Chapter 459 - I Disagree

The terrifying phenomenon created by Trueorigin’s three seals pounced at Bai Lixuan, but everyone was shocked that the dragon and tiger both had a chain that bound them tightly. It was as though the dragon and tiger were Trueorigin’s pets.

Just when the dragon and tiger were about to devour Bai Lixuan, lightning suddenly flashed and Bai Lixuan’s aura began to rise. The Thunderclap Crusher was a move that Bai Lixuan created himself.

When the bolt of lightning lit up the stage, a rumbling sound followed soon after that rang out in everyone’s ears. The dragon and tiger images empowered by the three seals started to crack from Bai Lixuan’s sword.

A brief moment later, the bolt of lightning pierced through the dragon and tiger images, and the chains that bound the two beasts began to crumble.

This scene made Trueorigin’s face change as he threw three punches at the bolt of lightning. Each punch was powerful, but he had to take several steps back due to the rebound. Lightning flickered on his body as blood dripped from the corner of his lips. He looked terrible.

Wiping the blood, Trueorigin smiled, “What a terrifying sword technique. You’re truly worthy of being a genius who obtained the Saint Physique. You’ve given me many surprises today.”

Bai Lixuan’s face was pale and everyone could tell that he had exerted too much strength in the previous attack. Looking at Trueorigin’s injuries, disappointment flickered in Bai Lixuan’s eyes as he sheathed his sword, “You won.”

His strongest attack only barely managed to injure Trueorigin, not to mention that he wasn’t able to force Trueorigin to a single one of his trump cards.

“Interesting…” The Sword Firmament Pavilion was finally suppressed by Trueorigin. He humiliatedLin Yun, forcing him to struggle in the loser’s group. Now that he defeated Bai Lixuan, the Heavenly Profound Sect had thoroughly suppressed the Sword Firmament Pavilion.

On the other hand, it didn’t take long for Situ Yi to admit defeat in his fight with Qin Yu. Situ Yi knew that it was only a fight for the top three, so there was no need for him to exhaust too much of his strength.

The judge looked at the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s direction and asked, “Bai Lixuan, how long do you need to rest?”

The fight for the top three was starting soon and the prize was a cosmic artifact. There was naturally no reason for Bai Lixuan or Situ Yi to give up on it. After all, they could use it to exchange for resources even if they didn’t need it.

“No need,” said Bai Lixuan as he opened his eyes.

Bai Lixuan and Situ Yi flew into the air and landed on the stage. They were equally famous in the empire. Their battle had everyone excited, especially when they had both entered the top eight. Furthermore, the strength they had displayed in all the previous fights was stronger than many people had imagined.

“Bai Lixuan, you seem rather confident in defeating me,” smiled Situ Yi as he fanned himself. He knew that Bai Lixuan didn’t rest much. In fact, Bai Lixuan only took a short break after his fight with Trueorigin. On the other hand, Situ Yi didn’t fight with Qin Yu much.

“That’s for sure. You don’t even have the courage to fight Qin Yu, so why should I be worried about you? I will definitely be in the top three. You can just be fourth place. You can give up on the cosmic artifact,” replied Bai Lixuan.

He might’ve lost to Trueorigin, but everyone knew that it wasn’t a total defeat. It was just that he was lacking in foundation compared to his opponent. With his aptitude, he was confident that he could surpass Trueorigin in the future.

Beneath the stage, the audience looked at Bai Lixuan and Situ Yi’s confrontation with excitement. The two of them were popular candidates to make it into the top three and almost everyone had placed bets on them. After all, there could only be one winner.

“Let’s cut the crap. Show me where your confidence comes from!” Situ Yi’s eyes lit up like a star, brimming with fighting spirit. He gave up his fight with Qin Yu so that he could make it into the top three. It would be embarrassing if he couldn’t win this fight.

As his sword intent burst out, Situ Yi threw his fan forward, “Sweeping Cloud!”

Facing this attack, Bai Lixuan drew his sword calmly. His sword was instantly covered with a layer of lightning that knocked the fan away.

“Mistcloud Dream!” Situ Yi grabbed onto his fan and dashed towards Bai Lixuan. He had fully displayed the essence of the Mistcloud Sword. His attack was gorgeous yet lethal.

