Chapter 451 - Sword named Flower Burial

Sensing Lin Yun’s fighting spirit, Heartcliff sneered, “You’re really confident. Aren’t you afraid of death?”

“The next move is a technique created and perfected by me over the past three years. Three years ago, it wasn’t a mature move, so I’ve never used it in public. I was initially saving it for Qin Yu, but you can have a taste of it. This move is called Astral Devour.” Heartcliff clenched his fist and the ferocious aura around him surged. He was like a bright star in the darkness and his shocking aura affected all the spectators.

Even the Violet Palace Realm experts in the spectator seats went silent because not even some of them were confident of taking this move.

“How terrifying…”

“This is the punch he worked on for the past three years?” The Sword Firmament Pavilion’s party wore a grave expression, including Xin Yan.

“Hmph, Heartcliff used this fist to kill a Violet Palace Realm wandering cultivator. I don’t believe that sword slave can take it!” Wen Yanbo looked excited. It was as if he could see Lin Yun being killed by this attack.

Those who made it into the best eight frowned their brows because they could sense how powerful this attack was. They could tell that Heartcliff devoted his last three years into perfecting this attack. As Heartcliff continued to accumulate his attack, Lin Yun was under unprecedented pressure. However, there was no anxiety in his heart.

His eyes blazed with fighting spirit and his nearly completed xiantian sword intent buzzed crazily. Along with a radiating brilliance from the Flower Burial Sword, his sword intent was shining out with its own brilliance in the darkness.

“Aquaselenic Sword—Heavenly Cloud Shatter!” Lin Yun also brought out the self-created tenth move of the Aquaselenic Sword. His aura climbed to its pinnacle and the domineering aura emitted from him formed a tornado that swept away the stone fragments on the stage.

The sword intent coming from the aura was terrifying and it even created a phenomenon. Lightning was flickering in the sky, which lit up Lin Yun’s face. This was an attack that could shatter heaven and only his sword was eternal.

At the same time, the crimson fist exploded. Two attacks that could easily kill an ordinary Violet Palace Realm cultivator clashed on the stage, making it feel as though heaven and earth were shaking. With the Dragon Gate Plaza in the center, the seven other stages were trembling violently with cracks spreading out on them.

“Crap!” The judge’s face changed as he wanted to block the shockwaves.

But Emperor Qin suddenly spoke up, “Where are the Divine Guards?”

“Here!” The Divine Guards’ elites appeared from the surroundings as they blocked the shockwaves. They were all only in the eighth stage of the Profound Martial Realm, but if all of them acted at the same time, even Violet Palace Realm cultivators would have to run from them.

However, the shockwaves that swept out domineeringly had even caused the elites to throw up blood. The last shockwave was blocked by the judge personally because it passed the elites. Otherwise, no one knew how many spectators would be killed from the shockwave.

This made everyone’s faces turn pale. The power from the two attacks had exceeded everyone’s imagination. The Divine Guards’ elites had faced the shockwave. However, if they faced the attack itself, there was no question that all of them would have died.

The thought of this made everyone tremble in fear. After all, ordinary Violet Palace Realm cultivators couldn’t even accomplish something like this!

The clash continued on the stage and the two were bearing unparalleled rebound force. The force they had to bear was a lot stronger than the shockwaves that were released into the surroundings.

With a rumbling explosion, Lin Yun and Heartcliff both flew out. Lin Yun landed on a stage, which shattered the stage into pieces as his body was deeply planted into the stage. On the other side, Heartcliff’s Dracophant War Armor was shattered and his body was covered in wounds. He was sent flying into another stage and was buried in that one.

No one knew if they were still alive and everyone could feel a buzz in their minds. No one had expected that the battle would be so intense. The silence lasted for a long while as everyone looked at the two piles of stones in fear. They had no idea who had won.

“Holy shit, they actually created those attacks by themselves?”

“Indeed, I’ve never seen those two attacks in the Dracophant War Fist or the Aquaselenic Sword.”

“But Lin Yun’s attack seemed to be slightly stronger in the clash.”

“I can’t say for sure. Lin Yun’s sword is indeed stronger, but his physique isn’t as strong as Heartcliff’s. He might not be able to bear the shockwaves.”

“Let’s wait for them to get up.” The audience was shocked, but many Violet Palace Realm cultivators had seen the results clearly.

“Hmmm?” Many people were shocked because there was a slight tremble on the ground.

Suddenly, the stones blew apart and Heartcliff stood up with a pale face. He didn’t care about his injuries and he looked at the other pile of stones while bursting out with laughter, “I still won!”

But before he could enjoy his win, the other pile of stones were blown apart by a sword. This made Heartcliff’s face change as he threw a punch at the sword. However, he threw up a mouthful of blood when he tried to attack and staggered on the stage.

A golden streak flew out from the pile of stones, holding onto the sword. With the sword pointed at the center of Heartcliff’s forehead, a faint announced, “You lost.”

When the golden light slowly dissipated, Lin Yun’s figure was revealed.

“No, this can’t be! How can I possibly lose?!” Heartcliff looked at Lin Yun with disbelief and he threw out a punch, wanting to knock the sword away. But before he could even attack, a crimson line slowly ran across his head and his face was severed into two.

No matter how quick a punch was, could it be faster than a sword that was already aimed at the forehead? Did Heartcliff really think that Lin Yun didn’t dare to kill him? In the end, he could regret his actions in the afterlife.

Heartcliff’s corpse collapsed onto the ground and Lin Yun sheathed his sword. Afterwards, he looked around at the stage.

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