Chapter 463 - Fight Trueorigin

Lin Yun’s deafening roar was like a wave that slapped Trueorigin’s face. His words shocked everyone present. Who was Trueorigin? He was a titled figure on the same level as Drifting Goblet and he was someone qualified to fight Qin Yu in this competition.

He had built up his prestige through the competition and he had never been barked at by someone in this manner, especially the way Lin Yun did it. Since the start of the competition, Lin Yun had slowly stolen the limelight with his sword.

But who would have imagined that Lin Yun would have such an insane side? In the guest seats, Trueorigin’s face was dark. The Heavenly Profound Sect’s elders and disciples were trembling with rage from Lin Yun’s arrogance.

“Hahaha!” Trueorigin laughed and he stood up from his seat. His killing aura flowed out and made the entire plaza’s atmosphere feel cold. “No one has dared to be so rude to me in the empire. You’re the first, but you’ll also be last. Today, I will make you beg me to kill you!”


“This killing aura… Trueorigin is really enraged this time. Buddhism has always emphasized having mercy, but they’ve never gone lenient on demonic cultivators. I wonder how many demonic cultivators he has killed to gather such a dense killing aura.”

“Lin Yun is finished. He just fought two battles, but he still dares to act with such arrogance. He could’ve just surrendered. Did he really think that he could create a legend?”

“He must be dreaming… Let’s see how this ends. Judging from Trueorigin’s tone, he’s going to torture Lin Yun.”

Judging from the conversation in the surroundings, no one was hopeful for Lin Yun. In their view, Hell Mode was a joke and Lin Yun was barely standing at this point.

When Trueorigin landed on the stage, he looked at Lin Yun coldly, “You want to crawl out of hell? Then I’ll make you regret standing before me!”

Lin Yun didn’t utter a word and merely pointed his sword at Trueorigin. Under his sword intent, the Flower Burial Sword, dyed in blood, was buzzing.

“Hell Mode’s third match, Flower Burial VS Trueorigin!” The judge left the stage the moment he made the announcement.

Trueorigin took a step forward and unleashed his aura. Compared to his fight with Bai Lixuan, the pressure coming from Trueorigin this time was a lot stronger. His killing aura mixed with his buddhist aura and knocked on everyone’s heart like a hammer. It was as if the person standing before him wasn’t a person, but a demon. And he, Trueorigin, would vanquish all evil.

As he approached, his aura that was blowing at Lin Yun grew even more terrifying. Under Trueorigin’s terrifying aura, Lin Yun revealed a playful smile. When Trueorigin saw this scene, he sneered inwardly. Lin Yun was smiling when facing him?

“Die!” Trueorigin’s expression became distorted and he unleashed the dragon and tiger aura. He was surrounded by a golden buddhist radiance mixed with his killing aura.

He formed a seal with one hand and pushed it towards Lin Yun, “Golden Vajra Seal!”

The dazzling golden seal formed a lotus stage with an enraged vajra. But while the seal descended, Lin Yun did nothing to counter it.

“What is he doing?”

“Is he insane?” Everyone was puzzled when they saw this scene. But suddenly, Lin Yun did something that no one had expected. Facing Trueorigin’s attack, Lin Yun actually sheathed his sword.

Then, Lin Yun stomped his foot on the ground. As he plunged the sheath into the ground, a dragon and  tiger roar echoed out from his body. He retaliated with the Dragon-Tiger Fist’s Golden Vajra Seal as well.

Lin Yun’s buzzing sword intent swiftly condensed into a seal in his hand signs and he pushed it out just when the lotus stage was about to descend on him. In the next second, golden radiance burst out like a volcanic eruption.

The two different yet similar seals collided together in mid-air and unleashed a terrifying shockwave.

“Damn it!” Trueorigin’s face turned dark when he saw that Lin Yun wasn’t using his sword.

“You’re courting death!” Trueorigin took a step forward and the stage began to tremble violently. He then barked out, “Dragon-Tiger Fist, Sky Breaking Seal!”

His aura gathered to form a giant buddha’s hand and slammed down. It felt as if the entire world was within the hand’s grasp. When the palm landed down, Trueorigin unleashed Flying Dragon, Leaping Tiger that was empowered by the seal.

Similarly empowered by the Sky Breaking Seal, the Flying Dragon, Leaping Tiger executed by Lin Yun didn’t contain any buddhism aura, but boundless sword intent.

Lin Yun and Trueorigin’s fists collided together, creating an explosion on the stage. Countless rocks actually hovered in the sky for a brief moment due to the impact. It was as if time was frozen for a moment.

The two let out a roar and threw out another punch. The giant buddha’s palm clenched into a fist behind Trueorigin, while a vague figure formed behind Lin Yun from his sword intent. In the next second, the clouds, rocks, and dust were blown away from the impact.

When Trueorigin and Lin Yun both retreated, the stage was actually clear of dust and rocks. At the same time, the spectators were shocked that Lin Yun actually used the Dragon-Tiger Fist to block Trueorigin’s attacks.

“Lin Yun is really not going to use his sword?”

“Isn’t he a little too arrogant?”

“No wonder he dares to call out to Trueorigin. So it turns out that he’s prepared. But Trueorigin will be thoroughly humiliated if he is defeated by Lin Yun’s Dragon-Tiger Fist.” All of a sudden, everyone’s emotions were riled up. At the same time, the Heavenly Profound Sect’s party started feeling uneasy.

“Demon Vanquishing Seal!” roared Trueorigin. He soared into the sky and a dragon and tiger appeared beneath his feet. When the phenomenon appeared, Trueorigin’s buddhist aura began to climb as he slammed the Demon Vanquishing Seal down.

The seal took on the ancient ‘卍’ shape and targeted Lin Yun like a mountain. Even before the seal landed on Lin Yun, he took several steps back from the sheer force.

“How does it feel?” Trueorigin laughed, “There’s no way you can bring out the true power of the Demon Vanquishing Seal without a buddhist foundation. Do you understand how powerful it is compared to the two previous seals?”

He looked cocky because he was certain that Lin Yun would be defeated by this attack. However, Lin Yun’s origin energy began to boil within his body and his facial expression was undisturbed. In his dantian, the Iris Flower began to slowly bloom.

When the flower bloomed entirely, Lin Yun’s eyes lit up. Facing the descending Demon Vanquishing Seal, Lin Yun soared into the sky fearlessly. At the same time, he brought out the Demon Vanquishing Seal. But his Demon Vanquishing Seal was condensed with sword intent and took on the shape of a gigantic sword.

Under everyone’s view, Lin Yun threw a punch out and the gigantic sword soared into the sky, piercing through Trueorigin’s descending seal. But that wasn’t all as thirty-six swords opened up like a fan, making Lin Yun look like a peacock. Simultaneously, the dragon and tiger aura coming from him also reached an unprecedented level.

Without any hesitation, Lin Yun’s punch landed on Trueorigin’s chest. His punch instantly tore Trueorigin’s aura apart as Trueorigin flew out throwing up mouthfuls of blood.

Before Trueorigin could get back up on his feet, Lin Yun’s face was filled with killing intent as he dashed towards Trueorigin. The stage was already tattered from the battle and every step he took made the stage tremble and break.

Just when Trueorigin managed to get up from the ground, Lin Yun punched Trueorigin’s face. His punch instantly broke Trueorigin’s nose and the latter flew out like a sandbag.

“Is that all you got? Don’t tell me the well-known Trueorigin is only this much?” said Lin Yun coldly as he looked at Trueorigin. He had already gotten rid of his heart demon in the Sword Burial Diagram and he was no longer the same person as he was before.

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