Chapter 460 - Hell Mode Begins

His voice wasn’t loud, but everyone had heard it clearly. They were all shocked before smiling at him, “Is Lin Yun crazy?”

“This is the Dragon Gate Competition. Even if the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s Pavilion Master was here, there’s nothing he can do about this.”

“He’s probably mad that he came late, but the rules are the rules. There’s nothing he can do.”

You disagree, but what can you do about it? Are you going to change the rules? Many people shook their heads with unhappiness because they were looking forward to the final battle. Qin Yu and Trueorigin sneered at Lin Yun while the judge simply smiled.

“Was it funny? Isn’t there a Hell Mode? I’ve emerged victorious in the loser’s bracket. Can’t I challenge Hell Mode?” asked Lin Yun when he looked at the judge.

The minds of the crowd exploded from Lin Yun’s words. Even Situ Yi, Bai Lixuan, Trueorigin, and Qin Yu looked at Lin Yun in a different light. Even more shocking, the eyelids of Emperor Qin twitched and the hearts of many sects jumped.

Hell Mode was a little too crazy. After all, you had to face four opponents in a row and you couldn’t rest in between the fights until the challenge was complete. If you lost a single battle, your title would be removed. 

Were there people who challenged Hell Mode in the past? There were! Was there anyone who won the Hell Mode challenge? Never!

Not only was there no winner in the past, but all those who challenge the Hell Mode didn’t have a good ending. All of them had died a terrible death, and even if they survived, they lost their titles. So it had been a long time since someone challenged the Hell Mode, so long that everyone had forgotten that there was this option.

But the crowd couldn’t be blamed for it because not even the judge had thought about it. There was no history of success in Hell Mode, so who would dare to challenge it? Although Lin Yun declared that there would be a battle between him and Trueorigin, no one actually believed it. No one felt that Lin Yun was courageous enough to challenge Hell Mode.

“Lin Yun, have you thought it through? You have to fight four opponents in a row and you can’t rest in between the fights. The moment you lose, you will lose your title,” said the judge with a serious expression.

“I have made up my mind,” replied Lin Yun. His reply made the judge begin to doubt himself. He didn’t dare to make a decision, so he looked at Emperor Qin on the throne. Clearly, he wanted to seek Emperor Qin’s opinion.

Emperor Qin laughed, “Interesting. Since he doesn’t mind putting his title on the line, I naturally have no opinion about it.”

“Your Majesty, I would like to say something.” Luo Feng rushed over and made a request, “May I speak with Lin Yun on the stage?”

“Haha, what is there to say?” Wen Yanbo laughed eerily, “This sword slave has already made his declaration. Are you trying to help him make the decision? Let’s just see how the disciple of your sect creates a miracle.”

“That’s right. He had personally declared that he wanted to challenge Hell Mode and His Majesty has already agreed to it. There’s no place for you to speak here,” smiled the Elder Yuan Yin of the Heavenly Profound Sect.

“That’s right. After all, who knows if Lin Yun might really be able to create a miracle. Old geezer, you should have confidence in your disciple.” The other sects spoke out when they saw this. How could they possibly miss this opportunity? They practically determined that Lin Yun would fail the challenge and that he would lose his title when it happened. This would give the other sects more opportunities. How could they possibly give up such a good opportunity? Furthermore, they were already unhappy that the Sword Firmament Pavilion stole all the limelight in this competition.

“You can go back down. I hereby declare the start of Hell Mode!” said Emperor Qin with an unquestionable tone. In the end, Luo Feng could only shake his head as he returned to the Sword Firmament Pavilion.

“Elder, Lin Yun has already made up his mind. So there’s no need to worry about it,” comforted Xin Yan.

“Let’s hope so…” sighed Luo Feng. Everyone knew that there was no chance that Lin Yun could make it through Hell Mode.

“Hell Mode’s first battle, Lin Yun VS Situ Yi!” declared the judge as he left the stage.

