Chapter 528 - Blood Boiling

Gu Feng, who had once killed a pinnacle Yin stage wandering cultivator, was actually sent flying by Lin Yun. It was an unbelievable scene. They couldn’t believe that a lesser Yin stage guest deacon actually sent a pinnacle greater Yin stage core disciple flying.

Something so shocking had never happened in the history of the academy before and there weren’t many in the Nether Prefectural City who could accomplish this. After all, the gulf between these cultivation stages was greater than what people could imagine.

Up on the stage, Lin Yun landed on the ground as he looked at Gu Feng indifferently. Currently, Gu Feng was struggling to get back on his feet and Lin Yun had no intention of letting him off.

When the surrounding disciples sensed the abnormal atmosphere, they quickly retreated. A brief moment later, Lin Yun and Gu Feng were the only ones left.

Gu Feng slowly got back on his feet with a pale face. Wiping the trace of blood from the corner of his lips, he smiled coldly. The strength displayed by Lin Yun had far exceeded his cultivation, “No wonder you can disregard the forbidden fourth level. No one had entered it for a decade, but you managed to obtain the Infernal Flower. However, the fun has just begun!”

Gu Feng’s gaze suddenly became sharp and he emitted a crimson radiance. As his long hair fluttered in the wind, he also started to emit an eerie aura from his body. His eyes were bloodshot and gave a sinister feeling. His aura grew even more violent and everyone could sense his full strength. It seemed as if Gu Feng used a forbidden technique.

“That’s Scarletblood Transformation!”

“Gu Feng actually brought out this forbidden technique. Just how strong is Lin Yun to force him to resort to this?”

“His fighting prowess will be enhanced for the next half an hour, but the consequences are also dire.”

“He can’t afford to lose. After all, he’ll be finished if he loses.” All the inner disciples were shocked at this scene.

“Windthunder Tribulation—Thousand Miles Scarletearth!” Gu Feng roared and a wild gale began to blow around him. At the same time, spiritual runes began to intertwine before forming a scarlet sword that boiled with flames. Gu Feng had actually created a spiritual diagram.

The crimson sword in the painting trembled with a ghastly howl. It created a terrifying fluctuation since it was close to the power of a third grade spiritual diagram under Gu Feng’s forbidden technique. “I have to defeat you today!” he cried.

Gu Feng’s eyes flashed with killing aura as he locked onto Lin Yun. At the same time, the crimson sword began to approach Lin Yun. This scene frightened many people because no one dared to take an attack head-on from Gu Feng, who was ranked within the top ten among core disciples.

Gu Teng, who was kneeling on the ground, was also excited by this scene. He gnashed his teeth with his fists clenched as the excitement distorted his face.

“A spiritual diagram? I also know how to use them!” smiled Lin Yun.

Even Mo Ling couldn’t trap him with a second grade spiritual diagram. He really didn’t know where Gu Feng got his confidence from. Just when the crimson sword was about to land a hit, Lin Yun started to form a seal as fire spiritual runes began to appear around him. However, he didn’t stop there as a wind spiritual rune was also formed and added into the spiritual diagram, making the painting look chaotic.

Everyone had curious expressions because they didn’t know if Lin Yun was courting death. After all, Lin Yun would die if he couldn’t complete the painting.

Even Gu Feng was briefly stunned by these amateur actions before he smirked. He couldn’t be blamed since Lin Yun was courting death.

Heavenly Secret Seal—Infernal Mountain and River Painting!

But then, a bizarre scene took place. When the Heavenly Secret Seal was formed, the chaotic painting suddenly transformed into a majestic painting. As a wild gale and river roared, the Infernal Mountain and River Painting’s aura began to rise to the point that it was comparable to pinnacle Yin stage cultivators. 

In the past, it took Lin Yun operating at his best to create a perfect Infernal Mountain and River Painting. But now, he could do it as he wished. The Infernal Mountain and River Painting roared in the sky like an ancient ferocious beast.

