Chapter 523 - Torrential Flames

“Let’s go!” Lin Yun suppressed his excitement and he charged towards the Infernal Realm with Gong Ming. Their actions soon attracted everyone’s attention. After all, no one would head to the platform for no reason. No disciples, aside from core disciples, could enter the Infernal Realm.

“What are they doing?”

“The one dressed in azure clothes seems to be Flower Burial, Lin Yun?”

“That’s him. He defeated Gu Teng publically ten days ago and humiliated Gu Teng greatly. Even now, Gu Teng doesn’t dare to show himself. Gu Teng is really a piece of trash, claiming to show Lin Yun the foundation of a quasi-overlord force only to be beaten down.”

“Gu Teng is the humiliation of the academy. But what are the two of them trying to do? Are they trying to enter the Infernal Realm?”

“Are you joking?” Everyone had doubt on their faces as they looked at Lin Yun and Gong Ming. At the center of the platform was a strand of flame that seemed to be a passage to another mysterious world. Occasionally, one could hear crackling sounds coming from the flame that seemed to be a ferocious beast’s roar.

“This is the Infernal Realm?” Lin Yun looked at the peculiar flame as he sensed the terrifying fluctuation coming from it.

“Legend has it that this realm was created by an ancient powerhouse by refining a strand of divine flames. This flame is now in the Nether Prefectural City. Not only the academy, but other quasi-overlord forces, including the Profound Yang Palace, possess the rights to use it. The Infernal Realm is also separated into four layers,” explained Gong Ming.

His words left Lin Yun shocked. Lin Yun never imagined that the Infernal Realm had such a huge origin.

“Brother Lin, it’s best for you not to get into conflict with other forces in there. If anything happens to you, you’ll suffer the backlash of the realm and the consequences are dire. Generally speaking, all the forces maintained the rule of not fighting within the realm because the cost was simply too great,” said Gong Ming with a grave expression.

“I got it. Brother Gong, you can wait for me here.” Lin Yun nodded his head and charged into the bizarre flame. There was a distorted door in the flame and Lin Yun wasn’t able to enter no matter how he tried. This instantly caused a burst of laughter from the surroundings. After all, it was impossible for other people to enter the Infernal Realm aside from core disciples.

Lin Yun fell into deep thought before he took out the token given to him by Mo Ling. In the next second, a suction force came from the door and Lin Yun was sucked into it.

“How is this possible!”

“He really went in?”

“How can a guest deacon possibly enter the Infernal Realm?” All the disciples in the surroundings were shocked by this scene. After all, a guest deacon who joined the academy for barely half a month actually went into the Infernal Realm. It was puzzling to disciples like them who joined the academy for at least one to two years, but could only cultivate outside. How did Lin Yun manage to do it? Everyone had reluctance in their eyes, but they could only suck it up.

When Lin Yun’s vision cleared up, he raised his head to see a world covered in flames. The sky was covered in flames that looked like magma. This left Lin Yun dumbfounded as he watched the flames that were occasionally pouring down.

The entire space was filled with violent spiritual energy and Lin Yun could see many people around him. After they appeared, they made use of the flames hovering in the sky and charged into the sky.

Lin Yun was shocked by this realm, but the others were already used to it. When Lin Yun looked around, he could sense the powerful aura coming from every single cultivator. He determined that they were either from the quasi-overlord forces or core disciples of the Profound Yang Palace.

“There are a total of four layers in the Infernal Realm. The higher I go, the denser the fire spiritual energy. I heard that there’s a mysterious space at the fourth level. The first layer shouldn’t be enough to satisfy the requirements of these core disciples though.” Lin Yun flew towards the second layer without any hesitation.

Like the others, he wasn’t satisfied with the first layer. After all, he didn’t have much time to use Mo Ling’s token. So Lin Yun soared into the sky without any hesitation using the Seven Profound Steps.

The Golden Crow Seal glowed behind Lin Yun and he charged into the sky. He casually avoided the fireballs dropping from the sky and arrived at a hole. He could sense that there was a membrane blocking him.

