Chapter 447 - Heavenly Moon Reflection

Lin Yun fell into deep thought. He naturally knew about Everluck, a monstrous genius nurtured by the Heavenly Qin Institution. On the other hand, Situ Yi was also the one who forced him into the Yin Wind Stream back in the Azure Sun Ream. His fame had reached Bai Lixuan’s level a long time ago. So Lin Yun had no idea how far Situ Yi had grown.

Situ Yi landed on the stage with his fan. He was donned in white and his long hair was tied up. His presence was like a star as he attracted many people’s attention. Many ladies were captivated by him and his appearance wasn’t any weaker than Drifting Goblet.

“So girly,” commented Li Wuyou.

Xin Yan smiled, “Women aren’t even as pretty as him. Junior Brother, do you think he can win? Back at the Princess’ Banquet, he had offered you a cup of wine. Although you guys were evenly matched back then, I don’t think his talent is any inferior to yours.”

Those words weren’t false and Xin Yan had even exaggerated Lin Yun’s accomplishment. Back in the Princess’ Banquet, Lin Yun was still weaker than Situ Yi. The latter clearly didn’t use all his strength since Lin Yun had just undergone a series of battles.

“I don’t believe that he can defeat a title just like Big Brother did. Furthermore, Everluck is a lot stronger than Twilight,” replied Li Wuyou. Twilight might have a title, but he was ranked far behind Everluck.

“Let’s just watch,” said Lin Yun. He also glanced at Bai Lixuan. After all, Bai Lixuan had interacted with Situ Yi more than he had. It only made sense that Bai Lixuan should know more about Situ Yi’s strength. However, he knew he would receive a cold-shoulder if he went up and asked.

A figure descended on the stage. It was Everluck who was wielding a spear. He immediately gave a warning, “This spear’s name is Black Abyss and it is a transcendent profound artifact. It might not be a cosmic artifact, but it’s comparable to one. Brother Situ, watch out for it.”

Cosmic artifacts were forbidden in the competition, so he was rather frank to tell Situ Yi about his transcendent profound artifact.

“It doesn’t matter. Everyone will only think that it’s normal for you to defeat me. So it doesn’t matter what weapon you’re using,” smiled Situ Yi.

“My apologies.” Everluck was more honest than everyone had imagined. He didn’t have any arrogance as a title and he charged the instant he finished speaking. Like a comet, he arrived before Situ Yi in a flash and his spear enveloped Situ Yi with great pressure.

Situ Yi smiled and waved his fan forward. However, Everluck suddenly retracted his spear and jabbed it, causing it to fly out like a dragon.

Raising his brow, Situ Yi avoided the jab. Although the jab missed, the noise it produced in the air was loud. Everyone could tell how powerful this attack was. But before the power in the spear dissipated, Everluck infused more origin energy into it and swung it at Situ Yi.

“What a beautiful spear technique…” praised Lin Yun. Everluck’s spear technique might seem ordinary without any fancy tricks, but it made full use of his strength. In fact, the next attack was stronger than the first. The power of the spear would constantly overlap and compound. The power was great, soj he could crush his opponent with the momentum sooner or later.

Ten moves later, the pressure emitted from Everluck’s ordinary spear technique was close to the Violet Palace Realm’s level, which was suffocating. After another three moves later, the power in his spear grew to an unbelievable level.

Seeing that it was impossible to avoid this attack, Situ Yi smiled. Just when the spear was about to hit him, he suddenly jumped and landed on the tip of the spear. This scene instantly drew many people’s gasps because Situ Yi would be killed if he was any slower. But then again, it was foolish for Situ Yi to stand at the tip of the spear because he would still be dead if Everluck threw him off of it.

But the next scene exceeded everyone’s expectations. With a faint smile on his lips, Situ Yi spread his arms apart and flew around on the tip of the spear, which made Everluck’s face change. He immediately retreated and his wrist began to tremble violently.

Instantly, the spear felt like an erupting volcano. Situ Yi was still flying around the spear and no matter how Everluck tried to shake Situ Yi off, he was still continuing to advance forward.

“Get lost!” Everluck roared and yanked his spear upwards.

With that, Situ Yi had no other choice but to land on the ground. But before his feet touched the ground, he stabbed his fan forward like a sword at Everluck’s throat.

Facing this attack, Everluck had no change to his spear and he swung his spear as ferociously as before. No matter how ferocious Situ Yi’s attacks were, he couldn’t break through Everluck’s defense. On the other hand, Everluck’s aura began to rise the more he swung his spear.

When Situ Yi saw that he wasn’t able to get through Everluck’s defense, he backed down after a series of ferocious attacks.

“Let’s end the playtime here,” said Everluck as he flung his sword out. At this moment, the power contained in his spear had reached a terrifying level and the entire stage was trembling. When the spear streaked through the air, it drew sparks from how fast it was being swung.

At the same time, the smile finally disappeared on Situ Yi’s face and his expression became grave. “Heavenly Moon Reflection!”

Right at that moment, an illusion finally appeared. It was a lake that reflected a moon with a pavilion by the shore. This was naturally Situ Yi’s Martial Soul, which shocked Lin Yun. After all, Martial Souls capable of creating a phenomenon belonged to monstrous geniuses.

When the phenomenon appeared, Everluck’s spear finally slowed down and Situ Yi flew into the ethereal-looking pavilion. When the spear landed on the ground, it created a huge explosion on the lake. In reality, the tip of the spear was plunged into the ground and trembling.

However, Situ Yi looked elegant as he stood on top of the pavilion and he threw out his fan, stopping Everluck who was trying to retrieve his spear.

Basking in the elegant moonlight, Situ Yi descended down the pavilion and landed on the spear. The spear was trembling violently like an enraged dragon. It trembled so much that it even made the entire stage tremble. However, once Situ Yi landed on it, the spear instantly calmed down.

Situ Yi waved his hand and summoned his fan back. Opening it to fan himself, Situ Yi spoke up, “Everluck, the victor has been decided.”

There was a wound on Everluck’s chest with blood constantly flowing out from it. The wound might seem dreadful, but it wasn’t deadly.

Everluck took a deep glance at Situ Yi and said, “Return me my spear. It doesn’t like to be stepped on.”

“Sure,” smiled Situ Yi as he jumped off the spear while fanning himself. This blew the spear back into Everluck’s hand.

Everluck looked at his spear before looking at Situ Yi with reluctance. In the end, he turned to the judge, “I lost.”

He looked desolate with his spear, but no one paid any attention to him at this moment. Everyone’s attention was on Situ Yi, who had just defeated Everluck. They knew that another underdog had emerged.

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