Chapter 381 - Five Sects' Battle

The atmosphere became tense as the four sects surrounded the Sword Firmament Pavilion. Wen Yanbo released his pressure and barked, “Lin Yun, do you dare to admit that you killed the core disciples of my sect?!”

“That’s interesting. Didn’t you send those three fools over to kill me? Is it really surprising that they died in my hands?” rebuted Lin Yun coldly. Lin Yun wasn’t panicking and he was even speaking in a mocking tone, which made Wen Yanbo’s face turn black.

“My Sevendespair Palace won’t interfere in your enmity with other sects. But you won’t be able to leave here alive if you don’t hand over Jing Jue’s interspatial pouch.” The Sevendespair Palace’s elders glared at Lin Yun.

“And the Yin-Yang Pellet that belonged to my Demonflame Sect’s Bai Yue!”

“You have to make up for our loss that Mu Xiuhan wasn’t able to enter the Black Lotus Palace. Otherwise, I’ll let you have a taste of my Bloodbone Sect’s 108 torture!” The three sects were targeting Lin Yun, forcing him to hand over all his harvest from the Black Lotus Palace.

“Presumptuous! How dare you guys order around the disciple of my Sword Firmament Pavilion!” Luo Feng stood at the front with his aura unleashed.

Wen Yanbo glanced around and sneered inwardly. He might not be able to do anything to the Sword Firmament Pavilion if they were by themselves, but he was fortunate that Lin Yun had offended so many people. He grinned, “Everyone, why are we wasting our time with this geezer? The treasures are all on Lin Yun, so we can just grab him directly. If the Sword Firmament Pavilion dares to retaliate, then we’ll extinguish them.”

“I’m afraid that you guys aren’t capable enough to take away someone that belongs to my Sword Firmament Pavilion.” The Sword-Bearing Elder came out of the camp holding onto the Firmament Sword.

“No wonder you guys are so confident. So it turns out that there’s a Sword-Bearing Elder here. But the Sword-Bearing Elder’s fame was forged because there are seven of you. However, I’m not afraid of you when you’re alone!” The Sevendespair Palace’s elder snorted and unleashed a suction force at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun was on high alert from the beginning. So he instantly circulated all his origin energy and threw out a punch that shattered the Sevendespair Palace’s elder’s suction force. The Sevendespair Palace’s Grand Elder might be powerful, but he had underestimated Lin Yun thinking that he could grab Lin Yun from so far away.

“How alert.” The Sevendespair Palace’s Grand Elder was furious and decided to use an even more violent method to capture Lin Yun.

“You’re courting death!” The Sword-Bearing Elder raised his brow and shot a sword ray at the Sevendespair Palace’s Grand Elder. No one had seen how he attacked.

“That’s the Firmament Sword!” The Sevendespair Palace’s Grand Elder’s face changed and he instantly disappeared from his location. But the other elders and disciples behind him took the attack and suffered casualties.

“Let’s go together!” Wen Yanbo knew that his opportunity had come. He gathered his dracophant energy and charged forward.

“Blazecloud Palm—Burning Incineration!” Dracophant energy started burning on Wen Yanbo’s palm and the power of this attack was on a whole new level compared to Zhang Yan. At the same time, the other elders also unleashed the same attack.

In the next second, a blazing sea of flames came crashing down at the Sword-Bearing Elder like a ferocious beast. Wen Yanbo was clearly prepared, otherwise he wouldn’t have such perfect cooperation with the other elders.

A boundless sword aura burst out from the Sword-Bearing Elder and he destroyed the combined attacks of the Primal Origin Sect. Firmament Sword Art—Heavens Shatter!

“Pitiful tricks.” The Sword-Bearing Elder stood pridefully with the Firmament Sword. The power of his attack had caused the faces of the four sects’ elders to change. This attack had instantly crushed the combined attacks of over a dozen elders.

“The Firmament Sword truly deserves its name. There’s no need to waste our time with this old geezer. Let’s capture Lin Yun first!” The Firmament Sword was powerful, but the Sevendespair Palace’s Grand Elder had no intention of backing down.

Their sects were at the borders of the empire, so they acted no differently than bandits. That was the reason why they were known as demonic cultivators. They wouldn’t give up so easily if they could still snatch Lin Yun’s interspatial pouch.

“Attack!” The Demonflame Sect and Bloodbone Sect also made their move without any hesitation.

“Draw your swords!” Luo Feng took the lead in drawing his sword.