Lin Yun roared inwardly and threw out a punch. The membrane only lasted briefly before it shattered. With that, Lin Yun went in and arrived at the second layer. When he swept his gaze out, he could see that there were many people here.

“I’m going to head for the third layer.” Lin Yun still wasn’t satisfied with the second layer.

Fifteen minutes later, Lin Yun soared into the sky and arrived at the third layer. The third layer required his cultivation to be in the greater Yin stage. Although Lin Yun was only in the lesser Yin stage, he was comparable to a greater Yin stage with the pinnacle Dracophant Battle Physique. This also meant that he could defeat ordinary cultivators who had just reached the greater Yin stage.

The third layer was covered in torrential flames with countless fireballs streaking across the horizon. The Iris Flower in his violet palace also calmed down when he came to the third layer. This made Lin Yun nod his head because this meant that the spiritual energy here was sufficient.

Lin Yun found a quiet place and sat down. The ground was hot, which tested his physique. After all, if his physique couldn’t bear the heat, then he wouldn’t be able to stay here for long. Lin Yun could see many people that were seated were glowing.

He noticed that the size of each glow was different. The glow of some was around three meters, while others had a glow of over thirty meters. There were even a few enveloped with over thirty meters of blazing glow that were being struck by lightning. Even from far away, Lin Yun could sense the terrifying fluctuation.

“The lightning is terrifying and it seems to contain a horrifying amount of energy…” Anyone who dared to cultivate under that phenomenon was gutsy and was probably considered a monstrous genius in the Nether Prefectural City.

Lin Yun admired their actions. However, he soon closed his eyes and circulated the Iris Sword Sutra. He could sense the Iris Flower absorbing the spiritual energy from the surroundings. At the same time, the ground began to tremble as blazing spiritual energy swept over.

In the next moment, Lin Yun was enveloped in flames and he could sense a blazing pain in his body. As he circulated the Iris Sword Sutra, the flames on him became more dense as they were still gathering at a rapid speed.

Lin Yun instantly realized that cultivating here was fast. As he absorbed the fire spiritual energy, the flames would also attack him and cause him to absorb even more of them. The ancient fire spiritual energy here was endless, providing him with an endless supply. However, if he wasn’t careful, he would be incinerated.

This place was a double-edged sword and he had to gauge himself well. This meant that those monstrous geniuses who had over thirty meters of flames were truly terrifying.

Lin Yun didn’t dare to be too reckless as he circulated the silver origin energy to protect himself. The Iris Sword Sutra had a cold attribute, so he was rather calm when facing the blazing flames. Additionally, he also possessed the pinnacle Dracophant Battle Physique, which also provided a lot of protection.

As the ancient fire spiritual energy poured into his body, Lin Yun could sense the Iris Flower growing at a rapid speed. He was also making rapid improvements in his cultivation. His cultivation had stopped recently in the Spiritwood Peak, so this was a surprise to him.

After all, he had only reached the Yin stage for barely a month. It was rare that someone could make such rapid improvement, even in the entire Ancient Southern Domain.

“The Infernal Realm truly deserves its reputation.” Lin Yun was happy when he sensed his changes. The suggestion that Gong Ming gave him was truly great. However, it seemed that he was being a little too careful because Lin Yun realized that his physical endurance was a lot stronger than he had imagined.

It made sense since he had the pinnacle Dracophant Battle Physique. He could afford to be a little more reckless. With that, Lin Yun no longer held himself back and he circulated the Iris Sword Sutra, allowing the fire spiritual energy to pour into his violet palace.

At the same time, blazing heat swept over from the surroundings, instantly burying him. At the same time, the flames on him were increasing at a rapid speed, soon reaching ninety-six meters. At the same time, a crimson bolt of lightning descended down.

The bolt of lightning was brilliant, which caused the entire ground to tremble. Many disciples were startled awake and had shock on their faces when they saw how massive the flame was. But the flame didn’t stop there and continued to grow until it was one hundred and eighty feet tall.

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