A ferocious collision took place in the sky and the crimson sword only lasted for a moment before it crumbled. Along with a miserable yell, Gu Feng was sent flying once more. However, his aura got even more powerful and it practically reached the pinnacle Yin stage. The Scarletblood Transformation was a forbidden technique that continued to boost his power.

“Mo Ling… that slut seems to have taught you quite a bit of stuff. But you’re still going to die today!” Gu Feng threw out a punch to destroy the Infernal Mountain and River Painting before charging at Lin Yun.

Each step he took caused the ground to tremble. When he was about to get close to Lin Yun, his aura had reached an unbelievable height.

“How annoying.” Lin Yun had annoyance written all over his face as he slowly closed his eyes. At the same time, his sword intent began to sweep out like a vast ocean that soared into the sky. Then, a silver Iris Flower bloomed beneath his feet.

When Lin Yun opened his eyes, even his pupils had become silvery with strands of ancient sword aura emitting from his body. In the next moment, his sword aura of eighty-one swords had formed into a sword array around Lin Yun.

Iris Sword Array—Absolute Unrival!

Killing intent surged in Lin Yun’s heart and swords began to fly out from the array. When each sword smashed into Gu Feng, it would force Gu Feng to take a step back. All eighty-one swords flew out like a torrential wave.

In just a brief moment, Gu Feng’s aura had fallen back down as he smashed into the ground. This time, he could no longer fight back.

“What the hell is this?” Everyone was shocked by the scene before them. They had never seen such a bizarre method of attacking. Furthermore, Lin Yun actually created a sword array all by himself.

When the Iris Flower slowly dissipated, the radiance on Lin Yun gradually dimmed down. Then, he used the Seven Profound Steps to arrive in front of Gu Feng. This terrified Gu Feng greatly as he staggered backwards. Lin Yun’s attack from before had destroyed all the hope in his heart. He no longer had the courage to face Lin Yun’s sword array.

“I’ll give you two choices. Either you kneel here for three days by yourself or I’ll make you do it,” said Lin Yun. This instantly caused an uproar in the surroundings as this punishment was too ruthless. Getting a core disciple to kneel here publicly was a greater humiliation than death.

“Lin Yun, don’t take it too far!” Gu Feng gnashed his teeth as his body trembled.

“Take it too far? Didn’t you come to embarrass me and make me kneel?” Lin Yun smiled coldly at Gu Feng. Lin Yun couldn’t imagine the consequences if he would have been attacked by them when he  was on the third layer. It was a good thing they didn’t arrive any earlier.

Since Gu Feng came to humiliate him, Gu Feng had to be prepared to be humiliated. Before Gu Feng could react, Lin Yun smacked a palm down on Gu Feng’s head. Gu Feng would probably never have expected that retribution would come so quickly.

Gu Feng dropped to his knees with reluctance written on his face.

“Don’t let me see you around in the future. Otherwise, I’ll beat you up every time I see you. Oh, if you dare to stand up, I’ll destroy you,” said Lin Yun as he headed back to the platform.

Gu Feng’s face was grim as he struggled internally, but he didn’t dare to get back up. This scene had caused many people to sigh out of sympathy.

When Lin Yun returned to the platform, Gu Teng’s face was already pale from fright and he buried his head down. He didn’t dare to look at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun looked around and announced, “Gong Ming is a friend of mine. If anyone dares to touch him in the academy, then you’ll end up like Gu Feng.”

“Lin Yun…” Gong Ming was dumbfounded. He never imagined that Lin Yun would speak such words. After today, Lin Yun’s fame would definitely spread throughout the academy. But even so, Lin Yun didn’t forget about him.

Right at this moment, warmth flowed into Gong Ming’s heart. He knew that the price he had paid was worth it.

“Brother Gong, let’s go. There’s no need to stay here anymore,” smiled Lin Yun.

“Let’s go!” Gong Ming smiled with eyes full of emotion. His blood had never boiled like this before.

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