held onto the crimson jade slip. He never expected that the Seven Slaughtering Fist was also a buddhist fist technique.

It looks like he was rather fated with buddhism. After all, the Dragon-Tiger Fist was also a buddhist fist technique. Elder Yu said that there was something weird about this fist technique for a buddhism fist technique to be filled with such a killing aura, but Lin Yun didn't agree with her.

In ancient times, when everyone was fighting, how could Buddhists continue to live if they relied on compassion alone? Even if you were to vanquish evil, you still need to kill or else you would be killed.

After waiting for a long time, Liu Yunyan was still nowhere to be seen. Lin Yun began to feel worried. She wouldn’t have been trapped by a restriction, right? After all, it would be a great loss if she returned empty-handed.

Right at this moment, a black figure suddenly descended onto the plaza. That person’s gaze was on Lin Yun. He was briefly stunned before his eyes were filled with killing aura.

Lin Yun looked at the black-clothed youth. For some reason, the black-clothed youth seemed familiar, but he couldn’t recognize this person. 

“Are you waiting for someone?” The black-clothed youth looked at Lin Yun and he smiled sinisterly, “I bet you never expected to bump into me…”

Yang Xiong! His name instantly appeared in Lin Yun’s mind when he heard the black-clothed youth’s voice. This was the person who threatened to mess with him if he dared to see Liu Yunyan. However, Lin Yun didn’t pay any attention to him.

“You must be waiting for Liu Yunyan,” said Yang Xiong coldly.

Rage flashed across Lin Yun’s eyes and he replied, “It has nothing to do with you.”

“Tsk tsk. Someone told me that you have a huge temper and that you never place any of the core disciples in your eyes. I’ve experienced it firsthand now,” smiled Yang Xiong. “But if you think I’m like that piece of trash Gu Feng, then you’ll die a terrible death.”

He released a shocking aura that felt like a majestic mountain to Lin Yun. His cultivation was in the pinnacle Yin stage. This shocked Lin Yun because Yang Xiong was only halfway into the pinnacle Yin stage the first time they met. This meant that Yang Xiong made a breakthrough in just half a month. He was now one step away from the Yang stage.

No wonder Gong Ming told him that Yang Xiong was ranked eleventh. He was fully worthy of that ranking with his talent and cultivation.

“But I said that you’re nothing in my eyes and that you would suffer the consequences if you dared to get close to Liu Yunyan!” Yang Xiong took a step forward and appeared before Lin Yun while his palm descended.

The difference in their cultivation made Lin Yun’s bones start to crackle, but this wasn’t enough to make Lin Yun bow his head. The Iris Flower bloomed in Lin Yun’s violet palace and his sword energy began to gather in his palm. He then clenched his fist and threw a punch out.

His fist was like a sword that pierced through the mountain. When the two attacks clashed, the terrifying rebound force made Lin Yun fly backwards. Just when Lin Yun was about to smash onto the door, he managed to stop himself.

Yang Xiong had it easier as his body merely swayed in the air briefly. When he landed on the ground, he was shocked by the faint aching on his arm. Lin Yun’s origin energy had broken through his defence.

If he was an ordinary person, his entire arm would’ve been crippled by now. Lin Yun’s punch was sharp like a sword, which was shocking. Although he barely used 50% of his strength, the two had a huge gulf in their cultivation.

“Interesting. It looks like I can’t underestimate you,” sneered Yang Xiong. “But you’re still too weak!”

“Then you can come and give it a try,” smiled Lin Yun.

“You’re courting death!” Yang Xiong was enraged by Lin Yun’s provocation. But right at this moment, the bronze door was opened and Liu Yunyan came out from it. Her appearance made Yang Xiong’s face change as he quickly retracted his aura.

“Yang Xiong, that’s enough!” roared Liu Yunyan.

