Chapter 461 - Fight Till Blood Runs Out (1)

The moon was severed into two before it rose up into the sky, which meant that Situ Yi’s Martial Soul had been shattered before he could even bring it out. This caused a series of exclamations in the surroundings. Everyone was surprised about Situ Yi’s loss.

“How did Lin Yun manage to do that? And here I thought he would be in trouble since Situ Yi brought out his Martial Soul.”

“His attack is simply too quick. I bet Situ Yi never expected that speed either.”

“Definitely not. Otherwise, Situ Yi wouldn’t be so shocked.”

“Lin Yun probably expected that Situ Yi would summon his Martial Soul, so he had been waiting.”

“That’s terrifying. He completely suppressed Situ Yi without giving him a chance. This Lin Yun is a little strong…” They all thought that they had seen through Lin Yun’s strength in his fight with Heartcliff, but from the looks of it now, it seemed like they had to determine Lin Yun’s strength once again.

“He won!” The Sword Firmament Pavilion’s party revealed a smile on their faces. At the very least, Lin Yun didn’t lose the first round.

“Interesting. I’ve never been so terribly defeated,” said Situ Yi with disappointment. Not only did he fail to get into the top three, but he even lost fourth place. It was a pathetic showing.

“When did you see through my Martial Soul’s flaw?” asked Situ Yi while looking at Lin Yun. He was certain that Lin Yun was prepared or he wouldn’t have launched an attack so decisively.

“I didn’t. Everluck wasn’t able to break your Martial Soul simply because he wasn’t strong enough. But to me, it’s just a matter of one sword,” said Lin Yun honestly. 

His words stunned Situ Yi. He smiled embarrassedly, “You’re really ruthless with your words. You’ve already won, but you still didn’t forget to give me another blow. No one has ever come out of Hell Mode, so I wish you good luck.”

Before he left, he gave Lin Yun a complicated gaze.

“According to the rules, you have one teatime of breath before the next fight begins,” said the judge. It was so short that it was practically the same as no rest.

“No need. Let’s carry on,” said Lin Yun calmly.

His words made the judge’s lips twitch. The time might be little, but it was still enough for Lin Yun to adjust himself for the next battle. But since Lin Yun didn’t want it, the judge could only shake his head and reply, “Alright then. Hell Mode’s second match, Flower Burial VS White.”

Bai Lixuan turned into a streak of light and landed on the stage. Not only did he manage to obtain a title in this competition, but he even made it into the top three. The two who were ranked before him were both older than him by at least three years.

Bai Lixuan was confident that he could surpass them as long as he had enough time. So Bai Lixuan was satisfied with his current achievements. As long as he could defeat Lin Yun in Hell Mode, he would have no regrets about this competition.

“Does Lin Yun really have the strength to defeat Bai Lixuan?”

“It shouldn’t be possible. After all, he just finished his fight with Situ Yi without any rest.”

Many people doubted Lin Yun. Bai Lixuan was a genius for a reason. He only lost to Trueorigin simply because his foundation wasn’t deep enough.

Bai Lixuan’s self-created move, the Thunderclap Crusher, had left a deep impression on many of the Violet Palace Realm elders that were present.

Everyone looked at Bai Lixuan and Lin Yun who were gradually approaching each other. Their grudges went back to the Azure Sun Realm, not to mention that Lin Yun even humiliated Bai Lixuan at Qin Yu’s wedding by shattering his sword. Bai Lixuan never expected that the ant in his eyes back in the Azure Sun Realm would come this far.

“Lin Yun, I really have to thank you. If you hadn’t picked Hell Mode, even if I became the champion, I would have some regrets.,” said Bai Lixuan as he looked at Lin Yun. For the first time, a smile appeared on his face.

“I’m afraid that you won’t be able to resolve your regrets here. I will defeat you, but I gave Guardian Plum my word that I won’t kill you.”

Back in the Azure Sun County, Bai Lixuan had given the Dragon Blooded Horse three palms, which Lin Yun swore he would take revenge for. Lin Yun also wanted to resolve their grudges through Hell Mode.

“Haha, Guardian Plum also made a similar request to me back then. But you have to be careful because I didn’t give him my promise. If there’s an opportunity, I’ll take your life,” said Bai Lixuan with a cold smile.

When he drew his sword, his movement was accompanied by rumbling lightning. He didn’t hold back with his attack and he instantly used the Thunderclap Sword at its strongest.

But no one had imagined that Lin Yun would also have the same thoughts. When he drew the Flower Burial Sword, he also pushed the Aquaselenic Sword to the limit. So much so that his sword was emitting a frightening chill.

It felt as if Lin Yun’s sword could freeze everything beneath the moon.

When the two clashed, their collision released a terrifying aura into the surroundings. The fluctuation created a powerful gale in the surroundings.

Creation and Destruction Lightning!

Bai Lixuan twirled the sword in his hand and created a loop of lightning. His sword flickered with lightning that was so bright that many people were struggling to keep their eyes open.

Torrential Wave!

Lin Yun circulated his Iris Sword Sutra fearlessly and unleashed a torrential wave at Bai Lixuan.

The two attacks collided violently on the stage and the blinding sword rays from their attacks were reflected on their faces. When their swords clashed, it produced a terrifying gale that made many people feel fearful of the energy fluctuations.

These were two monstrous geniuses and they were both from the same sect. Their clash instantly made many people excited. This was more exciting than Lin Yun’s fight with Situ Yi.

The two didn’t take a step back and instead fearlessly swung out another attack. One sword was like a rumbling lightning that roared furiously like a dragon. The other was like a moon hanging high in the sky that emitted boundless coldness.

In the blink of an eye, the two continuously clashed as they pushed their movement techniques to the limits. Occasionally, explosions and sword buzzes would ring out into the surroundings.

Lin Yun’s eyes flickered as a radiating moon rose up from his body and turned into a purple gleam that soared through the horizon. It was naturally the Aquaselenic Sword’s Luminous Moon.

“Puny tricks!” Bai Lixuan snorted and his sword suddenly transformed into a thirty meter long lightning bolt that he hacked down with it.

When the moon and bolt of lightning exploded, the remnant fluctuations slammed onto their bodies at the same time. This lit up the entire stage, filling up the stage with the violent energy from the attacks.

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