Chapter 464 - Pointing Sword!

Trueorigin got back up on his feet, but his body was swaying left and right with a smashed face. This was an outcome that no one had expected. After all, everyone thought that Lin Yun would easily be defeated. Who would have imagined that Lin Yun improved so much in just three days? He was a lot stronger than three days ago when he fought Heartcliff. Just what the hell did he go through? Was Trueorigin really going to be defeated?

This was originally a battle without any suspense, but it had suddenly taken a strange turn.

“Tsk tsk, I really underestimated you…” Trueorigin smiled as he wiped the blood on his face. “It looks like I won’t be able to compete for the championship anymore.”

Trueorigin sighed and raised his head to look at Lin Yun with cold eyes, “Since you’re forcing me to bring out all my strength, then I won’t hold back anymore!”

His face twisted and his clothes exploded, revealing his bronze colored skin. There were buddhist runes covering his upper body.

“This is…” Everyone narrowed their eyes into slits when they saw this scene. Shortly after, a torrential crimson radiance burst out from Trueorigin’s body. At the same time, his body began to weirdly wiggle.

“The Raga Battle Physique!” Everyone could see that Trueorigin’s body was undergoing a change under the crimson radiance. The cracking sounds of his bones and muscles being reorganized was eerie, causing many people’s faces to change.

“Isn’t this fellow from the Heavenly Profound Sect, a Buddhist Sect? Why does he look so demonic…” Li Wuyou scrunched his brows.

Trueorigin might have been ruthless before, but at least he emitted a domineering buddhist prestige whenever he attacked. His sudden change immediately negated all of that, baffling the audience.

“The Eight Legions, Mahoraga!” exclaimed Luo Feng. “Legend has it that when Buddha was spreading Buddhism, the Eight Legions were present. The Eight Legions were also known as Eight Legions of Devas and Nāgas. They used to be monsters, but they were infected by Buddhism and became the Eight Legions.”

Luo Feng’s face became grave as he continued, “Trueorigin is currently using Mahoraga’s legacy. Mahoraga is the king of serpents, a demon. Even after being converted to Buddhism, it still couldn’t get rid of its demonic nature. This is why it looks so eerie.”

Many people in the audience knew about the Eight Legion’s origin, but they had no idea what Trueorigin was doing right now. Only some elders were able to tell something from Trueorigin’s actions.

“I see… Trueorigin must have been holding back in order to fight with Qin Yu for the championship. Since he was forced to use his trump card, he must have given up on the championship.”

“I’m afraid Lin Yun is in a tough spot now. He can only hope that Trueorigin isn’t able to fully convert his body. Otherwise, there’s no way he can win the battle.”

“Hell Mode has come to an end here.”

The crimson radiance suddenly dispersed and a gigantic figure appeared within everyone’s sight. Trueorigin’s body was dyed red with weird serpentine runes covering his body. At the same time, he emitted a faint demonic aura.

“I never imagined that you could force me to use this trump card. However, I meant it when I said you were going to die!” Trueorigin clenched his fists together. He could sense the explosive power and murderous intent in his heart. Right now, he was comparable to a Violet Palace Realm cultivator.

As he spoke, the serpentine runes on his body began to converge together. The moment Lin Yun sensed slight movement from Trueorigin, he activated the Dracophant War Armor. The armor also had ancient runes filled with a violent aura.

A gigantic figure appeared in front of Lin Yun as it delivered a punch.

In the name of my sword, bloom!

Lin Yun didn’t dare to be careless even with the Dracophant Battle Physique and Dracophant War Armor. He pushed the Iris Sword Sutra to the limit and the outline of an Iris Flower slowly took form in the sky. At the same time, Lin Yun’s aura also began to climb.

With the strongest body-refining technique in the Great Qin Empire and the ancient sword sutra, Lin Yun threw out his punch. When his fist collided with Trueorigin’s, cracks began to spread out beneath Lin Yun’s feet.

But even so, there was still a gap in their strength. Lin Yun only lasted a brief moment before he was blown away. Up in the air, Lin Yun circulated his origin energy to destroy Trueorigin’s bizarre energy. When he looked at his right arm, there were cracks on it as blood began to flow out.

The Raga Battle Physique instantly gave Trueorigin the advantage because of his cultivation. However, Trueorigin never expected that Lin Yun would be able to block his punch. After all, he had once killed a Violet Palace Realm wandering cultivator with a punch using this form. He was genuinely surprised that Lin Yun could take his attack head-on.

This meant that Lin Yun’s cultivation technique wasn’t simple. Otherwise, there was no way an ordinary sword slave could come this far. He knew he couldn’t underestimate Lin Yun.

“How many more punches can you take?!” laughed Trueorigin. He knew that the entire situation was under his control and that it was just a matter of time before he defeated Lin Yun. He charged forward and threw out a barrage of punches. Each collision caused the stage to tremble violently and shockwaves spread out.

Under Trueorigin’s barrage of punches, Lin Yun was constantly forced to retreat. In just a few breath’s time, Lin Yun was already forced to a small corner.

“Your movement technique is futile before absolute strength,” sneered Trueorigin.

“Absolute strength? Your Raga Battle Physique is powerful, but it’s a pity that you’re not strong. I bet you can’t maintain this state for long, right? It looks like I’m right. Let’s end the fight. Since you want to compete in strength, then I’ll fulfil your wish!” A dazzling brilliance exploded from Lin Yun and a sharp cry soared into the sky.

“Die!” Trueorigin’s face changed. He didn’t want there to be any more mishaps. The crimson radiance on him exploded and took the shape of a gigantic serpent. “Demonic Serpentine Transformation!”

The crimson radiance released a roar and charged at Lin Yun. Facing the gigantic serpent, a brilliant light burst out from Lin Yun’s eyes and a gigantic figure streaked across the horizon. When it flapped its wings, it enveloped the entire stage in a violent gale. The gigantic figure was staring down at the earth with a pair of cold eyes.

“Great Wind Scripture!” A violent wind began to rise in heaven and earth when the figure flapped its wings. When Lin Yun pushed both his palms forward, the heaven and earth had instantly become quiet.

In the next second, Trueorigin was blown into the sky under everyone’s shocked gazes. The stage trembled as if it would collapse at any time. When Trueorigin was blown into the air, his body began to shrink back to his original size.

Everyone in the plaza looked at the small dot soaring up into the sky with shock. Their mouths dropped in disbelief.

“No!” The Heavenly Profound Sect’s elders and disciples jumped up from their seats. Before they could even exclaim, the black dot swiftly fell back onto the stage with a huge boom. The force of the impact left cracks on the stage.

At the same time, the powerful impact sent a shockwave beyond the stage. There were those who couldn’t resist the shockwave and vomited blood as their faces turned pale.

When the cloud of dust settled down, a figure was left standing proudly on the stage while another figure was covered in blood, struggling to get back up. But before he could even stand on his feet, he fell down on one knee.

When everyone saw Trueorigin falling down on one knee, their hearts began to jump. They knew that the battle had come to an end and that Lin Yun had won.

“I won’t kill you out of respect for Drifting Goblet. Although your life is spared, that doesn’t mean that you’re spared from your punishment.” Lin Yun’s voice sounded out as if it came from the depths of hell. When he raised his head, the Flower Burial Sword flew into his hand.

“No!” Before Trueorigin could even react, he saw a sword ray shooting in his direction. But it was futile no matter how he yelled. Under the sword ray, he was sent flying out with a severed arm.

Once everything settled down, Lin Yun slowly turned and pointed his sword at a figure. When everyone tracked where he was pointing, they saw the crown prince, Qin Yu.

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