Chapter 457 - Opportunity to Hell

When the judge was about to announce Trueorigin’s victory, an uproar broke out in the plaza. When everyone turned their heads around, they saw a youth carrying a sword box riding a horse coming in this direction. Without a doubt, that youth was naturally Lin Yun.

After a brief shock, everyone became emotional when they saw Lin Yun’s arrival, “He’s here!”

“That fellow is finally here. He should be in time for his fight with Trueorigin,” said Bai Lixuan.

From the Demonic Moon Villa’s seats, Situ Yi fanned himself with a smile on his face. Since there was naturally someone who smiled happily, there naturally someone who smiled sinisterly as well. Qin Yu was briefly stunned before he sneered with killing aura emitting from him.

He was happy that Lin Yun was here or else it would be troublesome.

After greeting the elders and disciples, Lin Yun ascended to the stage and said, “I should be late.”

Why was he late? Because he was in unprecedented danger during his cultivating journey. He ran into a heart demon while comprehending the xiantian sword intent. It was like a long dream. More accurately, it was like a long nightmare. But he still woke up from the nightmare in the end.

Lin Yun raised his head to the sky and smiled. He knew that Xin Jue must be looking at him right now.

The judge smiled as he stroked his beard, “You’re lucky that you’re in time for the last battle. Since you’re here, then let’s cut the crap and begin the battle.”

Is it finally starting? Many people were excited because they could imagine an intense fight between Trueorigin and Flower Burial. Everyone initially thought that Lin Yun had given up the competition, but he surprised everyone by coming at the very last minute.

“Who says that we’re starting?” smiled Trueorigin as he looked at the judge, “Have you forgotten that you need my agreement to start the fight?”

“Indeed… you do have that authority. But I don’t remember you putting it that way earlier,” said the judge with his brows frowned. He initially thought that Trueorigin wouldn’t reject the fight. After all, he looked regretful when he couldn’t fight Lin Yun earlier and it didn’t seem fake. So Trueorigin should be happy that Lin Yun was here.

“That’s right, but I’ve changed my mind. Brat, since you’re late, don’t think that I’ll give you special treatment. You want to fight me? Sure, cripple your Dragon-Tiger Fist and kneel to my junior brother as an apology. Otherwise, get lost to the loser group,” said Trueorigin with a playful smile.

“How did it progress to this?” Luo Feng was furious.

“He’s too much of a bully. A titled figure actually turns out to be such a petty person,” said Li Wuyou with his teeth gnashed.

Xin Yan was also worried because the judge would announce Lin Yun’s loss if Lin Yun refused to apologize. But it would be too humiliating and Trueorigin wanted to force Lin Yun into a dead-end.

The plaza suddenly became silent because no one had expected this scene. No one had expected that a titled figure would be so shameless. Even if he had a grudge with Lin Yun, no one would say a word if he defeated Lin Yun openly. But using such a shameless method to force Lin Yun made everyone furious at Trueorigin.

The judge wore a smile and said, “Trueorigin, why the trouble? If you have a grudge with Lin Yun, then you can settle it on the stage.”

“Cut the crap,” said Trueorigin with disdain and then he barked, “This is how the world works. Since I have the advantage, why shouldn’t I use it? Lin Yun, I know that you’re unhappy, but there’s nothing you can do about it. Back then when you humiliated my junior brother with your Dragon-Tiger Fist, you should’ve known that my Heavenly Profound Sect wouldn’t let you off so easily. Either get on your knees or get lost to the loser group…”

But before he could finish his words, Lin Yun spoke out, “I surrender.”

His words stunned everyone because no one had expected Lin Yun to be so decisive. Even Trueorigin was surprised, which suddenly made him feel depressed. He raised his head to look at Lin Yun with coldness brimming out of his eyes.

“But I swear that this battle won’t end here,” said Lin Yun as he looked at Trueorigin in the eyes.

“Haha, you want to challenge Hell Mode? Then I’ll wait for you. I’ll defeat you openly at that time and take everything from you,” sneered Trueorigin.

The judge looked at Lin Yun in pity and said, “If you admit defeat, you can only proceed to the loser group and fight for the last four rankings.”

“Thank you,” replied Lin Yun.

There were already three people standing around the stage. It was the Demonic Moon Villa’s Aquaselenic, the Hundred Beast Gate’s Warbeast, and the Divine Guards’ Azurehill. The stages they were standing on were lower than the center one. After all, the loser’s group was naturally one step lower than the winner’s group.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you? How can you possibly be late for the last round?” Feng Ye looked at Lin Yun in perplexion.

“At least I’m not entirely late,” replied Lin Yun.

“Hehe, it looks like you’re already prepared for the worst before you come,” smiled Feng Ye. “And here Trueorigin thought that he could humiliate you.”

“The loser group will begin soon, so you guys have to do your best too. The ranking is also related to the rewards you guys will receive from the envoy. Let the first match begin, Flower Burial VS Warbeast,” announced the stage.

“I admit defeat,” smiled Feng Ye.

This made many people who placed a bet on this match stunned. After all, they were surprised that Feng Ye would admit defeat when he didn’t even fear Qin Yu.

“Thank you,” smiled Lin Yun. He knew that Feng Ye was doing this because of their relationship in the Demonlotus Realm.

“I give up...” Another voice sounded out before the judge made the second announcement. The voice naturally came from Yue Qing, which made even Lin Yun shocked.

“You probably didn’t see how badly I lost since you came late,” smiled Yue Qing bitterly. He sighed, “There’s no need to compete. I will definitely be ranked last in the competition and I’m not confident about defeating you. Consider this paying the favor of you saving Liu Yue.” 

“The Divine Guards’ disciples came out from mountains of corpses and I remember what the commander once said. Even if you’re in hell, it’s nothing as long as you have the desire to live and climb out from the mountain of corpses,” said Yue Qing as he looked at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun pondered those words. His journey in the Sword Burial Diagram could be considered a trip to the mountain of corpses. Since he made it out, why should he be afraid of hell? With that, two out of the three people had given up. Only Aquaselenic was left, so the atmosphere suddenly tensed up.

“You want to climb out of hell? Then get through me. My sword won’t allow me to surrender,” said Aquaselenic as she looked at Lin Yun with a smile. But her sword intent wasn’t calm at all. This battle was unavoidable.

“I apologize in advance.” Lin Yun bowed as his fighting spirit burst out. At the same time, the fight between Trueorigin and White began on the winning stage. They were fighting for top three in the competition, while Lin Yun was fighting for an opportunity to hell.

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