Chapter 522 - Infernal Realm

The Heavenly Province Academy’s Hearwind Pavilion was where disciples could accept tasks. The first and second levels were for outer disciples, the third and fourth levels were for inner disciples, and the last level was for core disciples.

A youth donned in black had just walked into the entrance of the fifth level. He was in the pinnacle greater Yin stage and the aura emitted from him was powerful. But the moment he appeared, the atmosphere in the fifth level became weird as many playful gazes fell onto him.

This made the youth frown his eyebrows because he didn’t know what the problem was. He looked around and saw a purple-clothed youth. The purple-clothed youth emitted an unfathomable aura, probably indicating that he had reached the Yang stage.

Seeing the purple-clothed youth, the black-clothed youth smiled and approached him, “I never expected to run into Senior Brother Mei. I wonder what kind of mission you are going to accept this time? Can you bring me along?”

The black-clothed youth’s words were filled with respect and without any of his arrogance from before. The purple-clothed youth was a core disciple only second to Mo Ling and Mei Ziyan. He had reached the lesser Yang stage long ago.

The Violet Palace Realm had three stages, the Yin, Yang, and Yin-Yang Stages. Each stage was a new transformation. If someone in the greater Yin stage had a 50% chance against the pinnacle Yin stage, then someone in the pinnacle Yin stage barely had a 20% chance of defeating an initial Yang stage.

Since there was a huge gulf between the two stages, the black-clothed youth hoped that Mei Ziyan could bring him along in the mission to get some benefits.

“Gu Feng, your breadth of mind is rather big. Your younger brother was bullied in the Nightcloud Hall and was slapped so hard that he flew. But here you are, still in the mood to undertake a mission with Senior Brother Mei?” Someone smiled at Gu Feng after saying this.

“Something like this happened?” Gu Feng’s face changed. After all, he had just come out of seclusion. He didn’t know about this since Gu Teng didn’t mention it.

“What do you think?” replied one of the disciples.

“Alright, let’s stop teasing Gu Feng. Gu Feng, the one who beat up your younger brother, is a new guest deacon who came from the Great Qin Empire. He calls himself Flower Burial.”

After a short while, Gu Feng finally understood the entire matter and his face sank down. A trash from the Great Qin Empire dared to bully Gu Feng’s younger brother? No wonder everyone was looking at him strangely when he walked in. Gu Teng’s humiliation was equivalent to a slap to Gu Feng’s face.

“Thank you. I’ll take my leave now.” Gu Feng didn’t want to stay here anymore, and his face was cold.

“Hey, Gu Feng. That brat has gotten pretty close to Mo Ling recently. Do you need my help?” Mei Ziyan suddenly spoke out.

“I’ll be embarrassed if I need Senior Brother Mei’s help to deal with a brat from the Great Qin Empire.” Gu Feng refused Mei Ziyan’s offer and left.

“Gu Feng is really stubborn.”

“But what can he do about it? If he does nothing,  then he’ll lose his prestige among the core disciples.”

“That’s right. But I heard that that guest deacon was talented. Do you think Gu Feng can do anything to him?”

“You’re overthinking it. That brat is just in the lesser Yin stage. What foundation can he possibly have from the Great Qin Empire? Gu Teng is a pinnacle greater Yin stage expert and he even killed a pinnacle Yin stage wandering cultivator in the past. That guest deacon has poked the hornet’s nest this time.”

“He’s just a guest deacon. He should be taught a lesson for his arrogance.” All the core disciples here were confident in Gu Feng, so they weren’t too bothered about this matter.

As for Lin Yun, who was at the Spiritwood Peak with Gong Ming, he still had no idea about this matter. He had long forgotten about his incident with Gu Teng.

“Senior Sister Mo really gave you this token?” Gong Ming toyed with the token and his eyes were filled with shock.

“Can this possibly be faked?” smiled Lin Yun.

Gong Ming returned the token and smiled bitterly, “I was already shocked that Senior Sister Mo would teach you spiritual runes personally, but she even gave you this token…”

“She’s only lending it to me for a day. I’m here to ask if you know of any place that’s worth going to,” replied Lin Yun. The Sword Firmament Pavilion had four treasured grounds, so the Heavenly Province Academy must have their own treasured places as well. He was really looking forward to them.

“Hmmm, there are many treasured grounds in the academy, like the top of the Spiritwood Peak for instance. It’s only open to the core disciples.”

“What’s at the top of Spiritwood Peak?” asked Lin Yun. His cultivation already improved so rapidly halfway up the mountain, so he couldn’t imagine how quickly it would improve at the top.

“There’s a spiritual lake at the top. It will produce Profound Yin Spiritual Essence once every three months that’s extremely useful to Yin stage cultivators. Aside from that, the Profound Yin Flower will also be born on that day and all the disciples will fight for it.”

A spiritual lake? Lin Yun was tempted by it. He had come in contact with a spiritual lake in the past and his harvest was great. The academy’s spiritual lake would be at a higher level. After all, the two things that the lake produced were greatly beneficial to Yin stage cultivators.

“The spiritual essence is easier to get since there’s an entire lake of it. As for the flower, everyone will have to fight for it. They’re mostly obtained by core disciples.”

“Core disciples will participate in it as well?”

“Yeah, all the core disciples aside from the top ten.” The reason why the top ten won’t fight for it is because they have already gotten it in the past. So they don’t need it anymore.

Listening to Gong Ming’s explanation, Lin Yun spoke out, “Then I can try going there with this token.”

Gong Ming waved his hand with a smile, “You can only use this token for a day, so it’ll be a loss to use it when there’s no spiritual essence. The spiritual lake will be opened ten days from now, so you can’t go at that time without the token.”

“I see.”

“Actually, why don’t you tell me what you want and I’ll filter through everything for you. You can only use this token for a day, so you naturally have to get the most out of it.” Gong Ming had treated this matter seriously. After all, not everyone could touch Mo Ling’s token. So this was a rare opportunity for Lin Yun.

“Are there any places suitable for practicing cultivation techniques in the academy?” asked Lin Yun.

His cultivating speed had gradually slowed down over the past ten days and the Iris Flower in his violet palace only had seventy-eight petals. He was only three petals away from the pinnacle of the ninth stage, so he wanted to find a place where he could bring it to the pinnacle.

“Cultivation technique?” Gong Ming smiled, “If you trust me, you can give it a try at the Infernal Realm. Even core disciples are only allowed to go there once every six months. It’s beneficial to tempering cultivation techniques.”

“Then I’ll have trouble Brother Gong to lead me there. If there’s enough time, I can also let you use this token as well,” replied Lin Yun. He didn’t mind letting Gong Ming use it if there was still time.

When Gong Ming heard that, he became emotional and asked, “Are you serious?”

“Of course.” Lin Yun was surprised that Gong Ming was being so emotional. But Lin Yun had no idea that Gong Ming wouldn’t be able to enjoy those places with his aptitude. So he was naturally happy that Lin Yun gave him a chance.

Half an hour later, they both appeared on an ancient platform. This place was filled with fire spiritual energy and even the ground was red. The Infernal Realm wasn’t a place that everyone could enter.

“Brother Lin, the entrance is over there on that platform,” explained Gong Ming as he pointed his finger.

Lin Yun looked at the direction Gong Ming pointed at. The far end of the platform had flames along with an ancient aura coming from it. Simultaneously, Lin Yun could sense the Iris Flower in his violet palace getting excited. Lin Yun instantly knew that he came to the right place.

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