Chapter 53 - Reserves

It was natural that swordsmen loved swords, and Lin Yun wasn’t an exception either. So when this profound artifact broke into two, Lin Yun’s face became ugly as his heart bled.

It was a profound artifact! 

Even if it was a low-grade profound artifact, it was still priceless! In the Aquasky Nation, the worth of a profound artifact was indeterminable because there was no supply.

Profound artifacts were forged by profound masters, and the Aquasky Nation didn’t even have one. So, profound artifacts were something that the four great sects had forged by hiring a profound master outside of the Aquasky Nation.

In the past, Lin Yun had broken three swords in the Administration Hall’s Weapon Chamber, but he never imagined that even a profound artifact would break in his hands.

In the past, he could still convince himself that it was purely a coincidence. But now that even a profound artifact broke, it was no longer as simple as a coincidence.

“What the hell is going on here? Could it be that my physique belongs to the physique of broken swords or something?” Lin Yun was baffled.

When the previous Lin Yun was maintaining swords for others, this had never happened before, and it only happened after his soul had transmigrated into this world.

Could it be related to the sword that stabbed into his chest when he was climbing Mount Tai? As he thought to the sword intent contained in his Ferocious Tiger Fist, Lin Yun felt even more baffled. But a moment later, he gave up thinking as he couldn’t find an answer no matter how he pondered about it.

“But… why are you fine?” Lin Yun then pulled out his Flower Burial Sword.

The body of the sword was gorgeous as limpid autumn water. The sword was extraordinary, but it was still inferior compared to a low-grade profound artifact. So, he needed to nourish the Flower Burial Sword with floral fragrance. 

Drifting like the duckweed for half a lifetime to be wrecked by the cold-hearted rain; the life of the catkins was akin to an incense, withering with the wind.

Lin Yun then recited the poem that came from the Flower Burial Sword the other day.


As Lin Yun brandished his sword, he executed the Flowing Wind Sword in complete control. In that moment, Lin Yun was like a stream, surging up and down as he left afterimages of swords wherever he went. At the same time, an enormous sword aura exploded from Lin Yun’s body that attracted the phenomenon of heaven and earth.

The swords were sharp and permeated a cold aura, sending shivers down the spine.

Lin Yun had completely fused with his sword as he danced like a stream, absorbing the surrounding rivers and transforming them into a massive ocean.

His every swing would seem like the bellowing river as the buzzing of his sword echoed in the heavens and earth.

Traceless Wind!

When he executed the last move, only a sword flash remained as Lin Yun had disappeared.


When it exploded, Lin Yun’s figure appeared as he basked in the moonlight that seemed like snowflakes.

He was on a roll as he smiled.

As he turned around and stabbed out, his gaze was only focused on the tip of his sword, as his surroundings slowly faded out. However, there was a rose on the tip of his sword.

Where do the flowers bloom!

With an explosion, the rose on the tip of the sword exploded as countless petals drifted along with the wind.

When Lin Yun sheathed his sword, his face was blushing as the blood within his body surged. However, he did not gasp for his breath as he could now easily execute this move.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Just when Lin Yun was feeling satisfied, his heart suddenly throbbed violently.

He could feel seven warm streams flowing from his heart to his limbs, nourishing every muscle fiber. At the same time, his cultivation was growing visibly.

“What's going on?” Lin Yun’s face changed when he sensed that abnormal phenomenon.

When he closed his eyes as he looked into his internal organs, he finally saw an unbelievable scene. 

There was a pellet perfectly embedded in his heart.

As his heart beated violently, the medicinal effect from the pellet would flow out and nourish his body. When Lin Yun opened his eyes, his face sank.

“I see…”

With that, the matter that had been troubling him for days was finally resolved.

No wonder his cultivation has been growing in the recent days despite the fact that he did not particularly focus on cultivating. So it turns out that Su Ziyao had fed him a Seven Orifices Exquisite Pellet!

“I owe you too much…”

Guilt flowed out of Lin Yun’s heart as he looked at the hair that tied around his pinky. Holding onto his sword, Lin Yun’s hand began to tremble.

In the future… one day… he had to find Su Ziyao!

Whether it was the secret that kept causing swords to break in his hand or to find Su Ziyao, he needed more power!

So, Lin Yun spent his remaining time fully immersed in cultivation.

In the morning, he would use the Spiritual Convergence Art to nourish the Pale Remnant Flower and consolidate the Xiantian Pure Yang Art.

In the afternoon, he would ponder over the Dragon-Tiger Fist along with his fist techniques.

In the evening, he would study the tiger painting, comprehending the sword techniques used by the man in the painting and comprehend the essence of it, accompanied by the starry skies.

With a heart focused on the Dao, he was fully immersed in his cultivation. His hard work was simply an obsession as he persevered even if there might not be any results.

He had distanced himself from any disturbance.

