Chapter 524 - Dragon in the Sea

When the crimson bolt of lightning flew down, the lightning pierced through the flames and struck Lin Yun. But under the Iris Sword Sutra’s control, the pure lightning energy was absorbed into his violet palace.

With the lightning energy, the ancient fire spiritual energy gradually calmed down. At the same time, the flames that enveloped him also ceased growing.

Sensing the changes, Lin Yun finally calmed down. At least he wasn’t incinerated into ashes. The flames not only brought heat, but also tremendous pressure. Lin Yun merely allowed the flames to blaze on his body while he quietly circulated the Iris Sword Sutra.

As endless fire spiritual energy poured into the Iris Flower, the Iris Sword Sutra grew at a rapid speed. At the same time, the hundred and eighty meter flame continued to attract everyone’s attention. When they all sensed that the person responsible for it was only at the lesser Yin stage, they were all shocked.

How is it possible? After all, not even a pinnacle Yin stage could last for long under those terrifying flames. Lin Yun’s action was no different from courting death in their eyes.

“Is this the limit?” Looking at his rapid progress gradually slowing down, Lin Yun began to feel uneasy again. This was already his limit. After all, the pain was like needles stabbing into his body from every corner. If an ordinary person was in his position, they would be very cautious right now.

But what is the limit? What Lin Yun has been doing for the past ten days was breaking his limit again and again. As Lin Yun quickened the Iris Sword Sutra’s absorption speed, the flames around him grew to three hundred meters. At this moment, the flames covering Lin Yun could be seen from every corner of the third layer.

Everyone was dumbfounded as they watched dozens of crimson bolts landing down. “Is he insane?”

“He must be mad.”

“He’s really not afraid of death? Oh my god…” Everyone began to distance themselves from Lin Yun. Even those who were closest to Lin Yun were now dozens of meters away.

On another side of the third layer were flames at the size of two hundred and forty meters. The size of this flame was only slightly weaker than Lin Yun and was produced by a grey-clothed youth. The youth suddenly opened his eyes and his eyes glowed like a treasured sword.

“Interesting. Since when was there such a monstrous genius in the Nether Prefectural City?” The grey-clothed youth smiled as he looked at Lin Yun’s direction. Unlike those who could only sense Lin Yun’s cultivation, he could sense the sword intent coming from Lin Yun. Like him, Lin Yun also grasped the xiantian sword intent.

The flames around the grey-clothed youth dissipated and he slowly stood up with a thoughtful expression. His cultivation was too high, so if he did what Lin Yun did, the pressure on him would be a lot stronger. But he knew that even if he had the same cultivation as Lin Yun, he wouldn’t have the same courage.

Only a swordsman dared to do something like this. Right at this moment, a figure soon arrived before the grey-clothed man. If Lin Yun was here, he would definitely recognize the newcomer. The newcomer was the Shattered Sword Pavilion’s Nie Feng, who was one of his opponents during the contest for the Indigoflame Goldlotuses.

“Senior Brother, that’s the Lin Yun that I told you about, Flower Burial Lin Yun.” Nie Feng looked at the grey-clothed youth with respect from the bottom of his heart.

“I see.” The grey-clothed youth wasn’t surprised, but his smile became even denser from interest.

“You already guessed it?” Nie Feng was surprised.

The grey-clothed youth smiled and he took several steps forward, “I only had a feeling that he was the one you told me about.”

“It looks like the news wasn't false. He joined the Heavenly Province Academy. But isn’t his improvement a little too unusual? He became a core disciple in just half a month?” said Nie Feng.

“Won’t we know later when we ask him?” smiled the grey-clothed youth.

“Senior Brother, you’re going to meet him?” Nie Feng was shocked.

“Of course. I’m interested in this person, so I definitely won’t let such a good opportunity go,” smiled the grey-clothed youth as he muttered to himself, “I shouldn’t be able to last for long. However, even if he’s talented, he won’t last too long either.”