“Puny tricks!” Bai Lixuan faced Situ Yi’s attack head-on. The sword ray that burst out from his body formed bolts of lightning that made his aura grow even more terrifying.

“Thundercloud Slasher!” Bai Lixuan’s figure also dashed forward. Situ Yi’s figure was like a cloud, while Bai Lixuan’s figure was like thunderclouds that rumbled with lightning. Every step he took would cause bolts of lightning to spark. The stage also began to tremble as they clashed.

Situ Yi was like a white cloud that enveloped Bai Lixuan. However, Bai Lixuan domineeringly tore through those clouds like a bolt of lightning. “Do you think that you can hide forever?”

Lightning flickered in Bai Lixuan’s eyes and he locked onto Situ Yi’s figure. As he stabbed his sword forward, he unleashed a bolt of lightning that tore through all the mist and clouds. Then, Situ Yi’s silhouette was revealed.

Situ Yi’s eyes flashed and he quickly opened up his fan to block the attack. When the clash occurred, a boundless origin energy exploded that instantly sent Situ Yi flying away.

“Cloud Dragon’s Rage!” Situ Yi swung out his fan as he was blown away. Clouds began to gather from the surroundings and formed a dragon. When he closed his fan, the dragon flew out with rage to charge at Bai Lixuan.

“Excellent timing!” Bai Lixuan smiled indifferently and he swiped out his fingers, “Hidden Sword Dragon!”

In that split second, the thunderclouds also formed a dragon. But the dragon formed by the thunderclouds was more distinct with scales and eyes.

The two dragons roared as they clashed, which sent a powerful shockwave into the surroundings.

“What powerful energy!”

“They’re truly worthy of being the two strongest talents in the empire. No matter who wins, they both deserve recognition.”

“That’s right. Trueorigin and Qin Yu are both seniors and they’re much older than those two. It’s expected for them to obtain the championship, but it’s shocking that Bai Lixuan and Situ Yi could make it so far.” Everyone became even more excited as they watched the battle.

It didn’t take long for a victor to be determined. Bai Lixuan’s thundercloud dragon had won. After the cloud dragon faded away, the remaining energy from Bai Lixuan’s attack fell onto Situ Yi. This made Situ Yi’s face change as he opened up his fan to shatter the thundercloud dragon.

“This is the end, Thunderclap Crusher!” This was the attack that destroyed Trueorigin’s three combined seals. A bolt of lightning tore through the clouds and caught Situ Yi by surprise.

But just when the sword was about to stab into Situ Yi, it stopped at his forehead, making Situ Yi’s face turn pale. After a long time, Situ Yi smiled bitterly, “I lost. If you had the same cultivation as Trueorigin, you wouldn’t have lost with this attack.”

“You could’ve brought out your Martial Soul,” said Bai Lixuan calmly as he sheathed his sword.

“No need. I won’t bring it out if I’m not confident of winning. But your sword has shaken my confidence. This should be the strongest sword that someone can use among the empire’s younger generation,” smiled Situ Yi. He lost his confidence to fight from Bai Lixuan’s sword. So everyone could imagine how powerful it was.

Perhaps many people still had their doubts, but they would only know how powerful the sword was when they were facing it. Then again, they would be dead if they weren’t strong enough.

“I admit defeat. Congratulations for making it into the top three,” smiled Situ Yi as he cupped his hands together.

“Thank you.”

The judge descended down on the stage and announced, “The top three have been determined! The final battle will be between Trueorigin and Qin Yu!”

Everyone began to cheer when they heard the announcement for the next fight. At the same time, both Trueorigin and Qin Yu went on the stage as the audience cheered them on. Both Qin Yu and Trueorigin had many supporters, so the plaza's atmosphere was bustling.

They knew that the final battle was about to begin. The champion would soon emerge. Qin Yu and Trueorigin both smiled as they looked at each other. They were already acquaintances from when they fought here three years ago. Three years later, they were standing on the stage again to fight for the championship.

“I disagree!” A voice sounded out just when the two were about to land on the stage.

A youth suddenly appeared on the winning stage with a sword box behind him. This stunned everyone, including Bai Lixuan, Situ Yi, and the judge. Even the cheers from the crowd had settled down as everyone looked at Lin Yun in shock.

“The top three has been determined? I disagree,” said Lin Yun once more.

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