“In the end, they decided to fight.”

“It would be weird if the Sword Firmament Pavilion cowered. They probably won’t take half a step back even if all of them die.”

“The Primal Origin Sect is too much. It’s fine if the demonic cultivators act shameless, but the Primal Origin Sect is the humiliation of the empire’s four major sects.”

“No wonder they couldn’t beat the Sword Firmament Pavilion after all these years.”

“But the Sword Firmament Pavilion is in a perilous situation. The four sects are powerful, but Lin Yun also shined too brightly this time.”

“Yeah, this is the first time a battle broke out after the end of the Demonlotus Realm.” The elders from various sects felt indignant for the Sword Firmament Pavilion, but they also weren’t surprised. Since cultivators would go mad for treasures, it was only natural that sects would do the same. Furthermore, Lin Yun even ascended the tenth level and created a legend. So it was unavoidable that there would be people who were tempted to rob him.

The Sword Firmament Pavilion brought eighteen elders, forty-nine deacons, and one hundred Earth Ranking’s elites led by Xin Jue. They had a powerful formation, but it was nothing compared to the four sects working together.

If it wasn’t for the fact that a Sword-Bearing Elder was present, the drastic difference in their strength would be bigger. But the Sword Firmament Pavilion was united. No matter how they usually fought among themselves, they would still band themselves together at a time like this.

“Sword Firmament Pavilion’s disciples, set up the formation!” Xin Jue pointed his sword at the sky and his sword ray glowed like rumbling lightning.

“Roger!” The Earth Ranking’s disciples all gathered towards Xin Jue. The fight between the five sects involved nearly a hundred Violet Palace Realm experts. 

It was a shocking scene and Lin Yun couldn’t help feeling his blood boil. He couldn’t help thinking back to the scene he saw back in the tenth level.

But before he made his move, a cold wind full of bloodlust swept over. Mu Xiuhan stared at him coldly, “Not only you will die today, but the elders and other disciples of your sect will accompany you.”

Before he even landed on the ground, he unleashed sword rays at Lin Yun.

Eternal glory to my sword. Lin Yun thought of this phase when he held onto the Flower Burial Sword, and he drew it out. As he released the Aquaselenic Sword’s aura, he infused his quasi-xiantian sword intent into the attack and shattered Mu Xiuhan’s attack.

“Not bad. You’ve gotten better. But you’re still going to die!” Mu Xiuhan grinned and swung out eighty-one swords. Each of his attacks contained baleful aura.

“Skyfill Wave!” The Flower Burial Sword glowed as Lin Yun attacked. In the next second, wave after wave of attacks soared into the sky and destroyed all the descending sword rays. The last wave even crashed into Mu Xiuhan, who was unleashing attacks from the sky.

Mu Xiuhan was shocked by this scene. He never expected that his strongest attack would be so easily resolved by Lin Yun. Wielding the Flower Burial Sword, Lin Yun looked like a red plum standing pridefully in a blizzard.

Tapping his foot on the ground, Lin Yun soared into the sky and his sword stabbed into Mu Xiuhan’s right shoulder.

“Is that all you got?” asked Lin Yun calmly.

“You dare to be so arrogant when you’re about to die?” Two figures appeared beside Mu Xiuhan. It was Jing Jue and Bai Yue, who broke free from the Sword-Bearing Elder. The two were defeated by Lin Yun back in the Black Lotus Palace, but now they had reached the tenth stage of the Profound Martial Realm. They faced Lin Yun fearlessly because they wanted to cleanse themselves from the humiliation that they suffered.

“Don’t let your guard down. There’s something weird about his sword intent,” said Mu Xiuhan coldly as he looked at the wound on his shoulder. He was lucky that he dodged quickly or else this sword would have penetrated through him.

“Let’s go together. We’ll split his interspatial pouch evenly,” said Jing Jue. He was only concerned with the cosmic artifact saber in Lin Yun’s interspatial pouch.

“I like that idea,” said Bai Yue as he licked his lips.

“Sounds great,” replied Mu Xiuhan after a brief moment. He had no harvest since he couldn’t enter the palace, so it would be a great harvest if he could have a share of Lin Yun’s interspatial pouch.

“I hope that you guys won’t regret this.” Lin Yun tightened his grip on the Flower Burial Sword. The sword seemed to have sensed his murderous intentions and started to buzz.

Before the three could launch their attacks, Lin Yun charged over.

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