The plaza’s atmosphere suddenly became nervous as everyone looked at Lin Yun on the stage. It had been a thousand years since someone challenged Hell Mode.

“Is he crazy? How is he going to fight four rounds in a row?”

“Haha, he’s young and arrogant. But it’s not because of arrogance that he chose to challenge the Hell Mode, it’s ignorance.”

“It’ll be interesting if he loses in the first fight.”

“Who knows. Situ Yi and Bai Lixuan were both evenly matched, and they were stronger than Heartcliff.” No one believed that Lin Yun could make it through Hell Mode. Some of them even felt that he couldn’t even beat Situ Yi.

“I admire your courage, but I’ve already lost twice today and I don’t want to lose any further. So I will give it my all in this fight,” said Situ Yi with a grave expression. He admitted defeat in his fight with Qin Yu and he was defeated by Bai Lixuan. He might’ve lost wholeheartedly, but his arrogance wouldn’t allow him to continue to lose. It would be humiliating if he lost to Lin Yun as well.

Looking at Bai Lixuan, Situ Yi began to unleash his sword aura.

“Situ Yi is really not intending on losing anymore. He even summoned his Martial Soul.” Many people could tell that it would be embarrassing for Situ Yi if he loses again.

It didn’t take long for Situ Yi’s aura to reach its pinnacle before he swung his fan down at Lin Yun.

There were no changes on Lin Yun’s face when he faced this attack. Executing the Seven Profound Steps, Situ Yi’s sword flew right past Lin Yun. It looked like he maneuvered  around Situ Yi’s attack easily.

“Hmph!” Situ Yi snorted and chased after Lin Yun while constantly swinging his fan. As he continued to swing his fan, the sword rays unleashed by him slowly formed a lake.

On the other hand, Lin Yun’s afterimages were left behind everywhere due to the Seven Profound Steps.

“Sweeping Clouds!” Situ Yi roared and his eyes burst out with a cold gleam. The clouds dispersed and his sword stabbed at Lin Yun like a bright moon. This attack instantly left a deep impression on everyone.

“Is this all you have? Then there’s nothing you can do about your defeat,” said Lin Yun.

Just when Situ Yi was about to reach him, Lin Yun clenched his fist and took a step forth. His footsteps were followed by the roar of dragon and tiger as he threw out the Soaring Dragon that destroyed Situ Yi’s attack.

But Lin Yun didn’t stop there as he took another step forward. His figure suddenly divided into seven images and all seven afterimages threw a punch forward.

“What speed!” Situ Yi was shocked and immediately tried to avoid the attack. He didn’t expect Lin Yun to be so quick.

“Do you think you can escape?” Lin Yun’s eyes flickered as he brought out the Golden Crow Seal. He spread his arms apart and soared into the sky, chasing behind Situ Yi.

In a split second, Situ Yi soared into the sky and was divided into countless afterimages that revolved around Lin Yun. With a smile on his face, he appeared behind Lin Yun, “My movement technique isn’t weaker than yours.”

Cloud Dragon’s Rage!

The white clouds soon formed a dragon that charged at Lin Yun. But in the next second, Lin Yun suddenly turned around with golden light radiating from him. He was using the four combined seals.

When the four seals combined, Lin Yun swept through Situ Yi’s attack and slammed onto the latter’s body. There was no way Situ Yi could react to Lin Yun’s attack because it was simply too quick.

Barely blocking Lin Yun’s attack, Situ Yi threw up a mouthful of blood and was sent flying.

But this time, Situ Yi didn’t hesitate to bring out his Martial Soul, which instantly made the audience excited. After all, Situ Yi’s Martial Soul had left a deep impression on everyone during his fight with Everluck.

In the name of my sword, bloom!

But before the moon could rise into the sky, it was swept through by a sword ray that severed the moon in two.

Standing beneath the Iris Flower, Lin Yun sheathed his sword. On the other hand, Situ Yi’s face was pale as he was down on the ground with one knee.

When everyone saw this scene, their eyes were filled with deep shock.

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