Chapter 437 - Sword Dance with the Fish

Fishing? But since it was the king, this meant that there would be a battle. This piqued Lin Yun’s interest, and he didn’t even hesitate to accept Lord Thirteen’s challenge.

“Brat, I like your confidence. But don’t blame me when you suffer later on.” Lord Thirteen stroked his beard with a playful smile as he handed the fishing rod over.

“Isn’t it just fishing. Can the fish even eat me?” smiled Lin Yun as he wasn’t too bothered by Lord Thirteen’s words. It was just as he said, he was the one fishing, and not the other way round. Could the fish come around and eat him instead?

“Who knows,” smiled Lord Thirteen.

“The Snowdragon Carp really tastes great. Since it’s the king, I bet it tastes great,” smiled Lin Yun as he took the fishing rod over. But the moment he grabbed onto the fishing rod, he could sense how incredibly heavy it was. It was so heavy that he nearly fell over from the weight.

“Damn it!” The smile disappeared on Lin Yun’s face, and he immediately circulated his origin energy and dracophant energy to tighten his grip on the rod.

However, Lin Yun’s face changed when the boat started to shake. He had five cauldrons worth of strength, which was equivalent to two hundred and fifty thousand catty. He could even beat a Violet Palace Realm demonic beast with his fists. He realized that he couldn’t overpower the fish king beneath, but he was barely able to stabilize his figure.

Lin Yun’s face became grave. He tightened his grab on the rod, and he barked, “Get out!”

With an explosion of origin energy from his body, a terrifying aura emitted from Lin Yun’s body. His pull made the water shake, and a colossal being was slowly being pulled out from the surface of the water.

When Lin Yun looked at the colossal being that he pulled out of the lake, he was shocked. How was that a ‘fish’? It was clearly a dragon! It had a serpentine body covered in fish scales, and two curved horns on its head. It also emitted a powerful aura that contained a wisp of dragon aura.

“Lord Thirteen, it’s up!” It might be powerful, but it was still ultimately a fish. Lin Yun was emotional when he finally pulled it up, but before he could even react, the fish revealed a cunning smile and it dove back into the lake with a greater force.

In that split second, water splattered from the surface of the water. This made Lin Yun’s face change as an irresistible power instantly pulled him off the boat, and he fell into the lake with his head first. When Lin Yun was under the water, he could see a huge shadow approaching him.

The huge shadow instantly cast fear onto him because he knew that he was about to be eaten. But before the fish could get close, an even more powerful suction force pulled him back up. When Lin Yun was back on the boat, his face was pale with lingering fear. It felt as though he had just passed by the gates of hell.

“Brat, I’ve been using the beast cores of Violet Palace Realm demonic beasts as bait for the past decade. Recently, it won’t take a bite if it’s not a Violet Palace Realm beast core. Do you think that it won’t eat you? Haha, it’ll bite the head off  a Violet Palace Realm cultivator!” Lord Thirteen sneered as he drank his wine, and he continued, “I can only help you this once. I can tell you honestly that you won’t live for a second if you fall into the lake. So, do you still dare to grab the rod?”

Eating Violet Palace Realm beast cores for the past ten years. Lin Yun could imagine just how powerful this fish was. When he held onto the fishing rod, his hands were trembling when he recalled his experience in the water. He knew that Lord Thirteen wasn’t exaggerating.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Lin Yun’s eyes became decisive. He refused to believe that he couldn’t tame this fish.

“Let’s hurry up then. It won’t bother you anymore after it eats the bait,” chuckled Lord Thirteen with his eyes squinted.

Lin Yun got back on his feet, concentrated his focus and gradually calmed himself down. If it was what Lord Thirteen said, this meant that the fish wouldn’t be easy to deal with. After he adjusted his mood, Lin Yun grabbed onto the fishing rod tightly. With that, he began his fight with the fish.

Lin Yun wasn’t without an advantage because the fish had to be cautious if it wanted to eat the bait. Suddenly, Lin Yun’s eyes lit up with a faint smile rising on his lips. So Lord Thirteen have already told him the key information, the fish wouldn’t give up unless it eats the bait completely. Since that was the case, then he could use it against the fish.

Left! Lin Yun swung the fishing rod to the left, and he could sense the undercurrent beneath the lake.

Right! Before the fish swam to the right, Lin Yun swung the rod again, which the fish bolted out to the right.

After Lin Yun gradually grasped the rhytumn, he tightened his grip on the rod and yanked it backwards. In his hand, the fishing rod began to dance, and Lin Yun swung the fishing rod out like a sword. For a split second, he was so submerged in it that he forgot he was holding onto a fishing rod. It felt as if he was fighting someone with a sword instead.

The fish began to feel annoyed under the water and unleashed a powerful pull.

“This again?” A smile rose on Lin Yun’s face, and he poured his origin energy onto his feet to stabilize his footing on the boat, resolving half of the pulling force.

“Let’s teach you a lesson!” Lin Yun controlled the fishing boat, and the boat shot out like an arrow on the lake. Under the two opposite forces, the string became tightly stretched.

“It’s not time yet…” Lin Yun calmed down. He knew that he had to wait for the fish to lower its guard after it eats the bait. Right now, he could give the fish pressure, but he can’t force it into putting up a desperate struggle.

The boat made a circle around the lake, and the fishing pole sank down.

“Interesting…” Lord Thirteen smiled at the back of the boat. Compared to the torrential waves earlier, he knew that this calmness now was even more dangerous. The two of them were fighting with their wits and courage. After all, using brute force would only fail miserably. 

Suddenly, Lin Yun felt the pull suddenly disappearing, and his face changed. Was the fish going to leave? But it had yet to eat the bait, and it had clearly predicted Lin Yun’s thoughts.

“You think you can go so easily?” Just when Lin Yun was going to explode all his strength, he suddenly felt something amiss. This fish was greedy, and it had never let go of the bait even when they were having a tough fight earlier. So would it really let go of the bait now?

There might not be much of the bait left, but it was the essence of the beast core. Lin Yun sanked his heart down and suppressed the urge to explode his strength. He allowed the fish to break free from the hook and sank into the water.

“Brat, you’re going to pay me back one,” smiled Lord Thirteen. The fish king was clearly intelligent, so Lin Yun wanted to give it a try. He wanted the fish to underestimate him for him to catch it by surprise.

“Is that so? Then I’ll pay you back with one fish king then!” A smile rose on Lin Yun’s lips, and he yanked the fishing rod back.

Just when Lord Thirteen was feeling baffled, a ferocious undercurrent rippled beneath the water, and the fish king bolted out of the lake.

“This damn fish!” Lord Thirteen slapped on his thigh. So it turns out that this fish had no intentions to give up in the first place. It knew that Lin Yun was waiting for it to devour the bait, and it pretended to leave to lower Lin Yun’s guards.

However, Lin Yun had already expected that move. When the fish king flew out of the lake, Lin Yun swung the fishing rod out like a sword. He soared into the sky and spun. In that split second, his hair fluttered in the wind, and he unleashed the sword intent that he had been accumulating within his body.

A huge wave swept out on the lake, and when Lin Yun landed back down, eighteen water geysers shot out from his back. Gazing at the fish, Lin Yun stabbed the fishing rod forth at the fish’s throat, killing it instantly.

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