While he was cultivating, the entire Azure Sky Sect was celebrating. Hu Zifeng’s deed of defeating Zhang Ye with one palm had been spread throughout the sect. Even if the disciples of the Azure Sky Sect were prideful, they had been talking about Hu Zifeng everyday. Even the slightest progress made by Hu Zifeng would shock the entire sect and become the focus of discussion.

At the same time, Lin Yun, who did not stand up that day was being compared to Hu Zifeng by everyone.

“Senior Brother Hu is still the courageous one, standing up in times of need and chasing the Mad Blade Sect away!”

“This was the benefits of having a sturdy foundation, unlike someone who only shined briefly.”

“That’s right. Lin Yun was there, but he didn’t even dare to utter a single word.”

“This is the differences between them. Only those with real capability would face outsiders instead of those on our side!”

The entire sect began to discuss Lin Yun, and it could no longer be stopped when it started off. Even if Lin Yun had rarely shown himself nowadays, there were still many people who pointed fingers at the wooden shack whenever they walked past. However, Lin Yun didn’t bother explaining for himself as he was fully immersed in the world of Martial Dao.

Gradually, the gossip started to fade as Lin Yun was soon forgotten. However, there were many pieces of news regarding Hu Zifeng spreading in the sect.

“Have you heard? Senior Brother Hu has become one of the three seeded contestants to participate in the Four sects Tournament.”

“What’s so surprising about that? With Hu Zifeng’s strength, it would be surprising if he didn’t make it.”

“Right. Since he was able to comprehend Xiantian Art at such a young age, just what’s impossible for him?”

“Let’s just wait and see how Senior Brother Hu shines on the Four Sects Tournament.”

As days slowly passed, the Four Sects Tournament was approaching. 

The whole sect was shrouded in tension as everyone would talk about the Four Sects Tournament whenever they gathered. After all, the Four Sects Tournament was a grand event in the Aquasky Nation that took place once every three years. Not only was it massive in scale, it would also attract the attention of all the martial practitioners in the Aquasky Nation, and it even concerned the interest of the sects.

The four great sects governed the Aquasky Nation, and it was unavoidable for there to be competition and a clash of interest. So in order to resolve those interests and prevent a war, the tournament was created for their disciples to compete against each other. If the Azure Sky Sect couldn’t get a good result in the tournament, the interest of the entire sect would be affected, and everyone in the sect would be affected. As dusk came and it was approaching evening, Lin Yun held onto the tiger painting as he stood on the empty ground before the wooden shack and began muttering to himself.

Where do the flowers bloom? Where did I come from? What is a sword? What are flowers…

He could now hear those four phrases spoken by the man in the painting, and every single phrase would contain a single attack. But it was a pity that Lin Yun still couldn’t comprehend the last three aside from the first one. Although he had some idea after days of pondering, he failed to grab onto those ideas.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

But all of a sudden, Lin Yun caught onto the sound of subtle footsteps approaching him from his rear.

The strength of this person wasn’t simple as his footsteps only let out subtle noises.

“Who is it?!” Lin Yun roared as he turned around and threw a punch out.


In that moment when he threw his punch out, it was followed by the echoing roars of a tiger — the Hundred Beast Wave! 

At the same time, the Xiantian Pure Yang Art’s yellow internal energy blazed like flames as he poured them into his fist.

In that instance, the might of his fist enveloped the entire region. But when he took a closer look at the person, his face changed as the blazing internal energy within his body instantly died down, and his fist also did not lit up.


But even so, that person was still forced to take three steps back.

“Great, you actually punched me.” Zhang Han took three steps back as he commented on it unhappily.

Just a moment ago, the punch from Lin Yun had truly terrified him.

When the aura of Lin Yun’s fist enveloped him, Zhang Han felt as if he was targeted by a ferocious tiger that made his breathing rushed. However, he never expected that the actual force would be so weak.

“What’s wrong with you? Your strength deteriorated by so much? Right now, the entire sect has been talking about how you will only shine briefly, and you’re still lacking.” Zhang Han asked in doubt as he looked at Lin Yun. However, Lin Yun only replied with a smile and nothing else.

With his Pure Yang Art evolved into the Xiantian Pure Yang Art, he could withdraw his internal energy in a split second, and make his attack seem harmless. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had withdrawn his internal energy earlier, Zhang Han might be a dead man under his punch.

“Get to the point. Why did the Young Sect Master send you here this time?”

“The Four Sects Competition will begin in five days, and the Young Sect Master has listed you as a reserve. He wanted me to ask if you’re willing to do your part for the sect. But based on the strength you showed earlier, it sounds a little crazy to put you in the reserve.” Zhang Han muttered.

Looking at how Zhang Han went on rambling just when he nearly died, Lin Yun smiled bitterly in his heart.

“The Young Sect Master has treated me well, so there’s no reason for me to refuse this. But what’s the difference between a seeded and reserve contestant?”

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