Chapter 534 - Breaking the Restriction

In the Library Hall, Yu Mu and Mo Ling sat with their legs crossed with a tea set in front of them. Yu Mu placed the cup down and smiled, “I’m looking forward to seeing what they will get.”

“They should be able to notice those black jade slips if everything goes well,” replied Mo Ling.

“You seem pretty confident about them. But noticing is noticing, it’s another matter if they can break the restriction,” smiled Yu Mu.

“I believe a monstrous genius who managed to obtain an Infernal Flower will give you a surprise,” replied Mo Ling.

“Surprise?” Yu Mu moved her brow and smiled, “I hope so. I’m more worried about my foolish disciple…”

Yu Mu and Mo Ling’s eyes turned dim when they mentioned Liu Yunyan. They knew how fantic Liu Yunyan had been lately. She wasn’t just hard working, but like a fully stretched bow that could snap any moment.

“I’ve decided to let her look at the lesser divine ability after today,” said Mo Ling.

“You’ve made up your mind?” Yu Mo asked in a concerned tone.

“It’s too cruel that her father’s burden is all on her. If she doesn’t get through this, she’ll always have a demon in her heart…”

“But the lesser divine ability isn’t something that anyone can successfully learn,” countered Yu Mu.

“I want to give her some hope. If it’s not possible, then she should also give up on it quickly,” explained Mo Ling.

Yu Mu fell into a deep silence. Liu Yunyan’s father was her best friend. But a conceited decision Liu Yunyan’s father made fifteen years ago implicated the academy. This was why all the pressure was now on Liu Yunyan.

Suddenly, a spiritual rune fluctuation began to ripple out in the hall. Just when the two were baffled, the Library Hall began to shake. This made Yu Mu frown her brows as she tapped her finger out. A water screen appeared before her and in it was an azure-clothed youth enveloped in crimson radiance.

Looking at the person on the screen, Yu Mu was shocked before she replied bitterly, “This lad has really given me a shock.

“Elder Yu, what’s the matter?” Mo Ling asked.

“He seems to have come in contact with a forbidden technique,” said Yu Mu with a grave expression.

Mo Ling’s face changed when she heard that. The Library Hall had many forbidden techniques that were sealed. All of them had a great origin, but they also had many flaws. She expressed her doubt, “He shouldn’t be able to break through the restriction, right?”

“He can’t. But it’s out of his control if this jade slip jumped out by itself. This Seven Slaughtering Fist has chosen him. I wonder if he can break the restriction on it...” smiled Yu Mu.

Mo Ling frowned when she heard that. The Seven Slaughtering Fist was something an ancestor had obtained from an ancient ruin a few hundred years ago. It was a buddhist technique, but it also embodied the essence of slaughtering. No one had succeeded in practicing it. On the contrary, many people ran amok instead. As time slowly passed, this technique was gradually sealed as a forbidden technique.

But now, it has shown itself again because of Lin Yun. Yu Mu stroked her chin with anticipation, “There must be something on this lad that attracted the Seven Slaughtering Fist. Haha, I really wish to see him bring it out”

Mo Ling fell into deep thoughts because she knew that it wouldn’t be easy. 

When Lin Yun opened his eyes, his face changed by the scene around him. What was going on? He clearly broke the Violetthunder Demonic Dragon’s restriction, but his mind suddenly exploded before he had time to grab it.

Looking at the crimson jade slip, Lin Yun gradually recalled what it was. Lin Yun remembered that it was this crimson jade slip that destroyed the Violelthunder Demonic Dragon Fist’s jade slip.

Lin Yun looked at the jade slip before him. He didn’t dare to move carelessly because he knew that this jade slip was a lot more terrifying. But just when Lin Yun hesitated, the jade slip began to tremble and Lin Yun could hear the sound of slaughtering coming from the surroundings. The Overlord Sword’s sutra began to circulate without Lin Yun’s control and an overbearing sword intent began to leak out.

