Chapter 444 - Thunderclap Crusher

Two figures landed on the stage under everyone’s gazes. Bai Lixuan advanced smoothly in the first round and he didn’t even reveal his Saint Physique. But there was no question that he was the center of attention in the Great Qin Empire. After all, who wouldn’t be curious about the Saint Physique’s power?

As for Zuo Yun, many people only felt that he was qualified to fight Bai Lixuan. Everyone was more curious to see how far Zuo Yun could force Bai Lixuan.

Sensing all the gazes, Zuo Yun maintained his calm composure. He knew what everyone was thinking. When he slowly stretched his hands out of his sleeves, his palms were filled with calluses. This was a sign of someone who put great effort into his training.

“Bai Lixuan, I’ll be fighting with all my strength no matter what the outcome. Watch out.”

Bai Lixuan slowly opened his eyes and nodded at Zuo Yun, “The Sword Firmament Pavilion’s Bai Lixuan understands.”

In the next second, two massive surges of origin energy exploded out on the stage. The two of them didn’t face off for too long before Zuo Yun stomped his foot on the ground, leaving an afterimage behind while he drew out his saber.

When he drew out his saber, he left behind an afterimage in the sky and then disappeared. His movement technique was so fast that it couldn’t be followed by the naked eye.

Looking at Zuo Yun who disappeared, Bai Lixuan’s eyes became serious and he dodged to the side. In the next second, a saber stabbed through Bai Lixuan’s afterimage along with a huge explosion.

“What speed!” The speed of that attack startled everyone and those who were weaker couldn’t see how Bai Lixuan managed to dodge that attack. Zuo Yun’s saber was fast, but Bai Lixuan’s sword was faster.

When Bai Lixuan landed on the ground, a sword ray flew out, stabbing at the wrist of the hand Zuo Yun used to wield his saber.

But just when the sword ray was about to stab Zuo Yun’s wrist, the saber turned around and stabbed at Bai Lixuan’s wrist instead. Sparks flew when the sword and saber clashed together and the two weapons were aimed at each other’s throat as killing aura filled their eyes.

The ferocious clash made everyone suck in a cold breath because the two of them were too ferocious. This was only just beginning, but they were already fighting with their lives on the line. Neither of them were taking a step back, which meant that they would both die if their attacks connected.

Were they betting on who was faster? But the price was too great if either of them lost. This instantly silenced the bustling plaza.

But just when the two weapons were about to reach each other’s throat, Zuo Yun and Bai Lixuan used their left hand to knock the opponent’s weapon away.

The two palms exploded with great power, but Bai Lixuan clearly had the upper hand because of his cultivation. He stood still under that palm, while Zuo Yun was sent flying. When Zuo Yun was mid-air, he summoned his dracophant energy and started emitting the ferocious aura of a beast.

After another clash, the two were evenly matched and they both took three steps back. But they soon dashed forth and clashed again, leaving behind booming sounds in the air. They were both using all sorts of techniques that blinded many people’s eyes.

The spectators were all focused. They didn’t dare to miss any details. The saber and sword were all aimed at each other’s lethal spots and this battle was more exciting than anyone could have imagined.

“They’re still probing each other?” Lin Yun fell into deep thought. In his view, this ferocious clash was just the two of them probing each other’s strength. But the two were truly powerful to cause such a commotion from probing alone.

“You’re worthy of being the only person who achieved the Saint Physique in the past millennia,” said Zuo Yun when he landed on the ground.

“You’re not too bad yourself,” said Bai Lixuan. Zuo Yun was stronger than the rumors said, especially his saber technique.

“I’ve said that I’ll go all out to fight for the victory,” said Zuo Yun with a grave expression. He clearly wasn’t willing to stop at the best thirty-two.

“Fiendcloud Seal!” Zuo Yun roared and his dracophant energy suddenly released a crimson glow that covered his body. Simultaneously, his aura instantly reached the Violet Palace Realm.

When the crimson glow stabilized, Zuo Yun’s eyes flashed coldly and he dashed forward with his saber. Infusing his origin energy into this attack, his saber tore through the air and created a ghostly howl. This move shocked everyone because Bai Lixuan’s sword aura was actually being suppressed by this attack.

Bai Lixuan took several steps back from the clash and after he took four steps back, the Thunderclap Sword finally unfolded and he finally held his ground firmly. This shocked Lin Yun because he never expected that Bai Lixuan would actually choose the same sword technique as Xin Jue.

Lin Yun could tell that Bai Lixuan had reached deep attainments in the Thunderclap Sword, but even so, his aura was still slightly weaker. On the other hand, Zuo Yun was like an ancient beast after using the Fiendcloud Seal.

This proved that you couldn’t underestimate anyone in the Dragon Gate Competition and that everyone had their own trump cards. The slightest act of carelessness would just get you eliminated from the competition.

Zuo Yun’s saber became even more ferocious, which caught Bai Lixuan by surprise and sent him flying. From this, Zuo Yun finally saw an opportunity and his aura reached the peak. Before his saber even descended down, the entire stage was already dyed red.

This made Bai Lixuan, who was sent flying, feel threatened. But he landed on the ground calmly and shook his head, “A secret technique is ultimately a secret technique. Thunderclap Crusher!”

Bai Lixuan’s eyes lit up and his aura surged all of a sudden. Facing Zuo Yun’s attack, he stabbed his sword out. It shot through the horizon like a bolt of lightning. The spectators were only able to see a bolt of lightning flashing across the stage.

While in mid-air, Zuo Yun threw up a mouthful of blood with disbelief in his eyes. A sword had cut through the demonized skin on his chest and blood was splattering out. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t swing his sword down at Bai Lixuan.

When Bai Lixuan sheathed his sword, Zuo Yun’s chest was torn apart and he was sent flying. When Zuo Yun landed on the ground, he returned to his normal appearance and clutched his chest while looking at Bai Lixuan with reluctance. He clearly had a chance to win this fight, but the tables were turned all of a sudden. He still couldn’t figure out how he failed.

“You still don’t understand. It’s just like I said. Strength brought to you by secret techniques doesn’t belong to you. You lost the moment you used it,” said Bai Lixuan. His tone was indifferent and his words were ruthless. This made the spectators sighed because they felt pity for Zuo Yun. After all, Zuo Yun was just one step away from winning.

“Weird, was that sword a move from the Thunderclap Sword? Why doesn’t it look like one to me?”

“I also don’t remember there being a Thunderclap Crusher in the Thunderclap Sword.”

“It isn’t. Many people have cultivated the Thunderclap Sword, but no one has used that move before.” Many people looked at Bai Lixuan with shock. Did that mean Bai Lixuan used a move that he created?

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