Chapter 533 - Seven Slaughtering Fist

So did the black light also represent jade slips? This place was deadly silent and if he didn’t been paying attention, he wouldn’t have noticed the black lights. But the moment he paid attention to them, it was impossible for him to shift his gaze away. He was already captivated by them.

“I want to take a look.” Lin Yun raised his head and looked at the black lights with a smile. He reached out to one of the black lights.

When his hand shot out, countless jade slips flew away. Occasionally, the jade slips would even attack him. The jade slips’ aura wasn’t very strong. Lin Yun could tell that the more radiant they were, the stronger they were. His attention to the black lights couldn’t be broken.

Right at this moment, a comet that was a whole lot larger than the others flew past him. Lin Yun fell into deep thought as he looked at it. The Iris Flower bloomed in his violet palace and he reached for the comet.

The jade slip began to struggle and Lin Yun’s origin energy started dissipating. Lin Yun smiled and he charged forward, “You can’t run.”

He clenched his fist together and the comet began to shrink in size. When he fully clenched his fist, the comet disappeared and became a jade slip. Countless information began to pour into his mind. This technique was called Demon Vanquishing Fist, a high rank earth grade fist technique. It was a buddhist technique created by a venerable monk to vanquish evil.

“It’s actually a buddhist fist technique…” Lin Yun now knew why he would be attracted by this jade slip. The Dragon-Tiger Fist was also a buddhist technique. He might not know any buddhist verses, but he still managed to bring the Dragon-Tiger Fist to the limit. So this fist technique was naturally perfect for Lin Yun.

Since the Dragon-Tiger Fist was so powerful in his hand, the Demon Vanquishing Fist would be a lot stronger. If the black lights weren’t suitable for him, then he could give this fist technique a try. However, he didn’t know if he could find it again once he let go.

Lin Yun hesitated briefly and released his grip. The jade slip in his hand radiated and flew away. Judging from the looks of it, it wouldn’t be possible for him to find it again.

“How quick,” smiled Lin Yun bitterly. Since he had already given up on it, he had to let it leave. As Lin Yun continued forward, there were many other fist techniques stronger than the Demon Vanquishing Fist, but Lin Yun continued heading to the black lights.

This process took an entire hour. The black lights were much further than he had imagined. Without him noticing, the stars around Lin Yun had gradually decreased. It looked like the galaxy was gradually leaving him.

“Weird…” Lin Yun muttered as the surroundings started to get eerie. He raised his head and saw a black light that practically merged with the darkness. He didn't know how he had noticed them from afar. When he looked at it, there were eighteen black lights. This number was pathetic compared to the stars that were around him previously.

When Lin Yun took a look at them, his face became grave. If the stars he met earlier felt violent and arrogant, then the black lights felt like insurmountable mountains. Lin Yun instantly knew that these black lights were the best as the eighteen black lights emitted a terrifying aura.

“Let’s go with you then,” smiled Lin Yun as he poured his sword energy into his body and reached out for one black light. The two energies clashed together and the rebound energy left Lin Yun shocked. The black vortex began to spin faster, crushing the silver radiance from Lin Yun’s palm.

Lin Yun raised his palm and sent out several more attacks, but the black vortex suppressed his attacks entirely. Lin Yun raised his brow with fighting spirits blazing in his eyes. He barked, “Interesting. Let me see how strong you are then. In the name of my sword, bloom!”

Along with a sword buzz, the Iris Flower in his violet palace began to spin. A boundless sword aura emitted from Lin Yun and the outline of an Iris Flower also appeared above his head. When Lin Yun emitted the dazzling silver radiance, his aura reached the pinnacle Yin stage.

Under this aura, Lin Yun flicked his finger and shot out a silvery sword ray at the black vortex. But the black vortex was still circulating slowly, constantly recovering from Lin Yun’s attack.

“I don’t believe I can’t deal with you!” Sword energy rippled in Lin Yun’s body as the silvery ray moved like a bolt of lightning. With that, Lin Yun began to confront the black light. They were both competing in patience. If Lin Yun couldn’t break through the vortex, then he could only retreat and leave the Library Hall. This would waste his entry, but Lin Yun believed that he could break through the vortex.

One hour later, Lin Yun’s forehead was covered in sweat as the black vortex finally exploded. A purple jade slip appeared in this space and emitted a dazzling radiance. Lin Yun had joy on his face as he stepped forward to grab the jade slip, “I did it!”

The Violetthunder Demonic Dragon Fist, a transcendent earth grade fist technique. He could manifest lightning and his fists would become bolts of lightning at greater mastery. At that time, he would be like a destructive demonic dragon.

“A transcendent earth grade fist technique!” Lin Yun was briefly shocked before he rejoiced. This was the fist technique that he needed. Just thinking about how he could throw out bolts of lightning with his punches made him excited. This was a lot stronger than the Dragon-Tiger Fist.

The jade slip in his hand began to tremble, but Lin Yun wasn’t shocked by it. He knew that the jade slip’s restriction would be activated if he continued to hold onto it. He could obtain the jade slip by breaking the restriction, but he would be sent out if he failed. He had spent so much effort on this fist technique, so how could he possibly give up.

The jade slip finally disappeared and a demonic dragon enveloped in violent bolts of lightning charged at him. Lin Yun smiled because he had been waiting for this moment ever since he suppressed the jade slip. However, he didn’t want to exhaust himself too much. “Great timing!”

Since he had decided to draw his sword, he knew he had to end this battle with an attack. The Flower Burial Sword appeared in his hand and he used the Overlord Sword—Thunderbolt Crusher.

The sword instantly manifested into bolts of lightning that charged towards the demonic dragon empowered by his xiantian sword intent. It didn’t take long for the demonic dragon to be torn into pieces.

Lin Yun sheathed his sword and looked around. His gaze was on the purple jade slip that quietly hovered in the air.

“I won’t let you run now that I have my eyes on you,” smiled Lin Yun. But just when he was about to reach out for the jade slip before him, the space began to tremble and he was soon devoured by a crimson shadow. Before he could even react, the crimson radiance destroyed the purple jade slip before him.

At the same time, a piece of information appeared in Lin Yun’s mind. The Seven Slaughtering Fist, slaughter everything and anything you see.

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