Chapter 458 - Dragon and Tiger

Two battles started at the same time. But when it came to the loser’s battle and the winner’s battle, everyone was paying attention to the winners. They were watching the fight between Trueorigin and White.

The former already received a title three years ago and he was in the same ranking as Drifting Goblet. Three year had passed, so no one knew how strong he had grown. On the other hand, Bai Lixuan was a genius who possessed the Saint Physique. So this battle naturally attracted everyone’s attention.

Trueorigin looked at Bai Lixuan and said, “You have the Saint Physique, so you might surpass me in three… no, one year. But your foundation is too weak right now. There’s no way you can fight me.”

Bai Lixuan didn’t reply, but he knew that Trueorigin was right. With the Saint Physique, time was always on his side. However, his foundation was still too weak when compared to Trueorigin. But surrendering wasn’t his style, so it wasn’t certain that he would lose.

As long as he defeated Trueorigin, he would make it into the top three. There was no way he would give up this opportunity. Bai Lixuan raised his brow and said, “Let’s go. Let me experience how powerful the authentic Dragon-Tiger Fist is.”

“As you wish,” grinned Trueorigin as he released a golden radiance with a ‘卍’ symbol at the center of it. In that split second, his aura began to boil and surpassed many Violet Palace Realm cultivators.

“How powerful!”

“This is what foundation is. It’s unbelievable that someone in the Profound Martial Realm can release an aura comparable to the Violet Palace Realm.”

“The final battle is starting, so Trueorigin isn’t holding back anymore.” Everyone was shocked when they saw this scene. After all, Trueorigin had achieved this with his cultivation, not by a secret technique. Exactly how powerful would he be after using a secret technique? Just thinking about it was terrifying.

There was no change to Bai Lixuan’s face. He raised his brow and a sword buzz rang out from his body. He was like a sacred sword that flew out from its sheath with boiling sword intent that soared into the horizon. At the same time, an ancient sacred sword also appeared in the sky.

“Very good! I’ll warm up a little with you before my fight with Qin Yu! Undying Vajra Seal!” Trueorigin laughed and he formed an ancient seal with his hands. When he took a step forward, a dragon and tiger roar echoed out.

It was the Dragon-Tiger Steps. When the phenomenon appeared, Trueorigin’s aura began to surge as he slammed the Undying Vajra Seal down. The seal formed a lotus stage with an undying vajra standing at the center.


“Is that really the Dragon-Tiger Fist?”

“The vajra appears. This phenomenon is unheard of. Who can possibly defeat him?” exclaimed the spectators.

Right at this moment, a bolt of lightning and a blinding white light flew out. Bai Lixuan had launched his attack at the vajra sculpture.

“Break!” The sword in his hand was like a lightning dragon that hacked at the lotus without any hesitation. When the sword came in contact with the lotus, the entire stage began to tremble.

“Interesting…” Looking at how Bai Lixuan broke the seal, Trueorigin smiled and pressed his hand out. Without any signs, a seal suddenly appeared above Bai Lixuan.

“Sky Breaking Seal!” laughed Trueorigin as his hand was like the hand of buddha, slamming down.

Bai Lixuan’s face changed at this scene and he began to swing out his sword without any hesitation. He launched an endless wave of attacks at the seal trying to crush it, but there were only fine cracks on the seal when he landed on the ground.

Bai Lixuan frowned his eyebrows when he saw that the seal hadn’t broken. Without any hesitation, he swung his sword out once more.

His origin energy began to fluctuate and the seal finally broke. But Bai Lixuan also had blood dripping from the corner of his lips as he was blown away. On the other hand, Trueorigin stood firmly in the same position. Everyone could tell that Bai Lixuan had suffered a loss in this confrontation.

“Lightning Flash!” Bai Lixuan instantly launched a counterattack. His attack was like bolts of lightning, but Trueorigin merely smiled as he fended off Bai Lixuan’s attacks calmly. His punches were like a dragon and his body was firm like the tiger. He had completely incorporated the Dragon-Tiger Fist into his every movement.

He might not have used any moves, but each of his moves contained the terrifying aura of the Dragon-Tiger Fist. After ten-odd moves later, Trueorigin, who was forced to take a dozen steps back, finally barked, “That’s enough!”

Trueorigin reached out at the air and dragged out nine golden dragons. He was unleashing the Soaring Dragon, so when he clenched his fist, the nine dragon images shattered as his fist flew at Bai Lixuan. Bai Lixuan’s attack was instantly crushed.

A rumbling explosion echoed out on the stage, making Trueorigin look invincible as he basked in the golden radiance. This scene instantly made everyone realise how powerful Trueorigin was.

While Trueorigin and Bai Lixuan were fighting, Lin Yun and Aquaselenic were also fighting on an ordinary stage down below. The two fought with their sword techniques. Lin Yun’s sword was like a radiating moon, while Aquaselenic’s sword was like a vague mist.

After another clash, Aquaselenic landed onto the stage as her brows frowned. Lin Yun’s sword technique was less brilliant than Situ Yi’s, but for some reason, Lin Yun’s sword technique gave her a sturdy feeling. 

Lin Yun’s sword technique seemed to be filled with flaws, but Lin Yun fended off her attacks just when she picked up on them. Lin Yun was like an untouchable moon hanging in the sky. But if she did nothing about it, Lin Yun’s sword would continue to accumulate momentum until it became fatal.

“What sword technique is this?” asked Aquaselenic with her brows frowned.

“Coincidentally, it has the same name as your title,” smiled Lin Yun.

“You’re lying. How can the Aquaselenic Sword be so powerful? Don’t think that I’ve never fought with the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s disciples.” She meant that she had fought with disciples who used the Aquaselenic Sword in the past.

“Perhaps it’s because you’ve never fought with me. Watch out.” Two moons suddenly appeared, one hung in the sky and the other was reflected on the ground. When the two moons overlapped, Lin Yun charged forward with his sword.

“I can’t retreat any further or I’ll lose…” Aquaselenic instantly made a decision in her mind. But just when she was about to give it her all, a smile rose on Lin Yun’s lips as if he had seen through her thoughts. After his smile, Lin Yun’s figure burst out into nine afterimages that avoided Aquaselenic’s attack.

“This is the end,” said the nine Lin Yuns. Before Aquaselenic could think, the nine afterimages overlapped together. When Lin Yun swung his sword out, it felt as though a flower had bloomed.

Moon Reflection!

Lin Yun’s sword tore through Aquaselenic’s attacks and stopped at her forehead. There was a bead of blood dripping down from her forehead and fear filled her eyes. She was shocked that Lin Yun could actually control such a terrifying move as he wished to stop it exactly at her forehead.

“Thank you,” said Lin Yun as he cupped his hands together.

“Touching the blood dripping down from her forehead, Aquaselenic wore a bitter smile, “I lost. Thank you for sparing me.”

Lin Yun had obtained a complete victory and defeated another titled figure. But it was a pity that not many people paid any attention to it. Everyone’s attention was on the winner stage, the fight between Bai Lixuan and Trueorigin. Their battle had already reached the climax.

Vanquishing Dragon and Tiger!”

“Thunderclap Crusher!” Trueorigin and Bai Lixuan clashed once more.

Lin Yun raised his head to look at the stage with blazing enthusiasm on his face.

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