Chapter 449 - Lin Yun VS Heartcliff

Everyone wondered if Lin Yun was lucky or unlucky. First, he encountered Twilight. Now, he had to face Heartcliff. It went without saying that Heartcliff was a lot stronger than Twilight.

Not only was the Primal Origin Sect one of the four major sects, but they also had a deeper foundation than the Sword Cloud Pavilion. Furthermore, Heartcliff had only revealed the tip of the iceberg in terms of what he could do. In the previous battle, he obliterated his opponent with ten cauldron’s worth of strength.

After Emperor Qin made the announcement, the plaza was immediately overtaken by a roar. Everyone had to admit that those who were ranked high were lucky. There was practically no pressure for them to make it into the quarterfinals. Then again, it was without question that all of them were strong.

After all, Qin Yu defeated Egret with a palm and Trueorigin killed his opponent with only three punches. In the end, no one could say anything about their strength.

“Heartcliff, that brat has to die,” said Wen Yanbo. The Primal Origin Sect had a deep feud with the Sword Firmament Pavilion and Lin Yun had long become a thorn in Wen Yanbo’s eye. After all, the core disciples he sent into the Demonlotus Realm to assassinate Lin Yun were all killed. Furthermore, Wu Mohan and Zuo Yun both lost to Lin Yun and Bai Lixuan, which struck a huge blow to their reputation.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make this sword slave regret coming to the Great Qin Empire,” smiled Heartcliff as he played with the token in his hand.

Zuo Yun hesitated briefly and ultimately mustered up his courage, “Elder Wen, Lin Yun is a good person in my opinion. As long as the sect doesn’t go after him, he won’t come after the sect. It’s enough for senior brother to teach him a lesson. There’s no need to kill him, not to mention that the Sword Firmament Pavilion won’t let this matter rest.”

But the moment he spoke out, he received a slap from Wen Yanbo, who roared, “What the hell are you talking about? The sect provided so many resources for you and yet you lost to Bai Lixuan. Now you want to speak up for the sword slave? Shut it!”

Heartcliff sneered and started to reprimand him, “Junior Brother Zuo, you’re still too young. It makes no sense to go easy on an enemy. Quick, apologize to Elder Wen and refrain from speaking such things in the future.”

Zuo Yun’s face turned red and he apologized. But Wen Yanbo no longer bothered with him as he looked at Lin Yun with hatred burning in his eyes. The various sects might be seated far away, but they were all experts, so they could naturally eavesdrop on the conversation. Hence, many sects turned their attention to the Primal Origin Sect.

However, everyone knew about the feud between the two sects, so no one spoke a word. At the same time, this caused a decent commotion as many people whispered among themselves.

“That old geezer is pretty tough on his own people.” Luo Feng frowned and gave his advice, “Lin Yun, be careful. Surrender if you’re not able to defeat him.”

But when he looked at Lin Yun, he noticed that there was something unusual about Lin Yun’s expression. He could notice a chill on Lin Yun’s face.

“You know Zuo Yun personally?” asked Luo Feng.

“Not really. But we cooperated once outside the sect and hunted some demonic beasts together…” Lin Yun wasn’t willing to speak more as killing intent flickered in his eyes. He might not have a deep relationship with Zuo Yun, but he respected the latter. This had nothing to do with the feud between the two sects.

But Lin Yun was shocked that Zuo Yun would speak up for him. Then again, Zuo Yun probably thought he would be killed by Heartcliff, which would be a pity. However, he never expected that Wen Yanbo would be so unhappy that Zuo Yun lost to Bai Lixuan and that he would slap Zuo Yun for speaking up for Lin Yun.

Don’t worry. I won’t die anytime soon. After all, I still have to step on Wen Yanbo’s face and slap his face. When Lin Yun closed his eyes, killing aura brewed within his heart.

With Emperor Qin making the announcement, the quarterfinals had finally begun. The first fight was between Qin Yu and Lin Xuan. Lin Xuan decisively admitted defeat and with that, the first winner emerged.

When Trueorigin faced his opponent, his opponent also surrendered immediately. As for Aquaselenic, she didn’t even need to draw her sword to defeat her opponent. The fourth battle was between Feng Ye and the Demonic Moon Villa’s Shui Wuhen. Feng Ye emerged victorious and the Hundred Beast Gate became ecstatic.

With more winners emerging, more titled figures were starting to appear. In the next three years, their names would sweep through the Great Qin Empire and they would enjoy the limelight.

When Bai Lixuan defeated Zhou Hong, a clear voice echoed out in the plaza, “The eighth battle, the Primal Origin Sect’s Heartcliff VS the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s Lin Yun!”

Lin Yun and Heartcliff both opened their eyes. A cold flicker flashed across their eyes and they both looked at each other. Everyone could sense the sparks coming from them and they hadn’t even begun to fight. This instantly made the atmosphere feel heavy.

“It’s coming.”

“This is the last battle. I wonder who will emerge victorious.”

“Both the Primal Origin Sect’s trump cards, Wu Mohan and Zuo Yun lost to the Sword Firmament Pavilion’s disciples. Didn’t you see that Wen Yanbo was so agitated that he even slapped someone?”

“Yeah. Speaking of which, Lin Yun has been a steady fellow and rarely revealed his killing aura. What’s wrong with him now?”

“You noticed it too? And here I thought my eyes were messing with me. Lin Yun’s eyes look terrifying. I’ve never seen him in this state.” The spectators were discussing among themselves heatedly.

The seven who made it into the quarterfinals directed their gazes away.

Lin Yun finally stood up from his seat carrying the sword box on his back. He was an underdog who managed to come this far. He even killed a titled figure in the competition. The strength and potential he showed in this competition had attracted many people’s attention.

“What a surprise. I never expected that a sword slave like you would be friends with that garbage junior brother of mine,” provoked Heartcliff with a grin.

Lin Yun’s face was cold and he paid no attention to Heartcliff as he slowly climbed onto the stage.

“What arrogance. You’ll die soon,” snorted Heartcliff as he flew towards the stage.

Seeing Heartcliff’s actions, Lin Yun who was walking over to the stage raised his brow and executed the Seven Profound Steps.

One was like a sharp sword that tore through the horizon while the other one was like an ancient beast. This was the last battle to determine the best eight. Naturally, they were the center of everyone’s attention.

When they landed on the stage, they looked at each other with cold gazes and their auras clashed. The moment their feet touched the stage, they both launched their attacks at the same time and they disappeared from everyone’s sight.

“What’s going on?”

“Where are they?” The spectators were baffled. But all of a sudden, explosions rang out from the stage that caused the entire plaza to tremble.

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