Chapter 448 - Best Eight

Right after Lin Yun defeated a titled figure, another person did the same thing. No one would’ve expected this scene before the competition. After all, titled figures were invincible in the eyes of many and it was impossible for them to lose unless they bumped into another fellow titled figure.

Everluck was strong, especially his spear technique. However, Situ Yi was stronger and his strength far exceeded Everluck the moment he brought out his Martial Soul.

Wasn’t Twilight also strong? He was because he could easily defeat an ordinary cultivator in the Violet Palace Realm, but Lin Yun was stronger with his cultivation technique in the tenth stage.

Many people sensed that a new era was coming. This competition wasn’t like the previous one and there were too many surprises. With the appearance of so many underdogs, anything was possible. No one was sure who would be the champion.

Very quickly, the final battle started. It was the battle between Flying Feather and Egret. Two figures descended on the stage at the same time when the princess made her announcement. This was the battle that everyone was looking forward to the most.

“Qin Yu, our battle won’t end the moment it starts. Why don’t we decide our victory with one move? This way, we can also save our trump cards for the later part of the competition,” suggested Erget.

“It doesn’t matter to me since you’ll be the one losing anyways,” smiled Qin Yu with a confident look.

Egret furrowed his brow and then smiled, “Well aren’t you arrogant? Aren’t you afraid that this is a trap?”

“I have always been this way. I will become the champion and no one can stop me. Not Trueorigin, not Heartcliff, and not you. Cut the crap, you can decide how we fight,” said Qin Yu with an arrogant tone.

He was giving off great pressure. If it were someone else, the crowd would have thought he was too arrogant. But he was Qin Yu, the most popular candidate in the Dragon Gate Competition. No one dared to say anything because he had the strength to back up his words.

“Let’s go with palm techniques then. The loser will surrender,” said Erget.

“I’ll give you some friendly advice, change it to another technique. You might have some chance of winning if you were competing with someone else. However, you won’t have a chance against me if it’s a palm,” smiled Qin Yu.

“I’ll only know after we fight.” Egret decided to stick to palm techniques.

“There’s no need to compete. You’ve already lost.” Qin Yu suddenly raised his brow and appeared before Egret. Without any hesitation, he threw out his palm.

In that split second, he emitted a crimson radiance that had a domineering aura. This made Erget, who was initially confident, shocked. He never expected that Qin Yu would be so powerful.

The blazing aura alone made Egret feel like he was being refined in a cauldron. Without a second thought, Egret threw his palm forward.

When the two palms clashed, Egret was sent flying out. When he fell onto the ground, he threw up three mouthfuls of blood as Qin Yu’s origin energy raged in his body.

“The Profound Yang Art!” Egret looked at Qin Yu in disbelief. “This is an earth grade cultivation technique. How the hell are you able to practice an earth grade cultivation technique.”

“Nothing is impossible in this world. I told you that you can’t compete against me in terms of palm techniques. You can get lost now,” said Qin Yu indifferently. He raised his palm and the blazing energy sent Egret off the stage.

The entire plaza was silent from the shock. No one had expected that a battle between two titled figures would end so quickly. Even Trueorigin needed three moves to defeat his opponent, but Qin Yu had settled the fight in just one.

Standing on the stage, Qin Yu domineeringly looked around and gave off powerful pressure.

“Holy shit, the rumors are actually true. Qin Yu actually practices an earth grade cultivation technique!”

“It’s weird that he hasn’t run amok yet.”

“He must have his secrets. After all, he is the prince.”

“This means that the championship belongs to him.” An uproar burst out from the spectators as all of them looked at Qin Yu with fear. With that, the best sixteen had emerged.

“Junior Brother, his gaze was filled with ill-intent when he looked at you,” whispered Chen Xuanjun. Qin Yu’s strength had exceeded everyone’s expectations, so Chen Xuanjun couldn’t help but be worried for Lin Yun’s safety.

“Everyone already knows that he plans to kill me in the competition. So what? I’m standing here aren’t I? I’m not afraid of him,” replied Lin Yun.

“Have the best sixteen been determined?” An elderly voice sounded out in the plaza.

Emperor Qin’s face changed and he immediately stood up, “Lord Envoy, the best sixteen have emerged. According to the rules, you will be presiding over the rest of the competition.”

“No need. This competition is rather interesting. There’s still suspense in the competition and I’m not in a hurry to show up. Work hard, brats. All of you can receive a gift from me if you reach the quarterfinals. The higher your ranking, the more precious the gift will be. For the top three, you will be bestowed with one cosmic artifact. For the champion, I will personally agree to one of your requests.” The elderly voice rang out in the plaza, which made everyone’s blood boil.

This was the reason why the Dragon Gate Competition was so attractive to everyone. But since the envoy said that there was still suspense in this competition, did that mean that Qin Yu wasn’t going to become the champion?

This filled everyone with even more expectation for the competition. Since the envoy had already said those words, there must be those who still have hidden trump cards.

“You can continue to preside over the competition, as long as you’re able to ensure fairness,” said the envoy.

“I won’t take any sides,” replied Emperor Qin.

“Very well.” The envoy’s words made many people disappointed.

Emperor Qin looked around and announced, “I believe all of you have heard Lord Envoy’s words. The rules will stay the same. We will rank everyone in the top sixteen according to the speed with which you ended your fight. The first will fight the last, the second will fight the second last, and so on. This is how we will determine the best eight.”

Lin Yun was rather surprised when he heard that because he never imagined that the fight would be determined in this manner. This meant that Qin Yu would be the first seed and Trueorigin would be the second seed. This also meant that they would get into the best eight with no problems. The higher your ranking, the weaker your opponent. 

Then again, many people were naturally unhappy with the rules. After all, anyone who was going to face Qin Yu and Trueorigin would certainly be defeated. Then again, this method was extremely effective in determining the best eight as quickly as possible.

Lin Yun knew that his ranking wouldn’t be high since his opponent was Twilight and he used over two hundred moves.

A long time later, Luo Feng returned with a dark face. He first looked at Bai Lixuan and said, “Bai Lixuan, you’re ranked eighth and your opponent is Zhou Hong who is ranked ninth.”

“Zhou Hong…” muttered Bai Lixuan. Zhou Hong was the direct descendant of the Zhou Clan and was an expert in the Heavenly Qin Institute. His opponent was average, so the pressure wasn’t great on Bai Lixuan.

“Zhou Hong’s strength is comparable to Zuo Yun, so there should be no problem for you to get into the top eight,” said Luo Feng. Being promoted to the best eight meant that Bai Lixuan would receive a title and would be qualified for the Draconic Banquet.

But Bai Lixuan’s face was calm without any joy. He replied, “I would still make it into the top eight even if Zhou Hong wasn’t my opponent.”

Luo Feng squeezed out a smile and his expression turned grave when he looked at Lin Yun. The atmosphere suddenly became tense because everyone could sense that there was something amiss.

Ye Feng who had been eliminated also wore an odd expression. He naturally didn’t wish for Lin Yun to make it far in the competition since he was eliminated. After all, it would be a great blow to his pride if Lin Yun made it into the top eight.

“You’re ranked eleventh and your opponent is Heartcliff,” said Luo Feng as he tossed a jade token over to Lin Yun.

Lin Yun wasn’t too surprised that he was ranked eleventh. When he grabbed onto the jade token and raised his head, he coincidentally met Heartcliff’s gaze. Heartcliff stared at Lin Yun with an indifferent yet sinister grin.

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