Chapter 462 - Fight Till Blood Runs Out (2)

Many people exclaimed at this scene. They could vaguely see two figures standing in the middle of the energy storm, both emitting torrential killing aura as they charged at each other with their movement techniques pushed to the limits.

Despite the blinding flash on the stage, the crowd could still see the collision of attacks. It created a violent gale that caused the stage to tremble. All the phenomena created by Lin Yun and Bai Lixuan’s attacks were destroyed under that violent gale.

Two figures were gradually revealed, which gave the spectators a clearer view of the outcome. The spectators sucked in a cold breath out of shock. Bai Lixuan and Lin Yun were both holding onto their swords with their clothes dyed in blood. Both of them had dozens of wounds on their bodies, and some even went so deep that their bones were revealed.

Their state showed how brutal the fight was. This was the first time anyone had seen such a brutal fight since the beginning of the competition. 

Once again, the two clashed with their palms, which unleashed an energy fluctuation that distorted the surrounding space. After this attack, both Lin Yun and Bai Lixuan took a dozen steps back.

“Thunderclap Crusher!”

When they both landed on the ground, Bai Lixuan’s eyes flashed coldly and he finally brought out his ultimate attack. Lightning rumbled as thunderclouds gathered in the sky, turning it dark. The sky became so dark that the thunderclouds felt like they were within reach.

“That’s the Thunderclap Crusher!”

“It’s that sword again! Back then, even Trueorigin wasn’t able to come out of this attack unharmed!”

“In terms of foundation, Lin Yun is lacking compared to Trueorigin. Trueorigin might be able to take this attack head on, but I can’t say the same for Lin Yun.”

Everyone stood up from their seats in excitement as they cheered. This was because they had finally seen Bai Lixuan’s ultimate move once more, the Thunderclap Crusher.

“Lin Yun, watch out!” Xin Yan called out from the guest seats as she clutched her chest.

“Die! No one in the same cultivation can take this attack head-on!” Bai Lixuan looked at Lin Yun coldly.

“Is that so? I happen to have one sword that I want your advice on.” Lin Yun never seemed so calm before even when facing Bai Lixuan’s strongest attack. He wasn’t feeling nervous at all. On the contrary, fighting spirit exploded from his body as he executed the tenth move of the Aquaselenic Sword, the Heavenly Cloud Shatter.

Lin Yun was already looking forward to facing Bai Lixuan’s Thunderclap Crusher head-on. Raising his momentum to the pinnacle, Lin Yun swung out his sword.

With a deafening explosion, the ground exploded as the sword aura formed by Lin Yun’s attack gathered into a tornado. Under the violent tornado, the dark sky was violently ripped apart.

When the terrifying sword intent swept out, bolts of lightning flashed to light up Lin Yun’s face. Time suddenly stood still for Lin Yun. No matter what tricks Bai Lixuan pulled, he would simply shatter them with his sword.

At the same time, a bolt of lightning dove down from the sky from Bai Lixuan’s attack. When the two terrifying attacks clashed on the stage, a series of rumbling explosions were produced. It felt like heaven and earth were trembling as shockwaves swept out on the stage.

The shockwave from the clash inflicted heavy injuries on many people, which forced the audience to work together to resist. However, many of them were still swept out by the terrifying momentum.

Right at this moment, several people flew out and formed a dome that covered the entire stage, blocking the shockwaves from spreading out and injuring more innocent people. Surprisingly, the shockwaves from Lin Yun and Bai Lixuan’s clash actually left some cracks on the dome.

“Those two…” The eight judges who stood up were in shock. They had to wait for a long time before the shockwaves disappeared. Only after the shockwaves disappeared did the eight judges recall the barrier.

This caused everyone to direct their eyes to the stage. On the stage, a youth slowly descended from the stage while Bai Lixuan still stood there. He was holding onto his sword as blood dripped down.

“Damn it, why…” said Bai Lixuan unwillingly.

“You lost.” The ground still flickered with lightning, but Bai Lixuan could no longer fight. On the other hand, Lin Yun released an unprecedented shine that attracted everyone’s attention. The outcome of their fight was clear to everyone.

“Me? Lose? Impossible!” Bai Lixuan roared and he charged at Lin Yun as he frantically swung his sword.

But Lin Yun strolled through Bai Lixuan’s attacks, avoiding them easily. After five attacks, Bai Lixuan had gone mad as a sinister expression filled his face.

“That’s enough!” Lin Yun suddenly released a terrifying aura and swung his sword out. This instantly broke Bai Lixuan’s sword into two. Before Bai Lixuan could reveal the shock on his face, Lin Yun had already given him a palm on his chest.

The sounds of bones breaking could be heard as Bai Lixuan flew out, vomiting blood.

Looking at the youth who once viewed him like an ant, Lin Yun spoke out in a solemn voice, “I already said that I wouldn’t take your life, but I still have to pay you back for what my Dragon Blooded Horse suffered back then. After this palm, our grudges are cleared.”

Bai Lixuan clutched his chest as blood constantly dripped down from his lips. 

All of this felt like a dream to him. But if this was a dream, then he wanted to wake up from it.

The judge was briefly shocked before he announced, “You’ve won the battle. For the next battle, you can choose to face Trueorigin or Qin Yu first. Your injuries are pretty serious, so it’s best for you to rest a little before you resume your challenge.”

Blood was dripping down from the Flower Burial Sword. Hell Mode was a challenge filled with blood and the fight would continue until the blood ran out.

Everyone was wondering why Lin Yun was so silent. Then Lin Yun looked at Trueorigin and pointed his sword at the latter. He immediately barked at him, “Trueorigin, get up!”

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