Chapter 527 - Unrivaled Radiance

Infernal Flower! Everyone instantly recognized the radiating flower.

“T-t-that’s impossible!” Gu Teng was shocked by Lin Yun. Indeed, in many people’s view, it was impossible for Lin Yun to obtain the Infernal Flower.

No one had succeeded over the past decade. Anyone who dared to take up the challenge was either incinerated into ashes or reduced to a cripple. But not only did Lin Yun come out alive, but he even obtained the Infernal Flower. So how could Gu Teng not be shocked?

After Lin Yun stored the Infernal Flower back into his interspatial pouch, greed flashed across Gu Feng’s eyes, “Hand it over if you don’t want to die. There’s no way you can protect it with your strength.”

“It looks like you’re stronger than those pieces of trash for you to be so arrogant after seeing the flower,” smiled Lin Yun.

“Brother Lin, don’t underestimate this person. He had once killed a pinnacle Yin stage wandering cultivator,” said Gong Ming.

“Did I allow you to stand?” Gu Feng’s face changed as he threw his palm over. His palm landed on Gong Ming’s chest, which sent Gong Ming flying and throwing up blood.

Before Gu Feng could retract his hand back, Lin Yun flicked his finger indifferently using Graceful Moment, Absolute Hit. The silver ray pierced through Gu Teng’s knee.

Gu Teng yelled out in pain and he dropped down on his knee with his face twitching and blood oozing out of his knee.

“Stop!” Gu Feng barked as he could no longer maintain his composure. But Lin Yun didn’t stop there as he shot out another silver ray to pierce through Gu Teng’s other knee. This made Gu Teng’s face turn pale as he now kneeled with both knees.

“You’re courting death!” Gu Feng’s killing aura surged and he clenched his fists. His scarlet origin energy burst out from his body and Lin Yun could tell that he wasn’t far from the pinnacle Yin stage. He wasn’t just a little stronger than Kong Xuan, but he was on a completely different level than Kong Xuan.

Looks like it was true that Gu Feng had once killed a pinnacle Yin stage wandering cultivator. At the same time, everyone looked at Lin Yun in pity. Lin Yun was truly monstrous to obtain the Infernal Flower, but it was a pity that he ran into Gu Feng. If Lin Yun could wait three months, the outcome of their fight would be unknown.

Suddenly, rumbling lightning rang out as a figure charged at Lin Yun. That figure wasn’t Gu Feng, but the other core disciple who came with Gu Feng. It was the disciple who was donned in grey-clothes. He launched a sneak attack at Lin Yun, charging towards the latter like a bolt of lightning.

This scene made everyone sweat as their hearts clenched. That youth’s strength might be the same as Kong Xuan, but no one had expected that he would stoop as low as launching a sneak attack. If Lin Yun was hit by him, the consequences would be dire.

But everyone saw a cold smirk on Lin Yun’s lips as he said, “I’ve offended many people in my life. If your sneak attack could get me so easily, I would have died a long time ago.”

Then, Lin Yun slanted his body and pushed out his palm to fend off the sneak attack. When the two palms collided, the grey-clothed youth threw up a mouthful of blood. His body jolted and his mind rumbled. His face was replaced with fear as he wanted to escape.

“Since you’re here, then stay behind.” Lin Yun’s eyes flashed coldly. This person was really naive to think that he could leave after launching a sneak attack against him. Lin Yun casually grabbed onto the grey-clothed youth’s wrist and yanked down. The grey-clothed youth’s body then smashed into the ground.

Under the enormous impact, all of the bones in the youth’s body began to crack. However, Lin Yun couldn’t be bothered with him anymore and gave hima casual kick. The youth was already half crippled, so it didn’t matter if he woke up.

This scene made everyone suck in a cold breath with shock on their faces. No one had expected that Lin Yun would be so ruthless towards someone who dared to launch a sneak attack against him. This method even made Gu Feng’s lips twitch.

Two months ago, when Lin Yun ran into a greater Yin stage wandering cultivator, he was nearly killed when he was in the quasi-Violet Palace Realm. But now, no ordinary greater Yin stage could pose a challenge to him. Perhaps only someone like Gu Feng could give him some pressure.

“Let’s get started. Don’t let these pieces of trash embarrass themselves,” said Lin Yun as he narrowed his eyes. This made Gu Teng, who was bleeding from both his knees, tremble in fear because Lin Yun was too terrifying.

The four of them came ferociously and Kong Xuan even claimed that he would embarrass Lin Yun. When Kong Xuan slapped Gong Ming, Gu Teng rejoiced inwardly because he felt that everything would get taken care of. But now, Kong Xuan had a crippled arm and the grey-clothed youth’s state was even worse than Kong Xuan’s.

As for Gu Teng, he was kneeling on the ground and he could only hope that his elder brother could defeat Lin Yun. Otherwise, he couldn’t imagine the consequences.

“Your strength is admirable, but I suggest you hand over the Infernal Flower if that’s all you have,” said Gu Feng indifferently.

“You can come and try…” Lin Yun looked at Gu Feng with a provoking and playful smile.

“Don’t regret it then!” Gu Feng sneered and he soared into the sky. He emitted a crimson radiance as he charged at Lin Yun with his torrential killing aura. His aura was comparable to someone in the pinnacle Yin stage, which was shocking.

Lin Yun smiled as he charged towards Gu Feng as well. The two then began to fight on the stage.

After ten moves later, Gu Feng had already probed Lin Yun’s strength. Lin Yun’s strength was only at the level he had shown previously. Since that was the case, he would show Lin Yun the strength of a pinnacle greater Yin stage.

After making his decision, Lin Yun no longer held back and his crimson origin energy burst out from his body, instantly overwhelming Lin Yun’s sword aura. Wearing a sinister smile on his face, Gu Feng threw a punch at Lin Yun’s chest and yelled, “Die!”

His crimson fist slowly crushed Lin Yun’s sword aura, but Lin Yun didn’t panic as a ray of light shot out. The Iris Flower in his violet palace bloomed. In the next second, wind began to blow wildly as an Iris Flower appeared in the sky at the center of the vortex. Under the Iris Flower, Lin Yun’s clothes fluttered as his crumbling sword aura started to stabilize and became even more powerful.

In the name of my sword, bloom!

When the Iris Flower in his dantian made a complete circulation, Lin Yun’s hair fluttered as he pushed out a palm towards Gu Feng with a smile on his face. His smile was demonic and at that moment, he was the center of attention, emitting an unrivaled radiance.

“Sit down!” When the fist and palm collided, the ground trembled violently and Gu Feng threw up a mouthful of blood before he was sent flying like a broken kite. When he smashed into the ground, the impact raised a cloud of dust that caused all the surrounding disciples to flee.

When they looked at the youth on the stage who was emitting an unrivaled radiance, their hearts were trembling with fear.

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