Chapter 452 - Title, Flower Burial

The sound of Heartcliff collapsing to the ground wasn't loud, but everyone had heard it clearly. First, Lin Yun killed Twilight. Now, he killed Heartcliff. With that, two titled figures lost their lives to his sword.

No one was optimistic about Lin Yun in the beginning, but no one dared to look down on him anymore after such terrifying achievements. After all, his fight was the most intense out of the eight. Others, like Qin Yu and Trueorigin, had defeated their opponents easily.

Only he, Lin Yun, became a titled figure by killing the titled figures. He rose to his position by stepping on their corpses.

“Damn it!” Wen Yanbo’s face turned dark. His eyes were filled with killing intent when he looked at Lin Yun. He only wished that he could kill Lin Yun personally, but he still retained a wisp of rationale. He knew that making a move here was equivalent to courting death.

Zuo Yun was shocked when he looked at Lin Yun, but he soon revealed a mocking smirk on his face. Even he had no idea if he was mocking himself or mocking Wen Yanbo. He told his senior brother to go easy on Lin Yun and he received a slap from Wen Yanbo for it. In the end, Lin Yun had personally slapped Wen Yanbo’s face himself.

By killing Heartcliff, this meant that no one from the Primal Origin Sect made it into the quarterfinals in this year’s Dragon Gate Competition. They had thoroughly embarrassed themselves. At the same time, Zuo Yun also made up his mind to leave the Primal Origin Sect after this. After all, there was nothing holding him back here.

On the other hand, everyone from the Sword Firmament Pavilion was excited, especially Luo Feng.

“This fellow is a strong opponent, but luckily, Heartcliff managed to force him to reveal all his trump cards.” Trueorigin looked at Lin Yun deeply. He didn’t have a favorable impression of Heartcliff because he mocked the Dragon-Tiger Fist earlier.

He was still thinking of teaching Heartcliff a lesson during the competition. But he never imagined that he would be killed by Lin Yun. Trueorigin really had to thank Lin Yun for it. On the other hand, Qin Yu’s gaze was flickering and it was impossible to tell what was going through his mind.

The princess was still as indifferent as before. No one could see her expression under her veil.

With that, the best eight had emerged from this Dragon Gate Competition, Flying Feather, Trueorigin, Aquaselenic, Bai Lixuan, Situ Yi, Ye Feng, Yue Qing, and Lin Yun.

As the most mysterious sect in the Great Qin Empire, the Demonic Moon Villa had two people make it into the quarterfinals. Situ Yi’s Martial Soul had left a deep impression on everyone and many people could see that his Martial Soul could be further promoted.

Trueorigin made it through the competition by domineering and managed to retain the Heavenly Profound Sect’s prestige. Many people felt that he could definitely make it into the top three. Aside from Qin Yu, he was the next popular candidate to become the champion.

As for Feng Ye, he was a barbarian from the Hundred Beast Gate, a thorough underdog.

Yue Qing’s promotion was also surprising to many people, but not many were optimistic for him to make it any further in the competition.

The final two were Bai Lixuan and Lin Yun. Without a doubt, they attracted the most attention. Not only was Bai Lixuan strong, but everyone had witnessed the might of the Saint Physique. As for Lin Yun, he slew two titled figures with his sword and there was no one with a stronger performance than him in the competition.

Without a doubt, none of the quarterfinals winners were weak. Because of this, everyone could imagine how brutal the next fight would be. At the same time, everyone could envision Lin Yun having a high ranking based on his performance today.

Right at this moment, a servant came to the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s seats with a brocade box. He smiled as he looked at Lin Yun and Bai Lixuan. Opening the brocade box, he took out two jade tokens. To Bai Lixuan, he said, “Congratulations on becoming a titled figure. Engrave your name on it. This name will spread throughout the Great Qin Empire.”

Bai Lixuan revealed a rare look of joy on his face. Everyone could tell that he was happy that he made it into the quarterfinals. When he took the jade token, he pondered for a long time before he engraved his name on it.

“Little White?” The servant held onto the jade token. For some reason, the name sounded improper to him.

Bai Lixuan replied, “It’s White.”

This made the servant feel awkward. Even everyone else from the pavilion wore a strange expression and Li Wuyou nearly laughed.