“Since I said that anyone who gets close to you will be an enemy of mine, I naturally have to honor my words. Furthermore, I already warned this brat.” Yang Xiong didn’t seem bothered by it and he smiled, “Consider yourself lucky today. The Profound Yin Flower’s competition will be six days from now. You better not come or I’ll turn you into a joke.”

Despite his words, he was clearly provoking Lin Yun to come. When he was done speaking, he turned around and left.

“Sorry about that. Are you alright?” Liu Yunyan asked.

“It’s nothing,” smiled Lin Yun.

“About the Profound Yin Flower…” Liu Yunyan hesitated.

But before she could finish, Lin Yun smiled, “I naturally have to go. How can I possibly miss out on such a treasure? Furthermore, I’m not afraid of Yang Xiong.”

There might be a huge gulf in their cultivation, but Lin Yun wasn’t afraid of Yang Xiong. If they were to fight for real, Lin Yun was 60% confident about winning. Lin Yun was about to bring out the Iris Sword Array earlier if Yang Xiong still dared to come at him. It would definitely make Yang Xiong take a great loss.

“I expected that. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be you,” smiled Liu Yunyan. She knew Liu Yun well. “What do you plan to do now?”

“First reach the greater Yin stage. After all, I can’t disappoint someone who gave me five bottles of Profound Yin Pellets.”

Speaking of the Profound Yin Pellets, Lin Yun’s eyes turned cold. He was certain that Mei Ziyan must’ve ratted him out to Yang Xiong. Otherwise, Yang Xiong wouldn’t come here so quickly. Since that was the case, then Lin Yun would just play with Mei Ziyan.

“Five bottles of Profound Yin Pellets?” Liu Yunyan was shocked. “That’s surprising. It’s not easy for Senior Sister Mo to obtain so many pellets at once.”

She naturally misunderstood that the Profound Yin Pellets came from Mo Ling. But Lin Yun merely smiled without any explanation made.

“I’ll be going into seclusion over the next few days. I’m afraid I won’t be able to show up for the Profound Yin Flower’s competition. You have to be careful. Don’t fight Yang Xiong head-on. He’s too extreme and it’s not worth it. You’re my friend and I don’t want to see you injured,” said Liu Yunyan seriously.

“If Yang Xiong heard what you said, he’ll probably come after me tomorrow,” smiled Lin Yun.

“What’s the matter? Didn’t you say that you’re not afraid?” teased Liu Yunyan as she looked at Lin Yun. She then smiled and waved her hand, “Alright, I’ll be taking my leave first.”

“Liu Yunyan!” Lin Yun called out to her. “Don’t carry everything by yourself. Let me know if you need my help. I’m here any time.”

Liu Yunyan’s body jolted, but she didn’t dare to turn around. Instead she smiled and yelled, “It’s nothing. You’re just being too overly concerned.”

“I hope so. I can help you if you need my help, just like how I obtained the Indigoflame Goldlotuses back then. I never break my promises,” said Lin Yun.

“I believe you. But I wish to rely on myself this time,” said Liu Yunyan as she bit on her lips. Her eyes were watery from Lin Yun’s words.

Lin Yun was then left all alone as he smiled bitterly. He could tell that something was bothering Liu Yunyan. He could sense it from their first meeting and when she didn’t tell him why she wanted to become a core disciple so badly. Judging from how urgent she was with her cultivation, he could guess that there wasn't much time left.

Lin Yun shook his head and left. After he left, the bronze door opened once more and Mo Ling came out.

“No wonder this fellow feels nothing for me even over the past fifteen days we spent together. So your heart already belongs to someone,” muttered Mo Ling. She had clearly misunderstood Lin Yun and Liu Yunyan from their conversation.

Looking at Lin Yun’s silhouette, Mo Ling fell into deep thoughts. If Lin Yun wanted to help Liu Yunyan, then he would have to get through Yang Xiong first. After all, there would be many people in the Profound Yin Flower’s competition.

She raised her head to look at the sky. Although the sky was blue, in Mo Ling’s eyes, many thunderclouds were gathering.

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