But the grey-clothed youth was disappointed because the flames around Lin Yun only started to weaken after two hours. Within the flames, Lin Yun sensed the Iris Flower in his violet palace and was satisfied. The Iris Flower now had seventy-eight petals and the sword energy in it was shocking.

Now, he had the confidence to face a greater Yin stage expert. This was shocking because every small stage represented a gulf. But Lin Yun was still disappointed because he wasn’t able to let the Iris Flower grow into eighty-one petals.

At eighty-one petals, he would be able to summon the ancient ice phoenix, Violet Ice Sparrow. But right now, his physique was already at its limit. If he carried on any longer, he would only end up dying.

Lin Yun might be bold, but he wasn’t reckless. So he gradually let the flames around him disperse. When he opened his eyes, his pupils glowed as the aura on him became a lot stronger.

When he got up on his feet, two figures came and arrived before him. This made Lin Yun instantly feel pressure and his heart tensed up. The Iris Flower in his violet palace started to bloom once more and began to circulate. He instantly knew that he had run into a powerful opponent.

Lin Yun’s gaze was instantly attracted by the grey-clothed youth. This person had an ordinary look, but the sharpness in his eyes was shocking. At the same time, his cultivation was deep and unfathomable.

The Yang stage! Lin Yun instantly thought of that and he could also sense that this youth also grasped the xiantian sword intent like he had. Otherwise, his xiantian sword intent wouldn’t become so uneasy.

Looking at the youth standing beside the grey-clothed youth, Lin Yun found this person to be a little familiar, but he wasn’t able to recognize this person.

“We meet again, Flower Burial,” said Nie Feng as he cupped his hands together. He was shocked because he didn’t expect Lin Yun to make such rapid improvements over one month.

He was nothing compared to Lin Yun and he now knew why his senior brother would look at Lin Yun differently. Even monstrous genius was an understatement for Lin Yun. It was more appropriate to describe Lin Yun as a dragon that returned to the sea. In the past, he had just been trapped in a small lake called the Great Qin Empire.

Nie Feng? Lin Yun finally recognized Nie Feng, one of his opponents during the contest for the Indigoflame Goldlotuses. Then again, it wasn’t surprising that he didn’t recognize Nie Feng instantly. After all, he defeated Nie Feng with a single attack, so Nie Feng didn’t leave a deep impression on him.

Is Nie Feng here to get back what he lost? Lin Yun’s expression became cautious as he looked at the grey-clothed youth. He knew that he couldn’t defeat this grey-clothed youth, but he wouldn’t go down so easily without a fight.

“That’s quite the enmity against me,” Smiled the grey-clothed youth. “You wouldn’t be so defensive if you knew my name. My surname is Liu and my given name is Chenyi.”

Lin Yun was shocked as he looked at Liu Chenyi. Liu Chenyi was ranked amongst the hundred in the Dragoncloud Ranking. He was also one of the four elites of the Nether Prefectural City. At the same time, Lin Yun also understood what Liu Chenyi meant. Someone of his position wouldn’t act against someone like him or else it would just be bullying.

Lin Yun’s expression eased as he smiled, “I was rude.”

“How are you rude? With your talent, there’s no need for you to hold any respect towards me.” Liu Chenyi smiled and he asked, “Lin Yun, how did you enter the Infernal Realm?”

Lin Yun didn’t hide it from Liu Chenyi and told the latter about the token given to him by Mo Ling. Liu Chenyi instantly understood. But his face had a slight bit of disappointment as he smiled, “The Heavenly Province Academy really put quite the stake on you. It looks like it’s hard for me to poach you and bring you to the Shattered Sword Pavilion. After all, my Shattered Sword Pavilion doesn’t have a beauty like Mo Ling.”

Liu Chenyi’s words instantly made Lin Yun baffled. Poach me and bring me to the Shattered Sword Pavilion?

Nie Feng smiled and explained, “Lin Yun, my Senior Brother has been paying attention to you ever since I told him what happened. But he hasn't had a chance to meet you since you’ve been in the academy.”

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