“Lin Yun, it’s your turn.” The servant smiled and he handed another jade token over. This piqued everyone’s curiosity as they wanted to know what title Lin Yun would take for himself.

Lin Yun held onto the token and pondered briefly before he engraved ‘Flower Burial’ on it. He chose to take on the same name as his sword.

“Flower Burial?” The servant was surprised. He asked, “What does it mean?”

“It’s the name of my sword,” responded Lin Yun.

The servant smiled, “Why don’t you change it? Aside from you, no one knows the name of your sword. After all, everyone takes on a meaningful or symbolic title for themselves.”

“No need,” said Lin Yun. “The name of my sword, Flower Burial, will spread throughout the empire after today.” He smiled and his tone was brimming with confidence.

“Oh yeah, that makes sense. After all, who wouldn’t know about the Flower Burial Sword that killed Heartcliff today,” smiled the servant as he left.

When all the servants returned to their seats, Emperor Qin swept out a glance and smiled, “Luo Feng, your Sword Firmament Pavilion has the best performance in this competition. Why don’t you draw the lots for the final battle?”

“It’s my honor,” smiled Luo Feng as he went up the stage. Under everyone’s gazes, he messed up before finally grabbing two jade tokens. “The first battle, ‘White’ Bai Lixuan VS ‘Azurehill’ Yue Qing.”

When he announced the battle, he also announced the titles for those who made it into the quarterfinals. From today onwards, the new titles would spread throughout the empire.

“The second battle, Flying Feather VS ‘Warbeast’ Feng Ye.”

Everyone instantly felt like laughing. Feng Ye was truly a barbarian to take on such a title for himself. But Feng Ye wasn’t bothered by it. He just felt somewhat unhappy that he had to fight Qin Yu.

“The third battle, Aquaselenic VS ‘Snowflake’ Situ Yi.” This was a terrible match because it was a fight between the Demonic Moon Villa themselves, which made them frown their brows. After all, this meant that one of them had to give up on the competition.

“The fourth battle, Trueorigin VS ‘Flower Burial’ Lin Yun.”

Trueorigin? Trueorigin had shown a strong performance so far, crushing all the opponents in his way. On the other hand, Lin Yun had revealed quite a bit of his trump cards.

Right at this moment, Lin Yun could sense someone’s gaze. Naturally, it belonged to Trueorigin. Trueorigin smiled at him and revealed his pinky before Lin Yun was about to shift his gaze.

Without a doubt, he was saying that Lin Yun was weak. Lin Yun could also tell that Trueorigin was rather happy about running into him in the competition.

Emperor Qin stood up from his seat and announced, “Let me announce the final rules. The winner will make it into the winner’s bracket to fight for the top four ranking. The loser will fall into the loser’s bracket to fight for the last four rankings. Lastly, the winner of the loser group has a chance to invoke Hell Mode, he or she will fight everyone in the winner’s bracket consecutively. There will be no retreat once you make this decision or else you will lose your title.”

With that, Emperor Qin had announced the rules for the final fight. He then continued, “The competition will continue three days from now and everyone will fight for the championship.”

This made many people disappointed because they had to wait for three days. After all, their blood was boiling from the fight between Lin Yun and Heartcliff. They were excited just thinking about the fight between the new titled figures.

Then again, the pause made sense since many people had suffered injuries. It was normal to give them three days to rest before the final battle.

“Since both Twilight and Heartcliff died, please kill Trueorigin as well. After all, it’ll be a disappointment not being able to fight against you in this competition,” smiled Bai Lixuan as he left.

“This fellow sounds as though he can defeat you,” commented Li Wuyou.

“Let’s not consider it as ill will. At least he is wishing for me to win,” said Lin Yun as he looked at Bai Lixuan. Their grudge had to be resolved in the competition or Lin Yun would find it to be a pity as well.

“Flower Burial, great name.” Ye Feng walked over and smiled, “I wonder if you will pick Hell Mode if you lose to Trueorigin since you’re after the championship. But let’s hope that you won’t bury yourself. The title, Flower Burial, isn’t a lucky name. You should change it.”

Before Lin Yun could even reply, Ye Feng laughed and left.

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