Chapter 450 - Battle

The ear-deafening explosions nearly made people throw up blood. But when they recovered from their shock, their faces changed as they looked at the stage. There was a sword emitting a purple glow that was clashing against a violent fist. From their point of view, a visible shockwave could be seen rippling out in the air.

Everyone was shocked by the clash and many people could barely open their eyes from the violent gale. Some of the weaker cultivators were even struggling to remain seated. One must know that the observation stage was nearly a thousand meters away from the stage, so one could imagine how powerful the clash was. No one could imagine how many people would be injured if they were too close to the ripples.

Lin Yun’s eyes flashed coldly and his quasi-xiantian sword intent surged even further. A phenomenon was created around him. Lin Yun had created a lake that was shrouded in a mountain range.

The densely packed sword rays flew out from the Flower Burial Sword like countless rocks being thrown into the lake, which caused a violent ripple.

Each of his sword rays were terrifying, and in just the blink of an eye, Lin Yun had swung out over ninety sword rays with the Iris Sword Sutra. Each sword ray could suppress any genius in the eighth stage.

“Interesting.” Heartcliff frowned at the attack. He could sense that Lin Yun was a lot stronger than three days ago and even he was feeling rather pressured from Lin Yun’s sword technique.

“Dracophant Battle Fist!” With saintly music sounding out, Heartcliff threw out a barrage of punches. Each punch was like a charging dracophant and after ten-odd punches, Heartcliff suddenly retreated.

Meanwhile, Lin Yun’s eyes flashed with a killing intent and he swung his sword down. This made Heartcliff frown as he avoided the attack. When Lin Yun’s sword smashed into the ground, it created a long cut on the ground that stretched beyond the stage.

When the sword ray landed on the ground outside the stage, it instantly created a huge crater that caused the entire plaza to tremble. The spectators were dumbfounded. They couldn’t imagine how powerful this attack was. After all, all attacks were restrained on the stage with the use of an array. However, Lin Yun’s sword actually split the stage into two. They couldn’t believe it.

Heartcliff squinted his eyes into slits when he saw this scene. He knew that Lin Yun wanted his life. He sneered, “Your improvements are shocking. Not only did you reach the tenth stage, but your origin energy can even contend with mine. But you’re still too tender. Let me show you the true meaning of power! Berserker Rage!”

Heartcliff’s dracophant energy suddenly turned red and his bones began to crackle like rumbling lightning. The violent aura emitting from him instantly caused the entire sky to turn dark as he leaped into the sky and threw a punch down. It was like a mountain was crashing down.

Finally bringing out ten cauldron’s worth of strength?

“In the name of my sword, bloom!” An Iris Flower bloomed behind Lin Yun and his sword aura instantly reached a terrifying level. When he stabbed his sword out to clash with the crimson fist, it suddenly caused the entire ancient stage to begin crumbling.

The entire stage was covered in a cloud of dust and everyone sucked in a cold breath at this scene. Heartcliff had previously used ten cauldron’s worth of strength to obliterate his enemy, but no one had a clear sense of how powerful it was back then.

But when they saw how the stage collapsed, their faces were replaced with shock. Only a power at an equal level could display how powerful a titled figure truly was.

“How terrifying. I heard that not even a Violet Palace Realm can deal any damage to the stage.”

“They’re monsters… Are they really only in the Profound Martial Realm?” Many of the cultivators turned pale with shock. There was only one quota left in the quarterfinals, so everyone had expected an intense fight from Lin Yun and Heartcliff. However, no one was expecting that the battle would be so ferocious.

“They’re truly worthy of being called monstrous geniuses…” Some of the Violet Palace Realm elders sighed when they saw this scene. They could naturally tell that this was no longer a battle at the level of the Profound Martial Realm. Even those in the initial Violet Palace Realm wouldn’t be able to cause such a huge commotion.

This meant that Lin Yun and Heartcliff had both exceeded the levels of ordinary Violet Palace Realm cultivators. They were shocked when they realized this fact. They weren’t surprised that Heartcliff would have such strength, but Lin Yun was also this strong? Just how deep did Lin Yun hide himself?

The battle between the sword and the fist continued on the stage.

“Ten cauldron’s worth of strength…” Lin Yun could sense that Heartcliff’s strength was genuine and not from any secret techniques. Lin Yun had also cultivated the Dracophant Battle Physique, so he was shocked by Heartcliff. He knew that he would be dead if his cultivation technique hadn’t reached the ninth stage.

He only had eight cauldron’s worth of strength, so there was no way he could compete with Heartcliff. After all, ten cauldron’s worth of strength was a whole new level.

“Little sword slave, are you feeling afraid now? Your Dracophant Battle Physique is nothing in my eyes! Hahaha!” Heartcliff continued to rain his punches down amidst his frantic laughter.

As more punches rained down on the Iris Flower, cracks began to appear. At the same time, many people on the stage had also seen something unusual about Heartcliff’s strength.

“Interesting, Heartcliff actually really possesses ten cauldron’s worth of strength. Furthermore, it’s not from any secret techniques.”

“Ten cauldron’s worth of strength is a transformation, just like xiantian sword intent is for swordsmen. He must have had a fortunate encounter.”

“It must be related to the Dracophant Mountain in the Primal Origin Sect.” But even so, there was nothing Heartcliff could do to Lin Yun. Lin Yun’s Aquaselenic Sword had reached the manifestation stage, not to mention that he was pushing the Iris Sword Sutra to the limit. So even if Heartcliff held a slight advantage in the fight, he still couldn’t help feeling fearful of Lin Yun’s attacks.

“Die!” Heartcliff roared and his crimson fist manifested into an ancient beast that charged at Lin Yun, wanting to devour him whole.

“Spread out!” Lin Yun focused his gaze and threw out a radiating moon that formed a purple sword ray.

Heaven and earth trembled from the clash between the two attacks and the stage was totally destroyed. Craters could be seen everywhere and the violent gale made everyone squint their eyes.

The clash was too terrifying. This shocked all the eliminated participants. They knew that it wasn’t luck that Lin Yun and Heartcliff could make it this far.

With another violent clash, the two separated from each other.

“Haha, I never expected that a sword slave like you would be capable of pushing me this far. But this is the end. You were doomed to die the moment you stepped on this stage. I’ll use your life to cleanse the humiliation of the Primal Origin Sect!” Heartcliff’s face finally began to look serious.

Lin Yun raised his brow, but he didn’t speak a word. However, the Flower Burial Sword buzzing in his hand had already declared his determination.

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