Suddenly, the crimson radiance disappeared and the jade slip fell into Lin Yun’s hand. When he came in contact with the jade slip, ancient information appeared in his mind once more.

The Seven Slaughtering Fist, slaughtering all living beings in the world.

The introduction was simple, but it was filled with dominance. The introduction was a lot simpler than other first techniques, but Lin Yun knew that this was stronger than the Violetthunder Demonic Dragon Fist. Otherwise, that jade slip wouldn’t have shattered.

“It flew over by itself?” Lin Yun finally figured out what was going on. The Seven Slaughtering Fist chose him, which was probably due to the Overlord Sword. After all, this jade slip showed itself when Lin Yun used the Thunderbolt Crusher.

“Since you’ve chosen me, there’s no reason I should let you go,” smiled Lin Yun as he grabbed onto this jade slip tightly. The jade slip trembled and emitted a crimson radiance. When the jade slip disappeared, a figure appeared in his mind.

“Defeat me first if you want the Seven Slaughtering Fist…” That figure spoke in a hoarse voice before charging at Lin Yun. Boundless killing aura swept out like rumbling lightning that reached a shocking height.

This made Lin Yun’s face change as he brought out his xiantian sword intent and swung his sword out. When the fist and sword clashed together, Lin Yun’s sword aura was actually destroyed after several clashes. In the end, he was sent flying.

Lin Yun cursed inwardly when he landed on the ground. The previous exhaustion was too great and it was difficult for him to use the Thunderbolt Crusher again. But before Lin Yun could think, the blurred figure charged towards him once more like a ferocious beast.

“This fellow…” Lin Yun’s eyes flashed with rage because this person was too much. Lin Yun began to defend himself against the barrage of punches while he retreated. He was barely holding on.

“That’s enough!” Lin Yun flew into rage. The Iris Flower lit up as its flowers began to fly out and manifest into silver swords. It was the Iris Sword Array—Absolute Unrivaled.

Chill began to gather in Lin Yun’s eyes as the swords began to turn into a silvery current that gathered together. When the eighty-one swords fell onto the blurred figure, the torrential killing intent was crushed.

“Did I succeed?” Lin Yun muttered with an exhausted voice. If he still couldn’t break the restriction, then he could only return empty handed.

When the killing aura was crushed, the blurred figure ultimately exploded. The only thing left in the sky was a floating jade slip. Looking at the jade slip, Lin Yun smiled and grabbed at it. When he held onto the jade slip, the surrounding space began to distort.

When he opened his eyes, he was back in the Library Hall. When he raised his head, Yu Mo was looking at him with a smile as Mo Ling stood beside her. Aside from them, there were also other elders that looked at him with shock.

“You actually brought out the Seven Slaughtering Fist, the forbidden technique that has been sealed for over a century. You’ve really given me a shock,” smiled Yu Mu.

Looking at the array and all the elders looking at him, Lin Yun smiled bitterly, “Don’t tell me that I have to give it back?”

“Nah. We were just curious as to who obtained the Seven Slaughtering Fist. You can go ahead and cultivate it. But this buddhist fist technique is extremely weird, so you have to be careful,” smiled Yu Mo as she stroked her chin.

“Not all buddhist fist techniques are about great compassion,” said Lin Yun as he released a dragon and tiger roar. This was a buddhist aura that was mixed with violence, making this fist technique even more terrifying. When everyone saw the phenomenon, they were stunned.

Lin Yun cupped his hands together with a smile, “Elder Yu, thank you. I’ll be taking my leave now if there’s nothing else.

Watching Lin Yun turn around, Yu Mu’s eyes lit up. She now knew why the Seven Slaughtering Fist chose Lin Yun.

“Lin Yun, don’t forget about the Yin Flower competition six days from now,” said Mo Ling just when Lin Yun was about to step out of the hall.

“Don’t worry. How can I possibly miss it?” Lin Yun’s laughter echoed out in the hall.

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